Building Small Business

by Alison Stanton

The many cities and towns that make up the Valley of the Sun may be diverse in their geography and population size, but they do share one goal in common: growing and supporting their small businesses. The Phoenix metropolitan area is a hotbed of entrepreneurial activity and without a doubt contributed to Arizona’s recent ranking by the Kauffman Index of Entrepreneurial Activity … [More]

Greg Stanton, City of Phoenix Mayor

from Greg Stanton

Arizona, and particularly the Valley, is an incredible place to start or build a small business. People want to be here. Despite the past years of a downturned economy, we have succeeded in many ways to foster small business growth and put the Phoenix metropolitan area in the spotlight as one of the top places to be in business. As mayor of Phoenix, I know small business is … [More]

Social Networking — Off-limits in Employment Decisions?

by Alastair Gamble

In the last several weeks, a minor firestorm has developed over private employers’ use of social networking sites, such as Facebook, to inform their employment decisions. Though the controversy about social networking sites was not exactly news to employers — many of whom have been monitoring employees’ Facebook, myspace, and similar pages for years — recent reports that some … [More]

Priced for Business: Starting a Consumer Enterprise

by Victor Green

It’s common sense but often overlooked: To start a business, you must plan a strategy to decide what part of the potential marketplace you are going to attack. First, obtain the relevant facts about your competitors and the importance of your chosen marketplace and its potential for growth. From this, assess what you can aim to achieve and how you can be different from what … [More]

Creating a Corporate Dynasty

by Jack Stark, Ph.D. 

Winning businesses follow the championship formula: People + Personality + Process + Purpose = Dynasty. People, naturally, are the first element needed to be in place in order to build a business with sustainable success. It is the people at the top — plus their personality traits along with processes and their purpose in life — who provide a more complete answer to identifying … [More]

Social Strategizing with LinkedIn

by Josh Dolin

LinkedIn was founded by Reid Hoffman in 2002 as a business-oriented social network. It differs from Twitter and Facebook because its primary use is professional networking, job searching and recruiting. Executives from all Fortune 500 companies are LinkedIn members, and more than 2 million companies have developed LinkedIn Company Pages. With more than 150 million users in more … [More]

Ron Lynch: Success or Bust

by Lauren Caggiano

Restaurant dining can be as much about the entertainment value as it is about breaking bread. This is where Ron Lynch put the emphasis as he developed the Tempe-based Tilted Kilt Operating Franchise, LLC, of which he is president. The Tilted Kilt is a Celtic-themed sports bar and restaurant chain known for its scantily-clad female servers in kilts — all against a backdrop of a … [More]

Bytes: July 2012

by Mike Hunter

Home-grown  This global online network is exclusively for members of the military, their families, humanitarian organizations and civilians to share their war-time stories and connect in one place from around the globe. ASU students and co-founders Eli Chmouni and Pete Chinnici created this social network that has launched its beta site. … [More]

Bicycle as Commuter Transportation Means Business

by RaeAnne Marsh

Located in the Tempe Transportation Center close to a light rail station, The Bicycle Cellar serves not just recreational cyclists but those who make bicycles part of their commute-to-work transportation. Bicycling enthusiasts Joseph Perez and John Romero came together as business partners and opened the store eight months after the light rail opened, providing showers, … [More]

Marketing and Packaging Partner into a New Company

by RaeAnne Marsh

PRfect Retail was created as the perfect fit between a national packaging and display company — California-based Heritage Pioneer Corporate Group — and a marketing and advertising agency — Phoenix-based PRfect Media International. The two companies came together to create a new model for the retail packaging and POP display industry, what PRfect Media CEO John Hernandez calls … [More]