Monsoon Season Digital Safety

by Mike Hunter

Monsoon season, officially recognized as extending beyond traditional summer months to the end of September, may not threaten the physical devastation of such natural disasters as an earthquake or hurricane, but a monsoon does have the potential to cause a power outage. Today’s businesses, which rely heavily on their computers and electronic devices to remain… [More]

Make Money from the Beach

by Brian Choe

For service-provider entrepreneurs, fifty-three percent of appointments are made outside of traditional business hours. Armed with this insight, business owners have two choices: Work around the clock to meet clients’ needs or get smart about it. There are solutions that allow a business owner to grow his business and still have a life. Leverage the… [More]

Risky Role Models – Sexual Harassment Is No Joke

by Aaron Goldstein

The massive media coverage of President Trump’s Twitter attack on “Morning Joe” host Mika Brzezinski brought to the fore an important point for business to keep in mind: Companies and employees should be aware that just joking at work about President Trump’s tweets could get their company sued for sexual harassment. Typically, a person can… [More]

Lyft Drawn by Phoenix Tech Environment

by RaeAnne Marsh

Identifying Phoenix as one of its fastest-growing markets, Lyft solidified its presence here with the opening of its Southwest Region headquarters in June. “We’ve seen accelerated growth,” says Southwest Region general manager Drena Kusari, reporting that both rides and drivers have more than tripled over the past year. “We believe it will continue, so we… [More]

Investor-Entrepreneur Connection

by Mike Hunter

Pitch Investors Live is a new app from 2UP Technology, Inc. that connects entrepreneurs looking to turn their idea into a reality with angel investors who are looking to find great new companies in which to invest. Using live video, it provides a practical yet virtual environment, for entrepreneurs to better understand angel investors and… [More]

Properties Market Online

by Mike Hunter

SetSchedule is a revolutionary technology-based real estate exchange marketplace that connects Realtors® with homeowners, buyers and investors who are looking to buy and sell properties. It aims to provide user-friendly communication tools to users. A recent round of financing from a team of angel investors will enable the company to better serve its wide membership… [More]

Aggregate Tech News 

by Mike Hunter

Stack News is a news aggregator for all the tools in a developer’s tech stack — a personalized, curated feed of the latest news, articles and changelogs for all the tools in its user’s stack. It combines news from sites like Hacker News, and Reddit; pulls in thousands of RSS feeds; and intelligently detects the… [More]

Credit Card: Use Business or Personal? 

by Jerry Ernst

When a small business needs fast money, it’s easy to whip out a credit card to make the purchase. Every entrepreneur relies on them. Why not, when they’re convenient and easy to manage? But the line between personal and business credit can be blurry. When is it appropriate to open a business credit card, versus… [More]

AR Sky Writing

by Mike Hunter

Skrite empowers users to create their own AR by leaving virtual messages in the sky, giving them the opportunity to “own the sky.” It is the first app to enable everyday users to create their own messages and explore others in the sky around them. Skrites — the pieces of content, users upload to the… [More]

Wellness Scheduling On the Go

by Mike Hunter

ThrivinU is a new app for the wellness community, being beta tested in the Phoenix area on iOS and Android. Scottsdale resident Dara Rummel modeled it after Uber, to connect providers of health and wellness services with consumers. She wanted an easier way to schedule appointments and have the option for a professional provider to… [More]