What Happened to Going Green? Are Companies Saving and Is the Industry Booming?

by Joe Bardin

Green is good, we all agree. That is, it’s better as a business to be more resource efficient, less polluting, and generally more thoughtful about our impact on the environment. But how much is all this green goodwill really accomplishing when it comes to protecting our environment, combating global warming and, yes, producing profits? The Phoenix Suns have been fairly good … [More]

Patricia Reiter, Rob and Melanie Walton Sustainability Solutions Initiatives

from Patricia Reiter

We’ve come a long way from just a couple of decades ago when “going green” was a choice companies or individuals made in spite of the cost involved. If you define sustainability as economic prosperity, environmental resilience and social justice — or, more simply, the future we want — businesses and organizations in Arizona are leading the way. Today, as businesses operating … [More]

The Plus Side of Bankruptcy

by Kami M. Hoskins, Esq.

Although some people think bankruptcy is a death knell for businesses, it is actually a vital part of our economic system. Bankruptcy can allow a reorganized business to emerge stronger and better positioned to compete in the market. In fact, at its core, bankruptcy rewards entrepreneurship. Bankruptcy provides a safety net for businesses, which face economic challenges, to … [More]

Today’s Luxury Home Market

by RaeAnne Marsh

Phoenix-area home prices have been rising since hitting a low point in September 2011. The median single-family-home price rose 32.7 percent — from $150,000 to $199,000 — from last September to this September, according to the most recent report from the W. P. Carey School of Business at ASU. The average listing price of luxury homes — generally defined as those valued at … [More]

Ethics, Accounting and Whistleblowing

by RaeAnne Marsh

The award of more than $150,000 to a whistleblower that was announced this past October by the Securities and Exchange Commission calls attention to what some see as a shortcoming in the whistleblowing provision of the Dodd-Frank Act enacted in 2010: An employee can go directly to the SEC to report an alleged violation instead of informing his employer first. With the SEC … [More]