Banking AI Advantages Business

by David Duan

For businesses, gaining visibility and control of spending is vital to maintaining adequate cash flow. However, currently, this is something many U.S. businesses, SMEs in particular, struggle with, as shown by the fact 82 percent of business failures are due to poor cash management. As banks begin to address this problem, we are seeing the adoption of more technologies that … [More]

New Grocery Shopping Technology: Good for Employees, Businesses

by Shawn Ohri

New technology from an Arizona company is reinventing the way businesses keep healthcare costs down, while making it easier for consumers to find healthy options at the grocery store. ScriptSave WellRx, based out of Tucson, unveiled new mobile technology that makes personalized grocery recommendations based on a person's health, allergies or diet. It’s the first free mobile … [More]

Tech Advances Shipping Logistics

by Adam Fields

While we will continue to see growth in parcel package deliveries in 2020, we will see an even bigger spike in online sales of items requiring white-glove logistics and services. Due to this new trend in ecommerce, consumers — who have been conditioned to expect their online purchases will be delivered quickly and efficiently — will start to demand the oversized, fragile or … [More]

WorkForce Software on Oracle Cloud

by Mike Hunter

WorkForce Software®, a leading global provider of cloud-based workforce management solutions, recently migrated its WorkForce Suite platform to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. As a member of Oracle PartnerNetwork, WorkForce Software has been named an Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud preferred workforce management partner for customers with advanced labor scheduling needs … [More]

Online Digital Job Analysis Search Engine

by Mike Hunter

MyAbilities Technologies, a global innovator in smart health technology and workplace safety, has released the world’s first online Digital Job Analysis database, New in January, the free database provides users access to more than 50,000 job titles, each with unique industry Digital Job Profiles including comprehensive analysis of the psychosocial, cognitive and … [More]