Better Connections and Faster Learning in Busy Times

by Doug Bruhnke

Recently, I spent the afternoon at the global headquarters of Thunderbird School of Global Management in downtown Phoenix. In my meetings with a dozen or so of the senior leaders there, including new Dean Sanjeev Khagram, I was reminded that our global tribe and Thunderbird’s “Tbird Life” leaders have a respectful and professional tone that is warm and welcoming. It was that … [More]

Important Travel Considerations for 2019

by Dr. Robert L. Quigley

Corporate travel is often guided by travel risk programs that play a large factor in protecting the mobile workforce. Traveling abroad for business is no longer unusual, and, as the number of international business travelers continues to grow year after year, travel risk education has become imperative in protecting employees. There are always precautionary measures that should … [More]

Leverage International Success to Sell Your Business

by Lennard van der Feltz

Owning and operating a business on the international stage can be immensely rewarding, and it also presents its own challenges. One of the areas of opportunity and challenge for international businesses is selling the business. Sellers in these cases may face international implications that not every financial planner, accountant or advisor may have encountered.  We have … [More]

Get in the Right Frame of Mind to Go Global

by Todd Cornell

The foundation of a good global frame of mind is a solid understanding of culture. Culture is best understood as traditional core knowledge shared by any group, large or small, that binds them through concepts, practices and actions. Culture bonds through shared knowledge of the larger community’s beliefs and practices, which have likely been passed down over generations. This … [More]

Creating Connections to Grow: City of Surprise

by Mike Langley

The City of Surprise has received an innovation award for working with international companies landing in the U.S. that have chosen Surprise as their landing point. Those companies are taken through programming that supports their success. AZ TechCelerator, a city-owned West Valley business innovation center, offers international businesses a unique Global Concierge Services … [More]