How to ICE-Proof Your Business in 2019

by Bridget Sharkey

President Trump has made global headlines with his tweets which pledging to build a border wall at Mexico’s expense. Meanwhile immigration crackdowns at places of business will no doubt continue to increase during 2019.  In fact, ICE reports a 650 percent surge in workplace arrests since Trump became president, according to a recent article in… [More]

Innovative Art Installation Makes Permanent Home at Scottsdale Fashion Square

by Mike Hunter

Wonderspaces, the breakthrough concept that partners with artists from around the world to deliver artwork to new audiences, will soon open the company’s first permanent location at Scottsdale Fashion Square.  In its 16,000-square-foot space, Wonderspaces will partner with artists from around the world to present a series of ticketed art shows. As a pop-up that… [More]

Remote Working Officially vs Unofficially – It Matters

by Mike Hunter

A survey, commissioned by the inventor of virtual network computing, RealVNC, found that, in a significant number of large U.S. enterprises that do not officially permit remote working, remote working happens unofficially. This indicates that not permitting remote working is putting data security and privacy at risk by encouraging unofficial access that often involves personal… [More]

Facilitating Robotic Process Automation

by Mike Hunter

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is expected to be one of the fastest-growing industries in 2019; to help business understand how to implement that function and more quickly realize the ROI of automation, global RPA solution company Kryon offers organizations full visibility into all business processes through Process Discovery technology. It was recently certified by the International… [More]

Gamification to Improve Employee Retention

by Mike Hunter

Recognize app is a technology company that uses gamification to improve employee retention. According to Recognize’s analytics and projections, 19.2 million people will be working remotely by 2020. Companies can use Recognize’s gamification theory to strategize employee rewards to keep them engaged on and offsite. “We continue to learn from our customers what customizations to build,”… [More]

Manage Contact Center Volume

by Mike Hunter

EqConnect, recently launched by Scottsdale-based accounts receivable servicing provider Equiant, offers leading-edge cloud technology to help companies effectively and quickly manage contact center volume. Fully integrated into the Equiant Platform as a Service (PaaS) platform to simplify contact handling, eqConnect features includes seamless campaign integration, agentless dialing, real time key performance indicators, complete contact recordings,… [More]

Overcome Recruiting Challenges

by Rustina Knutzon

Hiring challenges abound across many of Arizona’s industries. With low unemployment and more companies dipping into the talent pool, it can be difficult to find skilled talent. Here are tips to help a business take a focused approach and improve its chances of landing the best talent.  Don’t skimp on compensation. Offering a good salary… [More]

Avoid Common Bookkeeping Mistakes

by Ruth Urban

Here are the top three common bookkeeping mistakes by small-business owners, and how to avoid them. Mistake #1: Not safeguarding the business’s money. It’s not uncommon for new business owners to hire a friend or relative to do the bookkeeping. They find an easy way to have someone — anyone — handle this tedious task.… [More]

Phoenix Attracts National-Network Co-Working Company 

by RaeAnne Marsh

Serendipity Labs Coworking will open the first of nine planned Phoenix locations next month. Flexible space is currently less than 5 percent of the office inventory but predicted, according to commercial real estate firm JLL, to rise to 30 percent by 2030, and Serendipity Labs is meeting that demand through company-owned managed and franchised locations… [More]

Managing Increased Holiday Time-Off Requests 

by Mike Baize

Often referred to as the most wonderful time of the year, the holiday season can bring an abundance of social gatherings, gift exchanges and trips to visit family and friends. However, without proper planning, the holidays can easily become unproductive for businesses, with sparse offices or distracted employees.  To help avoid a loss in productivity… [More]