Get ahead of Your Numbers in Order to Thrive in Today’s New Environment!

by James N. Chakires

If you are like most business owners, you are probably feeling like your business just went through 12 months of raging rapids, temporarily capsized, and came out the other end with you wondering where exactly you are. One thing is for sure, we will not be returning to the way things used to be. It is a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) World out there and it will … [More]

ASBA Equipping Small Business Owners with Tools to Thrive

by Arizona Toastmasters (District 3)

Arizona Toastmasters (District 3) has been around since 1938 and we are very proud to serve our communities across the state. Our new partnership with the Arizona Small Business Association, brings a renewed sense of change where we can combine working with our local business owners to improve their communication and leadership skills along with the advocacy and training from … [More]

Business Travel with Heart

by Brittany Campbell

Small businesses are important to our families, friends and communities, and they are important to Southwest Airlines. When you think “small business,” a few things may come to mind: family-owned, a friendly smile and hospitality. While Southwest® is not a small business, we share those key characteristics. We treat our people and customers like family, give out friendly … [More]

What is that Lender Thinking?

by Lesli Pintor

Borrowing money can seem complicated, but lending is really a fairly simple business. Lenders are in the risk business so they constantly juggle the desire to invest in businesses’ success and the need to limit risk of loss. Knowing how lenders think will help you navigate the process and be better prepared to apply for a loan.  Why Are You Requesting a Loan?  This seems … [More]

Exposing the Mental Health Crisis Caused by the Pandemic

by Rick Murray

More than 40% of Americans report increases in mental distress due to the COVID-19 pandemic, leaving employers with their own crisis, resulting in increased absenteeism, negative impacts on productivity and profits, and an increase in healthcare costs.  Encouragingly, employers that support mental health see a return of $4 for every dollar invested in mental health … [More]

Ever Wonder if There’s a Better Way to Store Data for Your Business?

Cody Bekkedahl, QNAP Inc.

When you’re strategizing how your business is going to navigate the next season, data storage probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind; but although we may not often think of it, the role of data storage is indispensable to the overall health of a business. To meet this need, I’ll introduce you to a storage solution you may not have heard of, called “network attached … [More]

“Trust Me”: Something We Can Count On?

by Doug Bruhnke

The ways in which businesspeople connect with others is being transformed through digital technologies amidst the rigors of COVID and widespread public distrust. How can we establish and grow trust to successfully drive business growth and the world’s digital transformation? How can we shape systems in a fully digitized and integrated economy? These were questions that we … [More]

Expand and Retain Top Talent while Growing Globally

by Natali Oprya

Companies face organizational changes from their global expansion, corporate restructuring and international mergers and acquisitions. One of the key issues that needs to be addressed during the reshuffling is global workforce management. We always want to come out with each new hire as getting an award-winning contributor. When going through acquisition, opening or … [More]

Clubhouse and the Global Tribe Club

by Yvonne Luker

Are you on Clubhouse yet? Clubhouse ( is a new and engaging way to speak with new connections around the community and world. It can be a wonderful way to find new clients, resources and partners to grow your business. Global Chamber® has been in Clubhouse the past few months, and now our presence is primarily through the “Global Tribe Club,” with rooms … [More]

Foreign Investment in Arizona

by Yvonne Luker

In the past couple of months, Global Chamber® has held two significant events in collaboration with regional business and government leaders that spotlighted growth opportunities in Arizona for foreign companies and investors and the international business opportunity overall. The cities of Phoenix, Surprise, Scottsdale and Peoria, especially, are leading the way to support … [More]

Keep Connecting Virtually. It’s OK!

by Cesar Trabanco

For the past 15 months during the global pandemic, Global Chamber® has held many more events every week all over the world, many more per week, than we had ever before held. Last month, we had six virtual events on one day! All these events have allowed members to jump in from anywhere to connect with the trusted global tribe everywhere — and it’s wonderful to hear all the … [More]

Welcome to WESTMARC

by Sintra Hoffman

Greater Phoenix West Valley has achieved tremendous growth over the last several decades. An influx of residents and businesses is helping the region shed its image as a bedroom community, now earning its reputation as a great place to live, work and play. Today, more than 1.7 million people call the West Valley home, and its population over the next five years is projected to … [More]

Here We Grow! The West Valley on the Rise

by Ilana Lowery

The West Valley has proven to be a beacon of light this past year in what most would agree was a pretty dark and ominous time for economic prosperity across Arizona. West Valley communities saw growth in the past two to three years across just about all industries. From commercial and residential real estate to healthcare and employment to manufacturing and supply-chain … [More]

Newly Elected Board of Director Chair Neil Terry

by Ilana Lowery

Neil Terry is a partner with Orcutt Winslow, a locally founded architectural and interior design firm with offices also in Nashville and Dallas/Ft. Worth. He primarily oversees the firm’s Senior Living studio, which he expanded to serve a national market. He is proud of the number of state veterans homes that Orcutt Winslow has been honored to design, winning its 12th home … [More]

2021: A Year in Transition — What is on the Horizon for the West Valley?

By Ilana Lowery

As Covid vaccines continue to roll out and restrictions are lifted by Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey, CEOs are facing pressure to make decisions about when and how professionals will return to office work. Reports say that by mid-summer, a good portion of the working-age population should be vaccinated, which will play a significant role in how and when employees go back to … [More]

West Valley Freeways Pave Way For More Economic Growth

by Ilana Lowery

The West Valley has become a driving force for economic growth in Arizona, and the region is staying in the fast lane with development along five hot business corridors. Its proximity to California ports and strategic connections to Mexico and the CANAMEX Corridor historically have provided the West Valley with the ability to attract companies and workforce talent — but now, … [More]

Spring 2021 President’s Message

by Steven G. Zylstra

We’re fortunate when it comes to our members at the Arizona Technology Council. Beyond being our supporters through dues and sponsorships, many have become our partners in a number of initiatives that ultimately benefit the entire technology community here.  But there is one member in particular that often is the first to respond when we have an idea or just need a hand. And … [More]

Change Agents

by Don Rodriguez

Giving of yourself for something bigger than yourself. That mindset is alive and well among a group of individuals working quietly behind the scenes with a single mission in mind: to ensure Arizona’s competitiveness to accelerate technology-related policy and legislation, thus affecting positively the growth and development of a vibrant technology state. These are members … [More]

10 Years – and Counting

by Don Rodriguez

Anyone with a 10-year-old daughter or son probably has heard this reaction when the child walks into the room: “(He/she) has grown so big — and so fast!” Jeremy Babendure can relate. When he set out to pull together an entire state for a celebration of science and technology with the inaugural SciTech Festival in February 2012, Babendure was just hoping some people would … [More]

New Vice President for Southern Arizona

by Don Rodriguez

Karla Morales has been named the Arizona Technology Council’s new vice president to oversee all operations for the Southern Arizona regional office. In this role, Morales will lead an expansion plan in the region, including recruiting members, securing sponsorships and supporting events through underwriting from member organizations. She also will serve as the liaison to the … [More]

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