High Level People, Eye Level Attitude

by Tal Zilberberg


Are you looking to grow your business and explore new opportunities in other cities and countries, and even around the world? If so, we invite you to join Global Chamber®, a worldwide organization that carefully and strategically connects leaders and professionals from all industries and locations. 

I’m Tal Zilberberg, Executive Director for Global Chamber® Tel Aviv. As a member in our chapter or in any of our 525 chapters around the world, you’ll have access to a range of resources, benefits and leaders, including warm introductions, networking and educational events, collaboration opportunities and an online community.

We welcome you to take advantage of the gift of global. Don’t miss the opportunity to connect efficiently and effectively with like-minded individuals who are also growing their business to advance your firm and career on a global scale. Our global tribe of leaders are action-oriented givers and doers, “high level people with eye level attitude.”

Connect for opportunities, new clients, employees, partners and trusted resources… anywhere. 

Global is good. Invest now and get the benefit for yourself and your business. Be global and UNSTOPPABLE! Here’s more information about our vision, mission and values.


Accelerate cross-border business, trade and investment in every region of the world by engaging top executives and leaders with warm connections and timely information to grow their businesses and create more success.


A business reality where it’s as easy growing across regions anywhere in the world as it is selling across the street.

Shared Values

  • Member Satisfaction: Serving members; being grateful, thank you!
  • High Integrity: Honesty, accountability, follow-up, transparency, trust
  • Results: Simplicity, speed, just doing it, making a difference, growth, profit, success
  • Positivity: Optimism, persistence, passion, freedom, empowerment, celebration
  • Inclusion: Equity, diversity, gender balance, fairness, equal pay for equal work
  • Professionalism: Dependability, resilience, humbleness, communicating
  • People First: Listening, empathy, respecting, connecting, collaborating
  • Sustainable Operations: Doing no harm, environmental responsibility
  • Education: Training, focus on exports, investment and success
  • Learning: Listening, curiosity, continuous improvement
  • Being Kind: Seek to understand, then be understood
  • Progress: Improving life for the next generations
  • Being Brave: See something, say something
  • Doing the Right Thing: End racism
  • Truth: Embrace data, facts, reality
  • Innovation: Creativity, flexibility

Tal Zilberberg is executive director at Global Chamber® Tel Aviv.

Global Chamber® is a registered trademark of Global Chamber, LLC since 2014.


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