Veyo Innovates Non-Emergency Medical Transport

by Stan Sipes

  Launched alongside Medicaid in 1965, non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) had remained largely unchanged for almost 50 years. A Medicaid member calls in to book a trip, the trip is faxed to a transportation provider along with a group of trips, the trip is completed by the transportation provider, and the results of the trip are faxed back to the broker for … [More]

LATHER Makes Move a Rebranding Opp

by RaeAnne Marsh

  The revitalization in the business corridor of Phoenix’s Central Avenue has attracted another long-standing business to the area, as LATHER brings its all-natural beauty and wellness products to the eclectic mix in the iconic shopping center. “We loved the history of Uptown Plaza [at Central Avenue and Camelback Road] coupled with the family atmosphere of this new destination … [More]

Businesses: Recruit Talent Amid Tight Labor Market

Lynn Searles

Over the past year, small-business owners have expressed record confidence in their local economies and many are looking for new talent as they grow. However, with the April 2019 jobs report showing the unemployment rate at a record low, and Arizona sitting at just 5 percent, it’s critical for entrepreneurs to stand out from the crowd in order to attract talent. Here are some … [More]

The Instagram Aesthetic: Is It In or Out?

by Ali Craig

Instagram is the one social media platform consistently creating engagement and sales. Businesses want to be part of this increased brand recognition that also offers active conversion but are often unsure of how to get into the Instagram game. To “win” on Instagram, pretty has always mattered. Presenting a beautifully curated feed of pictures and videos has traditionally … [More]

Marketing Automation, Accelerated

Mike Hunter

Too often, marketers purchase technology with the promise that all of their problems will be solved, only to then see this valuable asset underutilized or, even worse, transformed into “shelfware.” Act-On Accelerate, from Act-On Software, is a Marketing as a Service solution that bridges the gap between technology and strategy execution. To Act-On’s marketing automation and … [More]