19 Top Leaders Who Are Making a Real Difference! 

by Mike Hunter

Each year, we select top leaders who have had great successes in the past year. This year we selected 19 leaders in many established sectors within our business community. We asked some hard-hitting questions of these leaders to get a sense of what they see for 2023. Each of them is truly entrenched in growing their companies and our economy, in developing policy, managing … [More]

Neil G. Giuliano, Greater Phoenix Leadership

from Neil G. Giuliano

Every couple of years, our nation is embroiled in a debate about leadership: Who will be assigned to lead? What will they hope to accomplish? How will they be successful? We know that political leadership, governing our society, has deep and far-reaching impact. Yet business leadership has just as much influence and impact. You’re a leader of a business enterprise which powers … [More]

Dillan Micus’ FRESH View on Leadership Comes from the Bottom, Not the Top

by Alison Bailin Batz

Dillan Micus believes in systems. He also believes in breaking down antiquated systems to effect real change for the better as it relates to his own life, team and clients. This lesson, one he is putting into action today, is something he learned the hard way. Until recently, Micus served as executive vice president of Equitable Advisors — then AXA Advisors Southwest — since … [More]

Partnering with Your City Can Help Your Business Grow

by Rana Lashgari

For many businesses, the recent economy has presented opportunities for growth, but unexpected challenges may still be standing in the way. Whether a company is a brand-new small business looking to get started or an established giant needing to expand quickly to meet new needs, local municipalities have a surprising number of resources dedicated to helping businesses in their … [More]

How to Manage Business Finances in a High-Growth Market

by Brian Crisp

A growing market like Phoenix can present both a wide range of financial opportunities as well as challenges for business owners. Arizona holds more than 150 of the nation’s fastest-growing companies, according to the Inc. 5000 lineup, a list ranking business revenue growth over a three-year period, from 2018 to 2021. The listed businesses, mostly located in the Phoenix area, … [More]

Five Key Elements of Digital Transformation Payback

by Tim Bottke

Digital transformation as we see it is the business transformation of a firm/corporation. These transformations have five characteristics. Design/Strategy Numerous frameworks and strategy approaches have evolved over time, become the hype of the day, and then vanish again (Mintzberg, Ahlstrand, and Lampel 1998). No matter what the approach chosen actually is, one thing I have … [More]

The Female Founder Advantage in Startups

by Rania Nasis

Enough about “cracks” in the glass ceiling. We’re wielding sledgehammers; cracks seem beside the point now. Don’t get me wrong. We have a long way to go in a “traditional” sense. Sure, more women are running Fortune 500 companies than at any previous point in Fortune 500 history, but that figure amounts to a paltry 5%. Instead, let’s take a closer look where it … [More]

Workplace Trends to Watch in 2023

by Jesse Meschuk

The future of work is dynamic. One would need an entire book to describe the many forces affecting trends in the workplace now and in the years to come. Unfortunately, by the time that book made it to print, its contents would be out of date. So rapid are the forces of change, many organizations in the United States are still reckoning with the effects caused by the COVID-19 … [More]

Tighten Contracts ahead of Supply Chain Delays

by Gary Smith

Between pandemic effects, the economy, the possibility of a railroad strike and a shortage of chassis in the trucking industry, businesses are likely to experience continued supply chain issues impacting their ability to deliver products and services on time and within budget. Because delays put them at risk for breach of contract, companies who supply goods and services — … [More]

Job Hunters’ Pet Peeves – Employers, Take Heed

by Kelli Mason

Layoffs have surged over the past year, causing an increase in job hunting. As this hunt is the reality for many Americans, the system of applying for a new job is hardly seamless, even when done online. From hard-to-navigate online job portals to being ghosted by an employer, many candidates have job-hunting pet peeves that make the process difficult. JobSage was interested … [More]

Quiet Constraint – The New Workplace Villain

from Kahoot!

The 2022 Workplace Culture Report recently released by Kahoot!, the global learning and engagement platform company, reveals that “quiet constraint” is Corporate America’s current hidden threat at work. According to the data from a new third-party survey of U.S. enterprise workers, more than half (58%) employees say they hold in valuable knowledge they could share with their … [More]

Fighting Inflation in the Multifamily Maintenance Shop

by Darren Rawson

Across the economy, inflation continues to push up the cost of doing business — particularly for managers and maintenance teams tasked with fixing and repairing multifamily properties. Prices for items such as appliances (8.5%), window coverings (16.2%) and flooring (7.2%) all climbed year over year, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Not only are parts and … [More]

High-End Home Service Brand Offers Eco-Friendly Initiatives

by Mike Hunter

With more businesses trying to combat climate change, one franchisee at a high-end painting brand is doing just that by offering eco-friendly paint for projects to address the growing demand for sustainable services. In fact, Shanmugam Mukundan is debuting the eco-friendly paints for the franchise. Says LIME’s CEO and founder, Nick Lopez, “Shan is a top performer and a member … [More]

Looking Good 2022 – December Standouts

  Achievements Tri Pointe Homes Earns EPA Award - Again! Duffy Group Named to Inc.’s Inaugural Power Partner Awards Double No. 1’s for Larry H. Miller Hyundai Peoria Philanthropy TruWest® Credit Union Supports MCC Supporting Students  U.S. Egg Supports Arizona Helping Hands … [More]

Tri Pointe Homes Earns EPA Award – Again!

by Mike Hunter

Tri Pointe Homes®, a recognized leader serving the Phoenix market for more than 30 years under the name Maracay®, has received the EPA’s 2022 Indoor airPLUS Leader Award for the fourth year in a row. The homebuilder contributed 704 homes that were Indoor airPLUS-certified throughout the Greater Phoenix area in the past year with a commitment to build 100% of its homes utilizing … [More]

Duffy Group Named to Inc.’s Inaugural Power Partner Awards

by Mike Hunter

Duffy Group, an executive recruitment company whose winning Recruitment Research model helps employers fill critical roles on their teams at about half the cost of traditional recruitment, has been named one of the inaugural winners of Inc. Business Media’s Power Partner Awards. The awards honor business-to-business organizations around the globe that have a proven track record … [More]

Double No. 1’s for Larry H. Miller Hyundai Peoria

by Mike Hunter

Larry H. Miller Hyundai Peoria was named “No. 1 Dealership to Work For” by Automotive News for 2022 and was also named No. 1 in the Large Dealership category, the third year in a row the store has received that recognition. … [More]

TruWest® Credit Union Supports MCC Supporting Students

by Mike Hunter

TruWest Credit Union strengthened its longstanding partnership with Mesa Community College and support of students participating in its First Year Experience program with a recent $40,000 grant that covers tuition and fees for approximately 50 students and funds student leadership opportunities through stipends for FYE ambassadors for the 2022-2023 academic year, and in-kind … [More]

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