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from Kevin Pavlov

It seems only a few years ago, the big hurdle for employers was healthcare — how to offer an employee benefits package that would make the company attractive in recruiting and retaining talent. The current fight for top talent — or even average workforce to keep a company functioning — has bumped up to new levels.

From healthcare to vibrant communities and a solid school system, it’s critical that a company attracting a global workforce such as we’re building can offer everything to its employees. Identifying a vibrant community was a major concern when deciding on a U.S. headquarters. And since arriving in the area in May, we’re finding that Phoenix is already providing such a deep pool of the kinds of talent we’re searching for. 

For their part, the ACA was an incredible resource for not just helping identify Maricopa County as our main U.S. foothold, but also by introducing business partners, community leaders and other resources throughout the region. It’s important that our U.S. base provides the kind of talent we need, from engineering and design specialists to well-educated and experienced industrial and assembly line crews. With dozens of top colleges and universities and an active community of veteran high-tech recruits, we’re very comfortable with the decision we made, and for the lifestyle and overall sense of community available to our workers. 

Speaking with experts in HR, job development and business consulting, In Business Magazine editor RaeAnne Marsh explores issues factoring in the so-called “Great Resignation” for this month’s cover story. Employee self-realization seems to be one of the results of the massive economic disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic with employees reevaluating their employment choices. This and other factors affecting the workforce from both the employee and employer perspective make a compelling read.

Examining the huge impact cultural awareness has on the growth and long-term success of a company, Susanne Evens discusses the wide variance of business etiquette in disparage cultures, such as body language, punctuality or even tone of voice. Differences can be tricky to navigate, and her suggestions in “An American Businessperson in a Global World: Rethinking Cultural Business Etiquette” offer a starting point for business leaders in a global, geo-political world.

One of the hottest topics today is sustainability, and Johanna Collins gives us an eye-opening view and case study of how the real estate industry is addressing the challenges in her guest column “COP26 – Strategies for Decarbonization and Impact on the Built Environment.” 

And with healthcare also at the top of people’s minds, Dan Clarke offers a valuable perspective on an aspect many companies may be overlooking, in the healthcare article “Collecting Vaccination Status Exposes Organizations to Significant Privacy Risk.”

As these wide-ranging topics indicate, In Business Magazine strives to provide readers with relevant information over a broad spectrum of subject matter, to strengthen business in our community. From technology, healthcare and real estate to leadership, new concepts and even where to relax over a good lunch, In Business Magazine focuses on what matters to business. I’m pleased to be part of this community, and to help bring you this January edition of In Business Magazine. 


Kevin Pavlov
Chief Executive Officer

Kevin Pavlov brings more than two decades of automotive experience to ElectraMeccanica with an accomplished background and domain-specific expertise working with original equipment manufacturers and globally recognized Tier 1 suppliers. Prior to joining ElectraMeccanica, Pavlov most recently served as the COO of Karma Automotive. He has held various other senior leadership roles in his career, most notably at Magna International where he was, at different points in time, the COO of its E-Car Joint Venture, global president and general manager of Magna Electronics, and executive vice president of Magna’s Services, Ventures, and Innovation Group. 

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