Top Influencers for Online Sales Are … (Surprise!)

by George Vlahakis

Top-ranked reviewers on online retail sites such as may influence purchases, but a research study from Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business finds that those who post reviews less often and more informally can be seen as more trustworthy and have more of an impact on sales. Shyam Gopinath, assistant professor of marketing at… [More]

Barbershop Evolves to Luxury Salon for Men 

by Mike Hunter

Phoenix is part of an ambitious 62-store expansion by Texas-based Boardroom Salon for Men, with multiple openings planned for early next year. “Boardroom prioritized the Phoenix market, with the opportunity to open eight to twelve salons, due to Phoenix being a large, vibrant, growing city with a strong business climate,” says Bruce Schultz, Boardroom co-founder… [More]

Credit Union Industry’s Race to Excellence

by Ray Lancaster

At the recent CO-OP Financial Services THINK conference in Chandler, “Race to Excellence,” about 750 credit union leaders gathered to learn strategies to achieve excellence through the digital transformation of operations and member (customer) services. Technology is changing faster than ever, presenting new challenges and opportunities for credit unions — but, through strategic partnerships and… [More]

For On-Demand Pros

by Mike Hunter is teaming up with gig economy pioneer Marion McGovern and other trailblazing companies to transform the way freelancers find work, make money and stay secure. “Essentially, we’re creating a way for gig workers to control their records without depending on a separate firm to secure the job. This means those platforms will cost less,… [More]

New Communications Platform 

by Mike Hunter

Tipi app is one of the newest platforms meant to address various issues resulting from stalling operational communication. It is an internal communications app that can increase operational control, team accountability, team alignment and efficiency by organizing company information and documenting internal business processes Tipi’s platform helps to structure and share information by organizing notes… [More]

Templates for Marketing Strategy

by Mike Hunter

Infusionsoft recently unveiled a new platform built to empower millions of small businesses worldwide to create order in a new world where customers have more choices and expect personalized service.  Using this redesigned interface and any of more than 50 pre-built, industry-specific templates, Infusionsoft users can implement marketing strategies proven to work for thousands of… [More]

Security in Place Advances

by David Corbin

Every day, employees and customers walk through the doors of a business. But has the business owner thought about what’s on those doors that’s safeguarding the business’s people, patrons, products and property? From the point someone enters the parking lot to the core of the company where sensitive information is stored, access control components provide… [More]

Cyber-Secure Travel?

by Adam Levin

It has been recently reported that digital hotel door locks can be compromised by simple tweaks to their in-built security software, according to research from a cybersecurity firm. The hardware kit used to clone keys involves scanning the RFID tag or mag stripe included in a card key, which is then copied by a small… [More]

For-Sale-By-Owner Is Online-Enabled

by Mike Hunter

Valley couple Colleen and Allan Crommett founded fsboTECH a year ago, bringing a new option to the real estate market. Their intent was to help the home sellers in the For Sale By Owner (FSBO) marketplace by enabling them to use tools such as Multiple Listing Service without having to pay the typical 6-percent commissions… [More]

Simplifying AP Automation 

by Mike Hunter

PaperVision Capture R87 from Digitech Systems simplifies the process of converting to automated Accounts Payable (AP) processes. The new software uses artificial intelligence to automatically recognize invoices, classify them by vendor, and extract all the data the business needs to upload to its accounting application, thus simplifying new form setup; electronically compares details from purchase… [More]