Stan Sipes Builds Veyo’s Niche in Transportation Industry

by Matthew Classen

“As a critical component of the healthcare industry, Veyo is doing all we can during this [COVID-19] crisis to ensure access to care while continuously evaluating and implementing responsible policies that protect our constituents, our partners, our people and the public,” says Stan Sipes, whose leadership at Veyo has driven innovative advances for the company. Since … [More]

Mike Greenawalt: Powering Rosendin’s Charge

by Laura Slawny

As a young man, Mike Greenawalt was a self-proclaimed gearhead who loved working on cars and hanging out in the metal shop at Sunnyslope High School. He went on to college, but quickly discovered he missed working with his hands and dropped out to start an apprenticeship with the Phoenix Electrical JATC (Joint Apprenticeship & Training Committee) and IBEW Local 640. “My … [More]

Risk: The Heart of Success

by Eileen Rogers

Can organizations survive without innovation and creativity? In the early stages of my business, I didn’t realize just how much it did matter. If I stayed focused, took care of our clients and delivered quality work on time, who had time for being creative? The truth is, creativity and innovation are both risky and vital. It’s rare these days to listen to a business expert … [More]

Navigating Unexpected Change and Disruption

by Maggie Craddock

Many of my clients have been discussing the challenges they face in their careers, their personal lives and even their investment portfolios as they struggle to keep up with how COVID-19 is impacting our economy. Let’s face it, daily market swings of 1,000 points can unleash a flood of adrenaline in anyone — even seasoned investment professionals. Add to this the need to reach … [More]

The Proactive Magic of Asking, ‘How Can I Help?’

by Doug Conant

On the Friday afternoon of 4th of July weekend, 2009, I was on the New Jersey Turnpike returning home from another bustling day of activities as CEO of Campbell Soup Company. My wife was away in Washington, D.C., helping our daughter move into her new apartment. In the backseat of the car, I was dozing off with my seatbelt on, at the end of a busy week. We were going fast, … [More]