Join the Cross-Metro ‘Wave’

by Doug Bruhnke

A blue wave? What color is a cross-metro area growth wave? That’s our focus — helping members grow anywhere they wish to by sharing the resources and prospective clients and partners they need. We are a trusted advisor for anyone growing across metros and borders. Global Chamber® is not political. We do not take a stand for or against any particular party or candidate. We … [More]

Progress and Update on NAFTA: USMCA Is Born

by Dan Ujczo

Global Chamber® keeps the global community updated on trade developments. The United States, Canada and Mexico signed a trilateral agreement as part of the renovation of the North American Free Trade Agreement on November 30, 2018. The negotiators from all three countries deserve high praise for their efforts to conclude the deal at a rapid timing and tempo. It is important … [More]

Staying in Compliance with International Employment Law

by Carol Wheeler

Hiring employees to work for your organization in parts of the world where you don’t have an in-country entity is risky behavior — if you’re not prepared. There are several reasons to hire globally, whether you’re exploring expansion into a new market, hiring talent that isn’t available where you have an entity, or to support a specific venture or project. Often, the need for … [More]

More Market Opportunities: The Country of Georgia

by Elshan Baloghlanov

Thank you Georgia Ambassador to the U.S. David Bakradze (pictured), who recently spoke at Global Chamber®. We were inspired to write this backgrounder article on opportunities for companies in Georgia. While the entire Black and Caspian Sea region is thirsty for investments, technology, know-how, goods and services, Georgia has a special place in terms of transparency and ease … [More]

On International Benefits, including Insurance

by Ken Slaton

An overlooked employee group can be those employees traveling or working outside of corporate headquarters. These employees have needs for life, health, accident, disability and international travel insurance just as do those who work in the home office. However, those needs are likely not met by the insurance carrier used by the employer’s home office due to their unique … [More]