Operational Data Gaps Compromise Customer Experience

by Mike Hunter

While digital marketing technologies and engagement channels multiply, many marketers remain concerned that they are still not delivering what customers want most: a seamless, frictionless and individualized buying and problem-solving experience. According to new research from the Chief Marketing Officer Council and SAP Hybris, more than a third of marketers (39 percent) believe their technology investments… [More]

Growing from the Middle

by Mike Hunter

Despite comprising only 1 percent of the total number of commercially active firms in the country, middle market companies have led national job growth over the past five years, employing nearly 53 million workers — more than double the number employed by this segment in 2011. Middle market firms are also contributing $9.3 trillion to… [More]

Phoenix Is More Expansive than Expensive

by RaeAnne Marsh

Data released recently by BuildZoom, the data-driven marketplace for remodeling and construction services, shows that Metro Phoenix’s rate of expansion increased 57.8 percent since 1970, compared to a 15.3 percent decrease for the nation — making it the seventh-fastest-expanding metropolitan area in the United States during this period. BuildZoom’s analysis reveals that, while the majority… [More]

Cloud Security – That Is the Question?

by Sarah Patrick

Impressions of cloud security remain mixed. Medium and large enterprises in the United States say cloud security is both the primary benefit and most prevalent challenge of cloud computing, according to a survey conducted by Clutch, a leading B2B research firm. Fear of the cloud arises from two main sources. First, extensive media coverage of… [More]

Aligning Skills and Expectations

by Rebecca Kalogeris

Professionals across all industries are expected to do more with less. As such, strategy and high-level thinking often take a back seat to the tactical. It’s easy for days to turn into reactionary spirals rather than proactive, purposeful ones. A recent Pragmatic Marketing survey of product managers and marketers shed light on this very trend… [More]

Are We Really Hard at Work?

by Mike Hunter

Americans outwork many of their foreign peers by hundreds of extra hours per year, a fact that sometimes intrudes into discussion of healthcare coverage as a workplace issue. Personal-finance website WalletHub conducted an in-depth analysis of 2016’s Hardest Working Cities in America to identify where Americans work the hardest, comparing the 116 largest cities across… [More]

Email and Worker Turnover

by RaeAnne Marsh

The percentage of people nationwide who don’t intend to change jobs this year is only 42. The “2016 Industry & Productivity Perspectives Report” from business operating system Bolste, which commissioned accredited research firm YouGov to poll the views of a representative sample of 2,766 American adults, shows employers are at risk with 49 percent of… [More]

Women-Owned Businesses: A Growth Demographic

by Kristin Slice

Women represent the largest growing demographic of business owners in the country. This is among several interesting trends revealed in final data from the 2012 census that was just recently released. The number of women starting businesses was almost three times that of men — more than expected. As of 2012, women business owners (WBOs)… [More]

Smart Automation and Artificial Intelligence a Boon to IT Workers

by Mike Hunter

Smart automation tools and artificial intelligence (AI) that automate daily tasks in an enterprise go hand-in-hand with job satisfaction, according to sentiment expressed by IT workers. The surprising results of a recent survey reported by arago GmbH reveal that IT workers not only welcome smart automation but a clear majority also identify concrete benefits these… [More]

Business-Friendly Environment?

by Mike Hunter

Small-business owners gave Metro Phoenix a B– for its business friendliness, ranking it in the top 50 percent of cities nationwide, according to the recently released 2015 Small Business Friendliness Survey conducted by Thumbtack, a technology-based marketplace designed to connect consumers with small-business professionals within local communities. Among the key findings for Metro Phoenix was… [More]