May 2023 President’s Message

Steven G. Zylstra

As a member-supported organization, it might be easy to believe the Arizona Technology Council exists only to support businesses that are up and running. But we believe a key part of our mission is to help develop the workforce of tomorrow. A prime example is our support of Arizona State University’s AZNext initiative, a combination of the university’s first U.S. Department … [More]

Coming Clean

New committee, member program focus on energy alternatives

by Don Rodriguez

As the world begins to learn more about the merits of clean energy, the Arizona Technology Council already is introducing ways for members to experience benefits in both their professional and personal lives. The Arizona E-Mobility + Energy Ecosystem (AEEE) Committee launched in 2022 works collaboratively to ensure the uniform integration and standards between all four … [More]

Taking the Lead

SciTech Institute efforts give birth to statewide STEM Ecosystem

by Don Rodriguez

While the SciTech Institute is perhaps best known for its statewide Arizona SciTech Festival held early each year, its efforts actually continue year-round as it brings together collaborators from across the state to advocate for opportunities in Arizona’s growing science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) workforce. The focus of the ongoing effort is to build … [More]

Web Works

Improvements to Council’s site pay off 

by Don Rodriguez

Serving members throughout Arizona and beyond can be a daunting task. Adding to that is ensuring the Arizona Technology Council’s membership has reliable access to information when they need it. To get the job done, the Council’s website serves as the primary resource for updates about the organization and Arizona’s technology ecosystem. Information on the website includes … [More]

Celebrating A Milestone

Annual Report marks 20th anniversary year

by Don Rodriguez

After two decades of success as a key supporter of Arizona’s evolving technology ecosystem, the word “thriving” best captures the state of the Arizona Technology Council. That is the reason “Thriving” has been selected as the theme of the Council’s Annual Report for 2022, which was the year the organization celebrated its 20th anniversary. The Council was founded Aug. 28, … [More]

A Helping Hand

Preferred Business Partners program lightens the load

by Don Rodriguez

For anyone owning or operating a business, the days are already long enough. After all, dealing with daily challenges is enough to make a person constantly wonder, “What’s next?” Whether it’s something that’s a regular part of doing business or unplanned, it’s not unusual for the days to get longer when the business needs to turn to an outside vendor for a remedy. Along with … [More]

Summer 2022 President’s Message

by Steven G. Zylstra

We likely would agree that life overall in the United States has become better than it was 130 years ago. After all, there are more options to help build businesses and live more comfortable lives than would have been possible four generations earlier. The Arizona Technology Council’s efforts showcased in this and previous sections of this publication are very much about … [More]

World Comes Calling

by Don Rodriguez

There was a time that practically the only way the world discovered Arizona even had a technology community was if its representatives packed their bags, grabbed their passports and headed to the airport. Now, those meetings are happening here as companies and delegations are making the trip to see for themselves what the state’s tech ecosystem has to offer. At least, … [More]

In It Together

by Don Rodriguez

It’s no secret the SciTech Institute’s Chief Science Officers (CSO) program has grown to build an international presence and reputation. Now, a global leader in its own field is stepping forward to help increase that footprint in additional locations. Phoenix-based Avnet, a leading technology distributor and solutions provider, is investing in the CSO program to support … [More]

Living the Dream

by Don Rodriguez

While the Arizona Technology Council is known for advocating the state’s tech ecosystem on a variety of fronts, it really is the group’s own members that reflect the same purpose for existing through successes that move their respective fields and communities forward. Here are just some of the latest examples:  Information Technology  Less than a year after being added to … [More]

Council Board Names Four Newest Members

by Don Rodriguez

Four new members were appointed to the Arizona Technology Council board of directors at its quarterly meetings in the first half of 2022.Nathan Harris, CEO of Ease, and Robin S. Reed, co-founder and principal of EmFluent, were named at the Jan. 27 meeting, while Ivonne May, portfolio director for the Advance Air Dominance programs for the Advanced Technologies Mission Area at … [More]

Reports Offer Ongoing Updates on State of Technology Industry

by Don Rodriguez

Wondering about the state of the state when it comes to technology? The Arizona Technology Council answers the question regularly with two key reports. For an ongoing snapshot of progress, the Council offers its quarterly Arizona Technology Industry Impact Report, which outlines the progress of the state’s technology sector across critical growth metrics. And since the … [More]

President’s Message

by Steven G. Zylstra

Whether you follow the news or just go out to get a bite to eat, you’ve likely heard various versions of that refrain lately. Employers have been looking for people to fill positions, whether it’s to build a house or pour a cup of coffee. For years, I’ve heard that same question but in a different context. Arizona has missed more than a few opportunities to draw technology … [More]

Powerful Action

by Don Rodriguez

While the Arizona Technology Council is no stranger to the public policy arena, the list of topics has been wide ranging over the years. In 2021, however, one theme continued to surface — and the group had plenty of company when it came to taking a stand. From the Office of the Governor to Capitol Hill, clean energy was a focal point for the Council and others who shared … [More]

Ties That Bind

by Don Rodriguez

Even when communities are far apart, they still can come together for common goals. That mindset has kept the SciTech Institute not only operating but evolving while the world still struggles to reopen throughout spikes in COVID cases. New programs and growth continue to occur at the organization whose parent is the Arizona Technology Council.  “To survive in this period … [More]

Delivering a More Diverse Workforce

by Don Rodriguez

In an effort to level the playing field when it comes to hiring practices in the technology industry, the Arizona Technology Council has partnered with FairHire to introduce InclusionAZ. InclusionAZ’s goal is to enhance the vibrancy of Arizona’s technology ecosystem by imploring employers to provide fair hiring opportunities that attract diverse talent from across Arizona … [More]

A Look to the Future

by Don Rodriguez

As the Arizona Technology Council ramps up for 2022, its board of directors and staff members already are setting their sights on their strategy to help guide the organization through the next three years. At an early November workshop, board and staff reviewed, revised and committed to the Council’s 2025 vision, which reads: The AZTC is the largest technology council in … [More]

On the Front Line

by Don Rodriguez

The two newest members of the Arizona Technology Council staff bring qualifications expected to benefit the group and its members. Bianca Buliga has been named director of marketing and communications while Darryle Emerson is the new director of programs and events. A marketing professional with experience in both the nonprofit and for-profit sectors, Buliga joins the … [More]

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