How to Get a Meeting with the C-Suite

by Stu Heinecke

Hollywood has always known how to take a meeting. Tinseltown tête à têtes are how movies get made, box-office records are broken and stars are born. In the business world, fate-altering meetings don’t happen in directors’ or producers’ offices, they happen in the C-suite. For those, that is, who can break through. Thirty-three minutes and 13 seconds into the 2005 movie … [More]

HonorHealth’s Tradition of Impact

by Tyler Butler

The word honor conjures up all kinds of thoughts about respect, ethics and pride. Whenever honor is brought into a conversation, the assumption is that a place of integrity and distinction is being described. This is exactly the case where Valley hospital group HonorHealth is concerned. Since 2013, HonorHealth has been serving the Valley. However, its legacy of helping the … [More]

Attention to Detail Can Make or Break a Company

by Chris Denny

“Pay more attention to detail.” It’s something we’ve all said to an employee, co-worker or even spouse at some point. It can be a frustrating statement for both the speaker and the listener because it is often akin to saying, “Don’t make mistakes you can easily avoid.” And, many times, the mistake or omission was one easy to avoid, especially if it had been supported by a … [More]

The Compounding Effect of Community Carry

by Zach Ferres

It’s in the headlines on a daily basis — yet another startup secures major investment from one venture capital firm or another. On the surface, this appears to only be great news for the investors and the ones on the receiving end of those funds, but the impact actually reaches far beyond that. Funding a startup sets off a ripple effect. It’s not just an investment into that … [More]

Building an Alliance to Help Arizona

by Tyler Butler

In today’s economy, being a good corporate citizen has taken on a greater meaning than ever before. And the practice of respectable corporate citizenship has become increasingly more prevalent. Businesses understand that they can leverage what they do in order to positively impact society, and they are taking steps to activate these resources and help the communities where they … [More]