Member Success in Metro Phoenix

by Doug Bruhnke

One of our favorite Phoenix-area events celebrates our amazing Global Chamber® “global tribe” with special emphasis on new companies and executives. This summer, we were treated at our Welcome! Adapt! Thrive! event to some of the first public comments by the new dean and director general at Thunderbird School of Global Management, Sanjeev Khagram, Ph.D.… [More]

Avoid These Exporting Pitfalls

by Cesar Trabanco

We were pleased to recently host three extraordinary top executives speaking about opportunities and challenges with product exporting. The process includes complications in compliance, ethics, communications, insurance, currency, intellectual property rights and competitive pricing. We discussed common pitfalls of new exporters and how to deal with those issues that are often unforeseen. Join Global Chamber®… [More]

Stay Up to Date on Trade

by Mark Lohsen

The United States announced this summer that the U.S. Trade Representative has been asked to “identify US$200 billion-worth of Chinese goods for additional tariffs at a rate of 10 percent.” This is a new tariff initiative following recently announced tariffs of 25 percent on US$50 billion of electronics and other imports. This new round of… [More]

China’s Belt and Road Initiative

by Annie Yang

The Belt and Road Initiative is the largest initiative of the 21st century in terms of projected impact and given the strong political and financial drives behind it. The Chinese have called this initiative a bid to enhance regional connectivity for a brighter future; others have called it a push by China to create for… [More]

Update on GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation

by Doug Bruhnke

Do you have customers and partners in Europe? Are you actively marketing your business in Europe? Are you transferring personal data from Europe to the U.S.?  If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you’ll want to watch our video and discover how the General Data Protection Regulation will impact your organization. The new… [More]

Update on NAFTA by Dan Ujczo of Dickinson Wright

by Doug Bruhnke

Global Chamber® encourages you to stay in touch with the latest on trade wars and tariffs throughout the fall and for as long as the United States continues to disrupt global trade with China and the EU, and even with Mexico and Canada. Member Dickinson Wright has been alerting us as the United States Trade… [More]

More Global Resources and Information

by Annie Yang

We’re all busy! You very likely don’t have enough time to invest in cross-metro, cross-border and global growth in a way that matches the relative opportunity for your business. We know because we speak with hundreds of companies every day, and many members and most non-members are under-invested in global business. It’s been that way… [More]

Breaking Glass Ceilings: Emerging Leadership for Women

by Annie Yang

Progress toward gender equality varies in momentum around the world, and many nations still lack the social infrastructure and understanding for women to hold leadership roles. Despite facing backlash from their societies when choosing to pursue professional careers, many women have still managed to emerge as business leaders in countries with some of the widest… [More]

Tips to Grow across Metros and Borders

by Cesar Trabanco

Global Chamber® makes it easier for our members to connect to opportunities across metro areas and borders. In today’s busy world where everyone is running a mile a minute, you need something to stand out from the crowd to get noticed: an amazing technology, a world-class product and/or a little warmth. With one, two or… [More]

Global Trade Is Changing Phoenix Metro

by Doug Bruhnke

With 85 percent of business growth happening outside of the U.S., and more than 99.7 percent of new business being created outside of Arizona, more and more companies and communities are accessing new global opportunities. That’s why we’re here — helping members of Global Chamber® access new opportunities. Last month, Jeanine Jerkovic, director of Economic… [More]