High Level People, Eye Level Attitude

by Tal Zilberberg

  Are you looking to grow your business and explore new opportunities in other cities and countries, and even around the world? If so, we invite you to join Global Chamber®, a worldwide organization that carefully and strategically connects leaders and professionals from all industries and locations.  I’m Tal Zilberberg, Executive Director for Global Chamber® Tel … [More]

Monthly Global Innovation Summits

by Cesar Trabanco

Last month, Global Chamber® began a monthly Global Innovation Summit so that members may receive a steady dose of education, connections and inspiration on global growth innovation. Other monthly programs include meetups from every part of the world — regularly including Africa, India, the EU, Latin America, Asia and many of our metros — to connect members regionally and … [More]

Global Chamber at Thunderbird – Update 

by Yvonne Luker

Global Chamber® moved into our new global headquarters from SkySong into the new headquarters of Thunderbird School of Global Management in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, in April, 2022. We thank CEO/Dean Sanjeev Khagram for the support and collaboration. Thunderbird School of Global Management is the world’s premier leadership and management school and was named No. 1 international … [More]

Arizona and Asia in Semi-Conductor

by Doug Bruhnke

Jason Bagley, Intel CorporationWe’re holding another important Global Semiconductor Summit this month (February) being supported by Thunderbird and the Consulate General of Japan in Los Angeles.  The rising investment from Asia will be discussed and explored. Special thanks to Jason Bagley of Intel Corporation for his leadership and past contributions, including an … [More]

Global Chamber Signature Events 

by Minkyeong Kang

At Global Chamber® we have many signature events coming up this summer, fall and ongoing. Items in blue are new. Meetups – Virtual conversations from metro regions around the world in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Japanese and Korean. Women in Global Leadership – These are signature events at Global Chamber, ongoing from our early days, spotlighting women … [More]

Regional Advisory Boards for Phoenix and Tucson

by Doug Bruhnke

We’re pleased to announce two new regional advisory board chairs for Global Chamber Phoenix and Tucson. Our advisory boards consist of insightful, trusted business leaders working with Global Chamber® Phoenix and Tucson to help companies grow more successfully with less risk. Ultimately, their efforts increase cross metro and border trade through exporting, importing, foreign … [More]

Global is Good. Global is Easy?

by Alexandra Scott

We start 2023 by spotlighting the extraordinary global triber Doc Jones, long-time member, advisory board member and arts committee leader for Global Chamber® Phoenix. Doc is not just creating and playing great music, he’s having an amazing, positive impact on people – jazz listeners, young people, musicians, legislators, business leaders and more. Jones keeps pushing … [More]

The Question Isn’t Who Inspired You, But Who Will You Inspire? 

by Ania Kubicki 

Do women need to see other successful female entrepreneurs to believe they can become one? Or are we, as a society, past this “proof of concept” stage? I would like to think that we have made headways to remove barriers to entry, but the numbers aren’t quite there yet to support it.  In Arizona, we have may traditions that celebrate and highlight successful women. We have … [More]

Money Sense: Am I Saving Enough for the Retirement I Want?

from Merrill, a Bank of America company

Ask three retirement experts how much you need to save for retirement, and you’ll likely get three different answers. One might respond with a specific number, say $3 million; another might suggest you save enough to let you draw down 80% to 90% of your annual pre-retirement income every year; and a third may say you should strive for 12 times your pre-retirement salary. So … [More]

What if Sales Were Systematic? 

by Tish Times

What if it were not such a massive issue for you to have your cash register ring regularly or for sales to come in while you sleep? What if that was your reality? I have four P’s to help you get there. The Four P’s  The first P is for patience. Stop treating yourself as a transaction. Developing new business relationships will take some time. You’ll need to be a little more … [More]

Knoodling on the Pivot

by Rosaria Cain

For those who have been in business long, you have no doubt learned that the many challenges which have hit business — especially small business — are adding up. We had the Great Recession, The Pandemic, inflation and interest rates that have doubled in the past few months. So, how do we not only stay in business but sustain our employees and grow our revenue? We pivot. The … [More]

How Being a Stay-at-Home Mom Prepared Me for Being a Business Owner

by Inna Korenzvit

When my husband and I got married, I was making twice as much money as he was, but when it came time to start a family, we both agreed my time was best spent taking care of our children. In our opinion, there was nothing more important than raising confident, self-reliant, self-sufficient, productive, financially independent and contributing members of our society. As such, I … [More]

How to Hire Your Dream Team

by Mel Carr

Like most business owners, you probably want more profit. More profit means you can start living the life you love. You’ll have more time for family, vacations, self-care and investing in other things! One way to make more profit is by hiring and expanding your team. (This is true even if you think you can’t afford it.)  Expanding your team beyond yourself is essential to … [More]

Tempe Chamber to Participate in City of Tempe BIPOC Micro-Manufacturing Program 

by Paulette Pacioni

The Tempe Chamber of Commerce was chosen as one of five organizations to participate in a BIPOC Micro-Manufacturing Program created by City of Tempe. The program will support Black, indigenous and people of color micro-manufacturers with business consulting services and grant funding to cover the cost of space, startup raw materials and equipment. “The grant will provide … [More]

Legislative Update: AZ Senate Bill 1001 – Theft by Extortion

by Paulette Pacioni

The Tempe Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with the East Valley Chamber of Commerce Alliance (EVCCA), co-authored a bill with Senator Vince Leach to address a growing problem affecting our retailers, hoteliers and restaurants. People have been coming into their business, demanding free items and threatening to post negative posts and reviews on social media. Senate Bill … [More]

Tempe Chamber and Rio Salado College Partner on Microcredential Program Serving Needs of Tempe Businesses 

by Paulette Pacioni

MIcrocredentials are stackable program credits and certificates that provide specialized career training and educational pathways so students and workers can learn new skills that lead directly to employment or job promotion. A survey conducted by the Tempe Chamber of Commerce in fall 2021 indicated that nearly two-thirds of the businesses surveyed had an interest in … [More]

Tempe Chamber of Commerce Announces Candidate Endorsements and Ballot Measure Positions for the November 2022 General Elections

by Paulette Pacioni

The Tempe Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, through interviews and analysis, voted to endorse five candidates running in the November 2022 general election at their monthly board meeting.  The endorsement is a declaration by the Chamber that these candidates understand the interests of the Tempe business community and, if elected, will champion policies supportive of … [More]

24th Annual State of the City and Other Upcoming Event

by David Key

24th Annual State of the City Address with Mayor Corey Woods In its 24th year, the State of the City event provides a valuable opportunity to enjoy a breakfast with civic, business and political leaders of the Valley. The 24th Annual State of the City is presented by Edward Jones, and will be held at the Marriott Phoenix Resort Tempe at the Buttes. Mayor Corey Woods will … [More]

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