Global is Good. Global is Easy?

by Alexandra Scott

Doc Jones and Alfredo Molina (Molina Fine Jewelers)

We start 2023 by spotlighting the extraordinary global triber Doc Jones, long-time member, advisory board member and arts committee leader for Global Chamber® Phoenix. Doc is not just creating and playing great music, he’s having an amazing, positive impact on people – jazz listeners, young people, musicians, legislators, business leaders and more.

Jones keeps pushing through and making a difference – like jazz concerts all during April for the International Jazz month that he started. For years, he has convinced the regional legislature to declare April as International Jazz Month. He is seemingly tireless and UNSTOPPABLE!

Jones is a great example here because jazz itself is a metaphor for global business. Have skills, practice hard, hang out with talented folks – the global tribe – go with the flow and make great music and global business! It works for jazz and it works for success with trade and investment.

Doc Jones and jazz legend Herbie Hancock

Is Jazz easy? Is global business easy? The answer is yes and yes – when you start with the skills and then collaborate effectively with others. It takes a village, dear friends. Perhaps “easy” isn’t the best word to use here. Perhaps it’s “doable” or “possible”? Is it easy to run the Mayo Clinic, one of the best hospitals and medical systems in the world? It’s doable; they’re doing it, with a vision and skilled people and processes. And they’re world-class. Perhaps that’s a fitting analogy.

This all is an important point because probably too many people explain how hard things are to do globally. We disagree with that. It’s doable. Business is doable. Global business has some additional complexities, including cross-cultural issues, country-specific regulations, etc., but it’s all manageable with the right mindset, people and approach. So, in that sense, it’s “easy” and certainly, indisputably, important, valuable and fun (in reference to the title of this post).

So, don’t be intimidated. You can do it! And global is good.

Alexandra Scott is a student at Pomona College and intern at Global Chamber®.

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