Recruitment Practices Fall Short

by Maciej Duszyński

With unemployment rates hitting all-time lows, the tables have turned on employers. It’s a job seeker’s market and they get to choose. One bad experience, and it’s the hiring company who’ll get the “thank you, next” treatment. So, what do the candidates expect of the potential employer? Zety asked 1,010 Americans about their experiences and expectations for the recruitment … [More]

Are We Becoming an Automation Nation?

by RaeAnne Marsh

Of increasing interest to commerce today is automation of the workforce — either heralded or bemoaned. What Henry Ford’s assembly line started in reducing individuals to replaceable cogs in a replicable process, robots seem poised to finish in replacing humans completely. At least in some jobs. As Kempler Industries reports, “From automotive manufacturing to cashiers, … [More]

The Best States to Launch a Startup

by Elik Dermer

Uber, Snapchat and even Facebook — these each started as a small startup, some with hardly any financing behind them. A simple business idea can often blossom into something much greater and successful; however, sometimes it can seem that the odds are against it. After all, 20 percent of businesses fail in their first year, 30 percent in the second and 50 percent within … [More]

The Ascension of Arizona’s 21st Century Healthcare Economy

by Anthony Tanner, CFA

An advanced, diverse, and thriving healthcare industry is critical to Arizona, serving both as a magnet for attracting new residents, and providing world-class medical care to a state population that surpassed 7 million last year. The expansion of the Arizona healthcare sector is necessary to serve a population that continues to expand faster than the national average while … [More]

Small-Business Lending: Arizona Entrepreneurs on a Fast Track for Growth

by Brock Blake

In spite of growing concerns, the economy remains strong. As a result, entrepreneurs continue to seek fresh capital to help grow their businesses. According to a recent SMB economic insights report from Lendio, the demand for small-business loans is on the rise nationwide. In Q2 2019, the number of small-business loan inquiries increased 27 percent over the previous … [More]