Connecting to New Clients and Opportunities within a Pandemic

by Cesar Trabanco

It’s a new day out here for better and for worse, and either way it’s a new reality, and so we regularly share ideas to leverage virtual opportunities for members to find more success. Global Chamber shifted at the start of the pandemic to a virtual platform that has been assisting our members to grow in a variety of ways. The main thing that we’ve always done and continue … [More]

Women in Global Leadership – Mayor Kate Gallego

by Doug Bruhnke

Global Chamber® “Women in Global Leadership” events began five years ago in our early days. Last month, we were pleased to include the co-developer of the idea, Jaime Daddona of Squire Patton Boggs, as one of the illustrious panel of leaders in 2020. Thank you, Jaime! We were also honored to feature Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego at the fifth annual event. Mayor Gallego is the … [More]

Insights on Women and Men in Global Leadership

by Yvonne Luker

We hosted a globinar with the team at Reesmarx titled “Insights on Women and Men in Global Leadership.” The conversation covered women and men in the workplace, including progress made and next steps — globally. Our approach was informational on the progress women have made, and we also heard from strong women and men in business talk about their growth, struggles, lessons and … [More]

Leveraging Our Trusted Network to Grow Your Business

by Doug Bruhnke

Are you prepared to grow in the next phase? The global tribe at Global Chamber® is a large network of globally minded leaders located around the world in 525 metro regions who are serious about growing business across metro regions and borders. Each member is trusted because he or she has demonstrated the characteristics to earn that trust. We’ve used the new pandemic reality … [More]

Wrap-up Export League by Global Chamber Phoenix

by Yvonne Luker

Global Chamber® Phoenix completed the first Export League this summer with top exporters in metro Phoenix gaining “warm introductions” in order for them to reach their next new markets, virtually. Originally, we had planned to do an in-person exporter “pitch” event at Grand Canyon University and pick the top 12 exporters as determined by judges, assisting those 12 firms in … [More]

Connect through Global Chamber to Grow in 2020

by Cesar Trabanco

As vice president of member services at Global Chamber®, I have the pleasure to lead our activities to connect members across metros and borders with new clients, investors, opportunities and trusted resources as they look to expand worldwide. Connecting the right people at the right time, and “in time,” is an essential part of growth. We create many opportunities for members … [More]

Adding Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the Connecting Process

by Doug Bruhnke

Global Chamber® has partnered with based in Montreal, Canada, to facilitate international trade and investment for our members.’s AI-enabled sales intelligence platform is now being used by Global Chamber as part of our daily “warm connections” process to research companies and industries on behalf of members worldwide, and then to make just the right … [More]

International State of the PHX Metro 2020

by Doug Bruhnke

How is the metropolitan Phoenix region doing with international business? That’s the question we answer annually with our International State of the Metro, held in metro regions around the world — and in Metro Phoenix annually since 2007, predating Global Chamber®! Many metro areas are hot for business, meaning that companies are thriving, growing and continuing to arrive … [More]

Chapter Spotlight: Global Chamber San Antonio

by Christopher Herring

We regularly host Young Global Business Leaders in San Antonio, Texas, in collaboration with the Department of State’s International Visitors Leadership Program managed locally by San Antonio Council for International Visitors (SACIV). I would like to thank everyone for their time, energy and efforts to make these visits successful and rewarding! For the recent visit shown … [More]

Global Business Innovation Summit Wrap-up

by Mike Langley

We held a fast-paced and interactive discussion on growing the global business innovation ecosystem in metro Phoenix, from technology to talent, exporting, financing, logistics and more. The event featured 20 keynote speakers along with panels and groups of attendees connecting through breakouts and report-backs. The event supports the region to develop a stronger foundation … [More]

Life in the Age of Corona

by Maimun Mustafa

Gabriel García Márquez wrote in his renowned novel, Love in the Time of Cholera, that “wisdom comes to us when it can no longer do any good.” Indeed, the coronavirus has presented the global community with such a dilemma. The world has been so reliant on its sourcing from China that the disease has put major markets on a standstill as China shuts its door to the world and vice … [More]

A Global View Can Create Enlightenment

by Doug Bruhnke

Through our continued support of our “global tribe” of members worldwide, there are several key factors about them that shine through about their capabilities and success. Members of our global tribe are globally minded and “enlightened,” meaning they have developed advanced business and leadership capabilities, with a more informed view of the world overall. Are you looking … [More]

Managing Your Career with a 100+ Year Life

by Doug Bruhnke

Recently, we were honored to speak with Teresa Martín-Retortillo, executive president of executive education at IE Business School, a member University based in Madrid and expanding around the world. It was a WOW! I hope you get the chance to see it on our site. The discussion was based on the book The 100 Year Life: Living and Working in an Age of Longevity by Lynda Gratton … [More]

New Partnership Between KOMPASS and Global Chamber

by Rufiya Blank

Reach higher and further! We’re pleased to announce a new partnership between Kompass North America and Global Chamber®. The working relationship makes it easier for clients of Kompass to access Global Chamber® and vice-versa; members of Global Chamber® get a discount for the use of the Kompass database. Kompass is now offering a special discounted price to Global Chamber® … [More]

International Trade Update: US-China Trade War

by Mark Heusel

Last month, trade delegations from China and the United States continued bilateral meetings in the U.S. capitol, and talk in Washington suddenly turned toward trade and friendly relations between these two great countries. Before long, the chief negotiators from the U.S. (Secretary of Treasury Steven Mnuchin and U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer) and China … [More]

Grow Globally Fair PHX 2019 Wrap-up

by Doug Bruhnke

We completed the Grow Globally Fair PHX 2019, bringing together all the global business resources in the Metro, all together, one time per year. These are the best of the best. Thank you all! Every year, we choose people and firms who do great work every time. We’re lucky to have these resources and more in our global tribe, helping exporters, importers and … [More]

Canton Fair and Global Chamber Sign a New Cooperation Agreement

by Doug Bruhnke, Global Chamber® and Lucia Li, Canton Fair

Global Chamber® hosted Mr. Zhuang Hong, deputy director general of China Foreign Trade Centre, in Los Angeles to sign a new agreement of cooperation for 2020 and beyond. The two organizations have been collaborating for the past 18 months, and the memorandum of understanding furthers the relationship. Mr. Zuang Hong signed the agreement for the Canton Fair and Doug Bruhnke … [More]

Better Connections and Faster Learning in Busy Times

by Doug Bruhnke

Recently, I spent the afternoon at the global headquarters of Thunderbird School of Global Management in downtown Phoenix. In my meetings with a dozen or so of the senior leaders there, including new Dean Sanjeev Khagram, I was reminded that our global tribe and Thunderbird’s “Tbird Life” leaders have a respectful and professional tone that is warm and welcoming. It was that … [More]

Important Travel Considerations for 2019

by Dr. Robert L. Quigley

Corporate travel is often guided by travel risk programs that play a large factor in protecting the mobile workforce. Traveling abroad for business is no longer unusual, and, as the number of international business travelers continues to grow year after year, travel risk education has become imperative in protecting employees. There are always precautionary measures that should … [More]

Leverage International Success to Sell Your Business

by Lennard van der Feltz

Owning and operating a business on the international stage can be immensely rewarding, and it also presents its own challenges. One of the areas of opportunity and challenge for international businesses is selling the business. Sellers in these cases may face international implications that not every financial planner, accountant or advisor may have encountered.  We have … [More]