Dental Marketplace, Online

by Mike Hunter

The first-ever online dental marketplace — and the only alternative to traditional dental insurance — launched its website out of Arizona a year ago, in March 2018. It was founded with the aim of helping consumers save on dental services and procedures, as well as assist dental practices in growing their client base. “Insurance options have simply become unaffordable for … [More]

Startups Find Community at Perimeter83

by Carolyn Vasos

What’s a typical day for a startup at Perimeter83? Companies, which may be in-house tenants or affiliate members with offices of their own, may start with a “tech life coaching” meeting in our boardroom on the University of Advancing Technology campus for an individual strategy session. Maybe it’s a tough business decision the client wants to talk through with Executive … [More]

Arboles Home Mortgage: Emphasis on ‘Home’

by RaeAnne Marsh

“Arboles Home Mortgage, LLC is a mortgage lender that offers financing and refinancing on homes throughout Arizona, but we’re more than your usual mortgage lender,” says its principal, Patricia Garcia Duarte, who launched the company as a social enterprise last year. “We know that homeownership creates prosperity for owners and our communities. That’s why we’re committed to … [More]

All-Natural CBD Products for Pets

by RaeAnne Marsh

A little more than a year ago, CompanionCBD launched with its line of easy-to-administer and cost-effective soft chew cannabidiol (CBD) products for pets. “CBD is a plant-derived compound which comes from the hemp plant and mimics the action of chemicals that are essential for normal functioning of the brain and body,” says CEO Brad Malin. A 2018 study from Surgical Neurology … [More]

Creating a Creatives’ Space

by RaeAnne Marsh

 Michelle Biely, owner of The Creative Center of Scottsdale, describes the business she founded in 2014 as a co-working space for messy artists. “This is a place where painters, sculptures, clothing designers, hat makers, stained glass window makers and any other artists who make a mess can come and be part of a community,” she says, noting the center’s open and informal … [More]