Don’t Put Charitable Giving on Your New Year’s Resolution List 

by Kristen Merrifield

Gasp! Did I really just tell you to not put giving on your list of resolutions? Yes, indeed I did. But why?  New Year’s resolutions are a great way to inspire — nay, force — yourself to do something good to improve yourself or those around you. Lose ten pounds. Complain less. Read a book a month. Save more ... give more. And yet, many of us find ourselves back to our same … [More]

Big Brothers Big Sisters Finds Solutions to Coordinate Virtual Mentorship

by Laura Capello

Social distancing can be difficult for many reasons, including feelings of isolation, a lack of routine, and not being able to visit with friends. Adults and youth are facing stress-related anxiety due to the lack of regular daily activities and personal interaction. During these difficult times, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arizona has made an effort to fill the gap of … [More]

Keeping Food on the Table

by Merilee Baptiste

At Midwest Food Bank Arizona on the Mesa-Gilbert border, the COVID-19 pandemic took an already busy year and sent it spiraling into crisis mode. As community aid agencies dedicated to feeding those in need experienced a massive spike in requests for assistance and usually reliable supply chains broken down under the stress of the coronavirus, MFB Arizona needed to pivot on a … [More]

Giving Ecards Make Philanthropy Easy

by Jennifer Purcell

In an age when instant gratification is more the norm than giving back and philanthropy, the Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits is hoping to make it easier to change some of this behavior with its new Arizona Gives Giving eCard in 2021. Giving eCards can be purchased on at any dollar amount, for any occasion, and at any time of the year. Purchasers … [More]

Taking an Intentional Approach to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

by Katee Van Horn

Nonprofits have long supported underserved communities and done great things for communities in need. And while that work continues, there is a change that needs to be made. Nonprofits need to hold up a mirror to themselves and take action around diversity, equity and inclusion in their own organizations. DEI is no longer just a nice-to-have. Research has confirmed there is an … [More]

Continued Advocacy needed for Nonprofit Sector 

by Brandy Petrone

Charitable nonprofit organizations, while nonpartisan organizations by nature and law, are impacted by elections just like other sectors of the economy. Oftentimes, government turns to its private-sector nonprofit partners to help solve issues in their communities, no matter who is in charge.  That makes continued advocacy and engagement by the nonprofit community … [More]

ASBA Economic Analysis Confirms: Small Businesses Are Making Big Contributions

by Katie Prendergast

At the Arizona Small Business Association, we’re proud to represent so many innovative and resilient small businesses that continue to contribute so much to the Arizona economy. To support the small business recovery efforts underway, we have partnered with leading economist Jim Rounds, president of Rounds Consulting Group, to provide perspective and recommendations for … [More]

ASBA Equipping Small Business Owners with Tools to Thrive

by Katie Prendergast

At the Arizona Small Business Association, we know that the pandemic has introduced unprecedented challenges for our members, and that many small businesses continue to feel its rippling economic effects. ASBA has partnered with a local technology company, Journeyage, to develop and deploy personalized, action-based training to help our members recover revenue, reposition and … [More]

The Southwest® Promise 

by Southwest Airlines 

When you’re ready to fly again, Southwest Airlines is here to welcome you back onboard! As we continue to navigate our business through the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the safety and well-being of our customers and employees remain our top priority. Since March, we’ve made changes to our operations and procedures to better support the comfort of our employees and customers … [More]

The 2021 Workplace

by Eric Knott, MBA, PHR, CLRL

Undoubtedly, the U.S. workplace in 2021 will be as complex, if not more so, as what employers are managing today. Three key areas to watch in the New Year: The Ever-Changing COVID-19 Best Practices As treatments come to market (and even a likely vaccine or two), anticipate updated CDC guidance on how long COVID-positive employees should remain away from the workplace and … [More]

Leading through COVID-19 and Other Challenging Times

by Lee Benson, CEO, ETW

I’ve spoken to a lot of CEOs recently, and the one question I hear over and over is, “What is the best way to lead my team through this tumultuous time?” Here are the main points I cover with them: Be clear with your entire team that the direction has not changed, but we will have to navigate this crisis together. Over-communicate the plan to get through this crisis. … [More]

Why Community Banking Matters

by National Bank of Arizona 

As a business banker at a community bank, I’m often reminded of the old saying, “A rising tide lifts all boats.” To me, it speaks to the interconnected nature of our communities; how we’re all in this together; and how what’s good for the community is good for the individual, and vice versa. Community banks understand this intimately, and that’s what separates them from the … [More]

Is the Health of Your Payment Technology a New Year’s Resolution?

by Aurora Payments

COVID has certainly challenged businesses of all types and sizes to rethink the way products and services are made available to their customers. Through these challenges, there have been numerous innovations and improvements that will outlast COVID. What will 2021 bring and is your business prepared. Online Digital Payment Solutions We’re all in this together, apart … at home … [More]

Fostering Convenience, Connection, and Community Engagement 

by Christina Calhoun

As a town center and community hub with more than 80 retailers, restaurants and office tenants in Scottsdale, Scottsdale Quarter has had an up-close view of the impacts of COVID-19 on small businesses in Arizona. While there is no doubt that companies continue to face unprecedented challenges, we’ve been continually inspired by the resilience of our retailers and our … [More]

Connecting to New Clients and Opportunities within a Pandemic

by Cesar Trabanco

It’s a new day out here for better and for worse, and either way it’s a new reality, and so we regularly share ideas to leverage virtual opportunities for members to find more success. Global Chamber shifted at the start of the pandemic to a virtual platform that has been assisting our members to grow in a variety of ways. The main thing that we’ve always done and continue … [More]

Women in Global Leadership – Mayor Kate Gallego

by Doug Bruhnke

Global Chamber® “Women in Global Leadership” events began five years ago in our early days. Last month, we were pleased to include the co-developer of the idea, Jaime Daddona of Squire Patton Boggs, as one of the illustrious panel of leaders in 2020. Thank you, Jaime! We were also honored to feature Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego at the fifth annual event. Mayor Gallego is the … [More]

Insights on Women and Men in Global Leadership

by Yvonne Luker

We hosted a globinar with the team at Reesmarx titled “Insights on Women and Men in Global Leadership.” The conversation covered women and men in the workplace, including progress made and next steps — globally. Our approach was informational on the progress women have made, and we also heard from strong women and men in business talk about their growth, struggles, lessons and … [More]

Leveraging Our Trusted Network to Grow Your Business

by Doug Bruhnke

Are you prepared to grow in the next phase? The global tribe at Global Chamber® is a large network of globally minded leaders located around the world in 525 metro regions who are serious about growing business across metro regions and borders. Each member is trusted because he or she has demonstrated the characteristics to earn that trust. We’ve used the new pandemic reality … [More]

Wrap-up Export League by Global Chamber Phoenix

by Yvonne Luker

Global Chamber® Phoenix completed the first Export League this summer with top exporters in metro Phoenix gaining “warm introductions” in order for them to reach their next new markets, virtually. Originally, we had planned to do an in-person exporter “pitch” event at Grand Canyon University and pick the top 12 exporters as determined by judges, assisting those 12 firms in … [More]

AZ Tech October 2020 President’s Message

by Steven G. Zylstra

Pandemic or no, we have all learned that we still need to stay the course no matter how choppy the waters may become. For the Arizona Technology Council, that meant pursuing a public policy agenda in a legislative session where lawmakers understandably had a lot of pressing matters to consider. A key reason we continued to make our presence known at the Legislature instead … [More]