Shine a Light on Sanitation

by Jamie Killin

Purification, LLC is an innovative, Tempe-based company that’s harnessing the power of CDC-approved UV-C lights to disinfect air and surface contaminants, reduce spore activation and kill airborne pathogens through environmental sterilization and HVAC air sterilization. The one-of-a-kind technology can be used on any surface to sanitize homes, schools or businesses in a way that’s fast, environmentally friendly, cost-effective and free of human error. 

UV-C lights are the most effective lights for eliminating viruses and bacteria, as the light’s energy breaks down the bonds that hold together the DNA and RNA of viruses and bacteria so they are no longer able to spread. Purification founder Nicholas Knudsen was able to create lights with the right amount of disinfecting power to be able to sanitize large spaces without causing permanent damage.

Purification’s available products and services are:

  • UV-C HVAC installation, providing air sterilization through HVAC units
  • Portable purification devices that combine carbon filter and UV-C technology
  • Environmental sterilization for individual events or gatherings


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