Employers, Employees and the ‘Great Resignation’

by RaeAnne Marsh

“When you identify a statistical trend large enough to garner its own label like the ‘Great Resignation,’ it is likely that there is more than one contributing factor,” says Eric M. Bailey, president of Phoenix-based business consulting firm Bailey Strategic Innovation Group, pointing out that we are approximately two years into a global health crisis that has caused tremendous … [More]

Kevin Pavlov, ElectraMeccanica

from Kevin Pavlov

It seems only a few years ago, the big hurdle for employers was healthcare — how to offer an employee benefits package that would make the company attractive in recruiting and retaining talent. The current fight for top talent — or even average workforce to keep a company functioning — has bumped up to new levels. From healthcare to vibrant communities and a solid school … [More]

An American Businessperson in a Global World

by Susanne Evens 

In the American business world, there is a generally accepted, and often unspoken, etiquette that most businesspeople follow: Be on time, dress professionally, use a firm handshake, make eye contact, show initiative, be respectful of one’s superiors and so on. Look around the world, however, and there are widely diverse protocols that can quickly lead to cultural barriers, … [More]

Could the U.S. Really Move to a Four-Day Workweek?

by Arran Stewart

The pandemic is responsible for opening our eyes to the importance of “quality of life.” We were all confined to our homes in the blink of an eye, and the requirement for a drastic increase in remote work saw 42% of people working from home in 2020, according to the American Time Use Survey from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.  At the time, the labor force was able to … [More]

Three Hacks for Creating an Effortless Customer Experience

by Jon Picoult

Most every company strives to be “easy to do business with.” But as common as that mantra is, it remains a rarity to come across a business that is consistently effortless to patronize. One reason: Most organizations aren’t detecting the pain points that drive their customers away. Sure: the 30-minute call center wait or the poorly designed website — these are examples of … [More]

Capacity Impact through Sound Leadership

by Bruce Weber

"The single biggest way to impact an organization is to focus on leadership development. There is almost no limit to the potential of an organization that recruits good people, raises them up as leaders and continually develops them." —John Maxwell We are living in different times right now, and I suspect everyone knows that, but one thing remains consistent: Strong … [More]

COP26 – Strategies for Decarbonization and Impact on the Built Environment 

by Johanna Collins

It is a known fact that there is a direct relationship between carbon dioxide emissions and global warming, and the real estate industry makes up 49% of global carbon emissions when accounting for construction and building performance. It is of great importance, therefore, to get to zero.  At COP26 – UN Climate Change Conference, Gensler announced its green materials … [More]

The Best Leaders Know How to Set a Vision

by Adam C. Bandelli

Among the many challenges that leaders face is maximizing performance. How can they get the best out of their people? What can they do to grow the business? What innovative products and services can they bring to the market? Although these questions are critical to a company’s success, the first thing the senior leadership team must do is get clear on their vision. Setting the … [More]

Handling Difficult Conversations Remotely

by Roberta Matuson

No one could have accurately predicted that one day just about the entire world would go remote. But that’s precisely what happened when the coronavirus hit and pretty much brought everyone to a standstill. Within days of the official announcement of a pandemic, employers shut down their offices and sent workers home, leaving no time to train leaders on how to best manage … [More]

STEM Sports® Audible Aids Education 

by Tyler Butler

STEM Sports® is committed to the educational enrichment of youth. Its focus on analog technology has empowered this commitment. Through a double-play combination of physical activity and cognitive thinking, the organization provides a comprehensive approach. Preparing students for future careers, STEM Sports is providing a turnkey, standards-aligned, K-8 supplemental curricula … [More]

Together, We Can Protect Arizona Businesses from Illegal Trade

by Hernan Albamonte and Juan Ciscomani

In 2020, Arizona welcomed more than 32 million visitors to the state, and we were delighted to welcome them. Collectively, they spent $15 billion, representing a tremendous economic investment in Arizona. From the Grand Canyon to the Chiricahua Wilderness, Arizona boasts some of America’s most beautiful national treasures. There are endless opportunities to explore Arizona’s … [More]

What Investors Should Know about Small, Minority-Owned Businesses 

by Paul Ford

Overlooking small and medium-sized businesses is costing corporate America millions of dollars in potential investments. That’s especially true for venture capital (VC) and private equity (PE) firms. The main reason these small and medium-sized businesses are being overlooked is they don’t want to be billion-dollar companies or investors don’t believe the business can become a … [More]

Merchant Cash Advance: Sound Fast Financing or Recipe for Disaster?

by Jeremiah Foster

The merchant cash advance (MCA) is a financing option that typically ends in a death spiral for most small businesses. In fact, more than 60% of the receiverships assigned to Scottdale-based business advisory firm Resolute Commercial Services involve at least one, if not more, merchant cash advances. That’s because once a business enters into an MCA agreement, it is nearly … [More]

Challenges for Future-Proofing a Startup Business 

by Ran Craycraft

Starting a business today feels very different from how it felt 10 years ago and is unrecognizable from 20 years ago. The main challenge for startups today is the choice of how day-to-day business gets done in either a physical or a virtual space. This was a much easier decision just a few years ago, as most startups felt the only logical choice would be to find a convenient … [More]

Consumer Spending Trends during the Pandemic and Beyond

by Dave Murray

U.S. consumers once again have proven themselves to be highly resilient and adaptive during the COVID-19 pandemic. Their buying behaviors have evolved quickly and dramatically to address new priorities and limitations, with consumer spending growing solidly in most categories, according to the “Gaining Lift from the Consumer Shift: Insights into Buying Behavior During Covid and … [More]

Predictions for the Phoenix Multifamily Market in 2022

by John Kobierowski

Phoenix real estate is on fire, and multifamily investments have enjoyed a year of unprecedented growth. The key drivers generating the tremendous sales volume of apartment buildings in the Valley last year are expected to continue into 2022, making the outlook for Phoenix multifamily incredibly positive. The No. 1 driver of the Phoenix multifamily real estate market is the … [More]

New Boutique Hotel in Old Town Scottsdale

by Mike Hunter

On the site where once sports fans crowded the hallways or gazed from their tables to revel in the sports memorabilia mecca that was Don & Charlie’s steakhouse, Opwest Partners and Argosy Real Estate Partners last month opened the doors to Senna House. It is the first new hotel to open in the Scottsdale Entertainment District in 13 years. “Senna House has been in the … [More]

Flexibility Designed into Fully Spec Industrial in Gilbert 

by Mike Hunter

Developers GID and SunCap Property Group recently broke ground on the next major stage of development at Gilbert Spectrum: three brand new, fully speculative, Class A industrial buildings. “The Phoenix industrial market has been on a growth streak since before the start of the pandemic,” says Rusty Martin, operations manager of the Southwest Division at Graycor Construction  … [More]

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