Standing Workstations Revolutionize Workplace

by Drew de Weerd

Stand up if you want to be healthier and more productive! Quite literally, thousands of employers across the nation are helping employees stand up to be more productive and health aware by transforming the workplace with standing and height-adjustable desks. Much more than a trend, height-adjustable desks are sweeping workplaces not only because of the… [More]

Airports Score Satisfaction

by Mike Hunter

In J.D. Power’s recently released 2017 North America Airport Satisfaction Study — which measures overall traveler satisfaction with mega, large and medium-sized North American airports by examining (in this order of importance) terminal facilities; airport accessibility; security check; baggage claim; check-in/baggage check; food, beverage and retail — Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport ranks fourth of… [More]

Résumé for Half a Job?

by Mike Hunter

Job sharing is a growing trend in the workforce. But with two people occupying one job and sharing the responsibilities, how does one go about crafting an appropriate résumé? Enhancv has launched a tandem résumé tool — the only résumé crafted specifically for job sharing — through a partnership with Tandemploy, an SaaS platform for flexible work options.… [More]

Sick-Leave Equality

by RaeAnne Marsh

Sick-leave laws vary from state to state, which presents fairness issues for multi-state businesses that most small and medium-sized businesses do not face, explains Bryan Hum, an attorney with the ERISA Industry Committee (ERIC), which represents the largest employers in the country across all industries (10,000 or more employees): how to make the best policies… [More]

Shades of Green in Packaging

by RaeAnne Marsh

Recycling gets a lot of the “sustainability” attention as businesses aim to be more socially conscious, but Pioneer Packaging is putting a focus on another point of the product spectrum — packaging, and how that packaging is manufactured. In fact, Pioneer Packaging operates on the belief that some green decisions don’t have anything to do… [More]

Improve Collaboration at Work

by Mike Hunter

SYNAPP is a new organizational network analytics platform launched by Heidrick & Struggles. It’s an online tool that identifies how members of an organization truly work together. The digital application platform provides businesses with deep insights that can empower its people to strategically improve their performance through strengthening work relationships and improving collaboration.

Automated & Targeted Social Media Advertising

by Mike Hunter

Needls fully automates the social media advertising process, disrupting digital advertising and empowering businesses to reach targeted customers with better personalized ads — including the often-underserved SMB. Explains Justin Hartzman, CEO and co-founder, “There are over 64 million businesses on Facebook, but only 4 million leverage Facebook’s ad platform. The tech and marketing side can… [More]

Online Platform Assist for Hiring

by Mike Hunter

Blizz by TeamViewer is an online meeting software that enables HR professionals to effectively review and interview prospective candidates who may reside in another state or country. The opportunity to connect instantly, share screens and video, as well as feel confident that the connection is secure and private, provides an additional resource for HR professionals… [More]

Monsoon Season Digital Safety

by Mike Hunter

Monsoon season, officially recognized as extending beyond traditional summer months to the end of September, may not threaten the physical devastation of such natural disasters as an earthquake or hurricane, but a monsoon does have the potential to cause a power outage. Today’s businesses, which rely heavily on their computers and electronic devices to remain… [More]

Make Money from the Beach

by Brian Choe

For service-provider entrepreneurs, fifty-three percent of appointments are made outside of traditional business hours. Armed with this insight, business owners have two choices: Work around the clock to meet clients’ needs or get smart about it. There are solutions that allow a business owner to grow his business and still have a life. Leverage the… [More]