Build-to-Rent in Avondale 

by Mike Hunter

Scottsdale-based Empire Group of Companies, a leader in mixed-use high-rise and build-for-rent development, recently broke ground on a build-for-rent community in the West Valley. The Village at The BLVD will include 187 single-family homes for rent within the gated community located in Avondale, just west of Avondale Blvd. on the southwest corner of 111th Avenue and Roosevelt … [More]

Sustainable-Living, Opportunity-Zone Development in Tempe 

by Mike Hunter

Milhaus, a national award-winning developer, owner and operator of Class A multifamily properties, has closed on its second residential apartment development in Tempe, Arizona. The $56-million Qualified Opportunity Zone development located at 2119 E Apache Blvd. will offer 219 studio, one- and two-bedroom apartment units and five live-work spaces.  The complex will be … [More]

Jayme Ambrose: Changing the Face of Healthcare through Technology 

by Niamh Sutton

Jayme Ambrose spent the first 15 years of her career as a psychiatric nurse. This experience had a profound influence on her approach to patient care and inspired her vision for a more effective healthcare model. She’s always asking, “How can we do it better?”  Ambrose explains that working as a psych nurse taught her to look beyond a patient’s physical diagnosis. “It’s … [More]

Class A Multifamily for Avondale

by Mike Hunter

Scottsdale-based Sterling Real Estate Partners recently acquired 9.6 acres of land with plans to develop Crystal Cove, a 238-unit, Class A apartment complex in the heart of Avondale’s rapidly expanding community. The land is located in a Qualified Opportunity Zone, which provides for significant tax benefits to investors and will deliver additional multifamily housing to the … [More]

Drybar Succeeds with Industry-Changing Benefits

by Rachel Brockway

It’s been 10 years since Amy Ross opened her first sunny-looking yellow and white Drybar location in the Valley — the popular blow dry-only hair salon famous for offering glamorous, stress-free “blowouts” to women of all hair lengths and styles. Her sixth franchise location recently opened in Tempe at the Watermark. While Drybar has continued to grow in popularity over the … [More]

Collecting Vaccination Status Exposes Organizations to Significant Privacy Risk

by Dan Clarke

While the status of an enforced vaccine mandate hangs in the balance, the number of employers now requiring employees to disclose their vaccination status or test on a regular basis has become widely prevalent — and this has created a number of privacy-related risks that most organizations may not be aware of or prepared for. Collection of vaccination status and testing … [More]

QC Kinetix: New Regenerative and Joint Pain Clinic 

by Adam Lunceford

According to the American Chronic Pain Association, chronic pain is the No. 1 cause of disability in the U.S. Those who suffer from chronic pain often feel many side effects from impact of their injury. This includes reduced mobility, increased chance of addiction to pain medication, and an extreme emotional and physical toll on the body. I speak from experience, having … [More]

Harness the Power of Technology and Free Up the Power of People

by Mahesh Vinayagam

We are living in a cultural moment of unparalleled technological adaptation and advancement. At the beginning of the pandemic, companies were required to adopt digital tools and technologies to stay ahead of the curve, and many saw great success in implementing these technologies into their everyday operations. But one area has seen burgeoning success in recent years — … [More]

Unifying the IP Governance Landscape

by Mike Hunter

Each regional internet registry (RIR) has its own specific set of policies governing its pool of Internet Protocol (IP) resources. However, inconsistencies across registries’ regulatory rules make it difficult for them to meet the increasing expectations of businesses as well as match the industry’s fast-paced growth. According to Aistis Zenkevičius, director of R&D at … [More]

Feedback: January 2022

by Jodi Amendola, Henri’ Dawes, Guido de Koning, Vicki Etherton, Veronica Franco

Q: In retaining your employees, what have you found they value most about your company? Is this the same or different for attracting new employees? Jodi Amendola CEO and Co-Founder Amendola Communications Sector: Media Employees tell me they enjoy working with innovative, smart health tech visionaries who have MDs, MBAs, PhDs. They find it stimulating to constantly learn … [More]

Nomad Launches in Phoenix to Innovate the Long-Term Rental Market

by Matt Thelan

Nomad publicly launched the first-of-its-kind two-year Guaranteed Rent Offer in Denver in 2020, during the pandemic. While providing the certainty and ease of guaranteed rent to rental owners and helping guide residents through the depths of the pandemic, the company quickly gained hundreds of properties in less than 12 months. Capitalizing on the momentum, its leadership set … [More]

Nextgen Television Service ‘Turns On’ in Phoenix 

by Todd Achilles

Evoca TV is a totally new paradigm for TV delivery that is less expensive, more efficient and offers a superior picture to legacy providers. Evoca’s patent-pending architecture combines the power of ATSC 3.0 — the technology behind next generation television — with an innovative, hybrid method of using both over-the-air and over-the-top connections for TV services. The Evoca … [More]

Looking Good 2022 – January Standouts

  Achievements Award for EV Pilot Program Recognitions Fill AvAir’s 2021 Philanthropy Item 9 Labs Funds Cancer Support Western Wealth Contributes to Happier Holidays … [More]

2022 Mercedes-AMG E53

by Mike Hunter

The seamless power and natural balance of an inline-6 return with another Mercedes-AMG tradition — a technological leap forward. The lightweight, fully beltless engine is also electrified: An Integrated Starter-Generator can supply up to 21 horsepower at certain rpm, allow gas-free coasting and recapture energy during deceleration. With a twin-scroll turbo and electric … [More]

Shine a Light on Sanitation

by Jamie Killin

Purification, LLC is an innovative, Tempe-based company that’s harnessing the power of CDC-approved UV-C lights to disinfect air and surface contaminants, reduce spore activation and kill airborne pathogens through environmental sterilization and HVAC air sterilization. The one-of-a-kind technology can be used on any surface to sanitize homes, schools or businesses in a way … [More]

Cooper’s Hawk Winery and Restaurant 

by Mike Hunter

Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurant offers its modern, casual dining experience in an inviting upscale setting, with a unique blend of a full-service restaurant inside a winery. American-fusion dishes feature flavors from around the world.  “At Cooper’s Hawk, we do not believe wine should be intimidating or complicated. Our focus is on creating great-tasting wine and … [More]

The Power of Fun

by Mike Hunter

Journalist and screen/life balance expert Catherine Price argues persuasively that our always-on, tech-addicted lifestyles have led us to obsess over intangible concepts such as happiness while obscuring the fact that real happiness lies in the everyday experience of fun. We claim to not have time for it, even as we find hours a day for what Price calls Fake Fun — bingeing on … [More]

Amp It Up

by Mike Hunter

Amp It Up delivers an authoritative look at what it takes to transform an organization for maximum growth and scale. Frank Slootman shows that most leaders have significant room to improve their organization's performance without making expensive changes to their talent, structure or fundamental business model — and they don’t need to bring in an army of consultants to do it. … [More]

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