Translation Equivalency and Effective Foreign Communications

by Tatiana Shcherbinina

The success of any international company depends on how well its message is communicated across borders and languages to its employees, partners, clients and customers. High-quality translations are, therefore, of paramount importance. This article makes an attempt at defining high-quality translations and provides recommendations for clients of translation service companies to make sure that their… [More]

Don’t Ignore These 10 Things as You Grow  

by Samrah Azam

Samrah Azam is an international business consultant and is executive director of Global Chamber® Islamabad. In addition to her work with Global Chamber, she provides HR consultancy, business improvement solutions and training modules for different corporate sectors. Working as an executive director at Global Chamber, with combined technical and commercial insight to craft strategy, uncover… [More]

Member Success Spotlights

by Alexandra Verhein

Global Chamber® has started a series of weekly articles about our chapters around the world, and one of the recent ones was on Jeffrey Campos, executive director for Global Chamber® Denver, Colorado, USA. We spoke to Campos about why he joined Global Chamber and what inspires him to help members and collaborating organizations to succeed.… [More]

Practical Suggestions for SMEs Working with Academic Institutions in the R&D Space

by James Casey

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) need every edge they can muster to fund their growth. This article addresses several ways SMEs can approach academic institutions for funding. The research and development (R&D) funding climate in the United States can be challenging. Federal R&D appropriations for the next fiscal year are still under development and the… [More]

YSEALI, Global Chamber and Being Global and UNSTOPPABLE

by Nia Febriyanti

My wonderful journey in the United States began when I got selected as one of the Indonesian “fellows” to have my professional fellowship program by the U.S. State Department and American Council through their program called YSEALI (Young South East Asia Leaders Initiatives). This remarkable program connects businesspeople from South East Asia to companies in… [More]

The Bridge to New Revenue Opportunities

by Doug Bruhnke

We’ve heard it said that unless your business is global, it’ll die within five years. That’s because most opportunity is somewhere else. Ninety-nine of business opportunities are outside metro Phoenix. Even for top GDP countries US and China… 85% and above of business opportunities are outside the U.S. You’re a good business person, so why… [More]

Expanding in Europe? Why You Should Consider Toulouse, France, as a Base

by Phil Disant

When considering growing in new markets in Europe, France will always be one of your options because it is the third economy in the continent in terms of GDP, and the sixth in the world. While Paris, Marseille and Lyon are, definitely, good places to start, there is one city in the country that is… [More]

Eco-Friendly Opportunities in Bangladesh – Development of ‘Green’ Bricks 

by Raihan Hadi

Bangladesh is steadily moving toward eco-friendly solutions. One example of this movement is the brick manufacturing industry and its commitment to fully implement an alternative brick manufacturing processes for builders. Though it’s been almost two decades since eco-friendly concrete hollow blocks were introduced in the country, the construction companies are just now realizing and recognizing… [More]

Now Could Be the Time to Invest and Do Business in Russia

by Alexandra “Sasha” Shitova

The history of economic relations between the U.S. and Russia has been marked by rivalry, boycotts and trade sanctions brought by political instability. Over the last century, the U.S. applied economic sanctions to what was then the USSR as a mechanism to put limits for a possible war. Currently, sanctions are in place on the… [More]

Growing In and Across the Caribbean: New Opportunities

by Dr. Ty Richardson

Global Chamber® continues to grow across the globe by adding chapters and growing our business team, supporting our members as they grow from their main metro to other metros and across borders. We are on track to reach and fully cover 525 metros, in every country — currently with a presence in 132 metros, and… [More]