Tips to Grow across Metros and Borders

by Cesar Trabanco

Global Chamber® makes it easier for our members to connect to opportunities across metro areas and borders. In today’s busy world where everyone is running a mile a minute, you need something to stand out from the crowd to get noticed: an amazing technology, a world-class product and/or a little warmth. With one, two or… [More]

Global Trade Is Changing Phoenix Metro

by Doug Bruhnke

With 85 percent of business growth happening outside of the U.S., and more than 99.7 percent of new business being created outside of Arizona, more and more companies and communities are accessing new global opportunities. That’s why we’re here — helping members of Global Chamber® access new opportunities. Last month, Jeanine Jerkovic, director of Economic… [More]

It’s Time to Get Involved with Global Business

by Doug Bruhnke

Most business opportunities are somewhere else, not in your town, state or even country! Metro Phoenix, for instance, represents less than 0.3 percent of global business activity. More than 85 percent of new business opportunities are outside the U.S. And yet fewer than 1 percent of companies are going after that 85 percent, because fewer… [More]

Selecting a Distributor in a Foreign Country

by Doug Taekens

Going with the big, established distributor isn’t always the best strategy. Relationships matter, but not always like you think. Jokari, a U.S. manufacturer of kitchen and household gadgets along with storage and organization products, utilized a large, established distributor in Japan and enjoyed some success. When three key executives of the distributor decided to leave… [More]

Connect to Global Career and Consulting Projects

by Doug Bruhnke

At the Global Chamber®, we believe if you want to have a global career, you should have a global career — wherever you wish to live. And your company should have access to special global executives and professionals to lead growth. That’s why part of our daily goal is to connect members who want a… [More]

Become an Enlightened Leader 

by Doug Bruhnke

Enlightenment: Having or showing a rational, modern and well-informed outlook. The world is changing rapidly, so being enlightened to the present and future is essential. Eighty-five percent of new business opportunities in the next five years will be outside the U.S. The business world is full of people rich in culture and diversity. Does your business team have… [More]

Recent Member Success Around the World 

by Alexandra Verhein

    Global Chamber® offers weekly articles on our blog about member successes around the world. Below are some brief snippets from the past few weeks. Basically, every day something good happens somewhere in the world, as members grow within their metro and well beyond. Every time you hear a phone ring, someone in the… [More]

Staying Ahead of NAFTA Trade Law Changes 

by Doug Bruhnke

Thank you to the team at Polsinelli for sharing a dozen top legal experts at seven locations across the U.S. to discuss NAFTA and trade. Trade deals, rules and laws are changing weekly, so we encourage our importing, exporting and investing members to stay ahead of the changes. The Polsinelli law firm provided expert knowledge… [More]

12 Habits for Warm Connectors 

by Doug Bruhnke

Every day, we guide members in their “warm connecting” with other members and people who have been identified as good connections. Warm connecting is a focused, effective way of networking. There are many ways to network but, for most of our members, warm connecting is the best because there is some thought about their business goals… [More]

Key Business Insights for Investing in Africa 

by Jonathan Mundell

Businesses should look past economic data to judge where in Africa to invest. Otherwise, they are setting themselves up for higher risk and potential failure by seeing only a small fraction of the entire picture. Global Chamber® member In On Africa recently published the 2017 Africa Country Benchmark Report (ACBR), presenting the most comprehensive view… [More]