High Level People, Eye Level Attitude

by Tal Zilberberg

  Are you looking to grow your business and explore new opportunities in other cities and countries, and even around the world? If so, we invite you to join Global Chamber®, a worldwide organization that carefully and strategically connects leaders and professionals from all industries and locations.  I’m Tal Zilberberg, Executive Director for Global Chamber® Tel … [More]

Monthly Global Innovation Summits

by Cesar Trabanco

Last month, Global Chamber® began a monthly Global Innovation Summit so that members may receive a steady dose of education, connections and inspiration on global growth innovation. Other monthly programs include meetups from every part of the world — regularly including Africa, India, the EU, Latin America, Asia and many of our metros — to connect members regionally and … [More]

Global Chamber at Thunderbird – Update 

by Yvonne Luker

Global Chamber® moved into our new global headquarters from SkySong into the new headquarters of Thunderbird School of Global Management in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, in April, 2022. We thank CEO/Dean Sanjeev Khagram for the support and collaboration. Thunderbird School of Global Management is the world’s premier leadership and management school and was named No. 1 international … [More]

Arizona and Asia in Semi-Conductor

by Doug Bruhnke

Jason Bagley, Intel CorporationWe’re holding another important Global Semiconductor Summit this month (February) being supported by Thunderbird and the Consulate General of Japan in Los Angeles.  The rising investment from Asia will be discussed and explored. Special thanks to Jason Bagley of Intel Corporation for his leadership and past contributions, including an … [More]

Global Chamber Signature Events 

by Minkyeong Kang

At Global Chamber® we have many signature events coming up this summer, fall and ongoing. Items in blue are new. Meetups – Virtual conversations from metro regions around the world in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Japanese and Korean. Women in Global Leadership – These are signature events at Global Chamber, ongoing from our early days, spotlighting women … [More]

Regional Advisory Boards for Phoenix and Tucson

by Doug Bruhnke

We’re pleased to announce two new regional advisory board chairs for Global Chamber Phoenix and Tucson. Our advisory boards consist of insightful, trusted business leaders working with Global Chamber® Phoenix and Tucson to help companies grow more successfully with less risk. Ultimately, their efforts increase cross metro and border trade through exporting, importing, foreign … [More]

Global is Good. Global is Easy?

by Alexandra Scott

We start 2023 by spotlighting the extraordinary global triber Doc Jones, long-time member, advisory board member and arts committee leader for Global Chamber® Phoenix. Doc is not just creating and playing great music, he’s having an amazing, positive impact on people – jazz listeners, young people, musicians, legislators, business leaders and more. Jones keeps pushing … [More]

Global Is Good

by Doug Bruhnke 

“Global” doesn’t get the love that “local” does, but it should. Only 1 in 100 U.S. companies exports to global markets, where 85% of new business opportunities are. That means 99 out of 100 U.S. companies compete for only 15% of available opportunities. That results in only 12% of U.S. Gross Domestic Product being exports, whereas countries that embrace global and compete … [More]

Global Chamber® Events

by Alicia Dominguez

At Global Chamber®, we have many signature events coming up this summer, fall and ongoing. Women in Global Leadership – These are signature events at Global Chamber, ongoing from our early days, spotlighting women leaders and their challenges and opportunities.  International State of the Metro – Discussing how well a region is becoming more global, including with … [More]

Doing Business in … Asia

by Alexandra Scott and Hailey Jiwon Baek 

Global Chamber® is growing in 525 metropolitan areas around the world, and this summer we took extra steps to grow in key Asian countries, including Japan, South Korea, India and China. In Japan, we identified 12 more chapters besides Tokyo, from Fukuoka in the south (Kyushu) to Sapporo in the north (Hokkaido). We’re meeting with leaders in all the cities to ramp up the … [More]

Doing Business in … Mexico and Latin America

by Cesar Trabanco 

We have regular events both in English and Spanish for our members located in Mexico and across Latin America. We’ve begun events around the world in other languages, too, although most of our activities, especially the virtual globinars, are in English.  Last month, among our launched chapters was San Salvador, El Salvador, and Carolina Moreira, executive director of Global … [More]

Adapting Research & Development to the New World

by Maimun Mustafa 

Research & Development approaches as we’ve known them can no longer provide the needed results in today’s dynamic, “VUCA” (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) global business ecosystem. Improving R&D approaches is an absolute necessity. Leaders must become more aware of faster changes, and subsequently to be nimble and stay one step ahead, using technologies that … [More]

Global Chamber at Thunderbird

by Yvonne Luker 

Global Chamber® has moved our global headquarters into the new headquarters of Thunderbird School of Global Management in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. Over the past few months, we have held in-person and virtual events that continue our global business activities, and have introduced our global tribe to Thunderbird through CEO/Dean Sanjeev Khagram, who spoke to our members about the … [More]

Just Say NO to Networking

by Cesar Trabanco 

We don’t require members of Global Chamber to “network” in order to find new clients and resources. That can feel like a needle in a haystack adventure and isn’t productive unless it is designed properly. Networking can be useful for younger leaders as they build their networks, but should it be necessary for more experienced leaders? Not always.  The alternative? … [More]

Intel, Arizona and Asia in Semi-Conductor

by Doug Bruhnke 

We held a special event on “Semiconductor Security and Supply Chain: Global Investments and the View from Japan” with the support of Thunderbird and the Consulate General of Japan in Los Angeles. Thank you, Consul General Muto, for your leadership on many fronts. You may watch the program on the Global Chamber YouTube channel. The promise of rising investment from Japan, … [More]

Juneteenth and Global Opportunities 

by Dana Austin 

Juneteenth is a national holiday in the United States and one in which there is an opportunity to educate the world about the end of slavery in the U.S. Slavery officially ended in Galveston, Texas, two years after President Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves. So this year we held a first conversation at Global Chamber® about Juneteenth — a remembrance, a celebration and a … [More]

Warmth, Resilience and Growth

by Doug Bruhnke

Most of us wish to grow our business, but the world can be a cold, uncooperative place. So, at Global Chamber®, we provide warm introductions every day for members to gain new clients, assisting them in their growth across metro regions and borders. Warmth means we know who we’re introducing, and it’s a thoughtful connection. That all helps ensure that more than 90% of the time … [More]

Doing Business in…

by Cesar Trabanco 

Global Chamber® has members everywhere around the world, and that gives us a unique ability to help companies reach every corner of the world. Few businesses, like Coca-Cola and Apple, wish to literally be everywhere, but nonetheless we help in every metro and town because you never know where members will need help. To assist doing business everywhere, in the past few months … [More]

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