Doing Business in…

by Cesar Trabanco 

Global Chamber® has members everywhere around the world, and that gives us a unique ability to help companies reach every corner of the world. Few businesses, like Coca-Cola and Apple, wish to literally be everywhere, but nonetheless we help in every metro and town because you never know where members will need help. To assist doing business everywhere, in the past few months we began globinar series “Doing Business in…” to eventually cover all 525 metropolitan areas around the world where we have chapters and members. We’re explaining market opportunities and how to manage issues like cultural differences, from the perspective of regional leaders.

That’s going to take a while because we hold this globinar every two weeks. That’s 26 programs per year, times five metros each time, or 130 metros per year. So, in about four years we’ll get through the entire world! Good news: We’ll actually be a bit faster through it because we’ve been doing some combining — like when Ewa Mróz (pictured, principal at Memo Consulting) spoke about Warsaw, Poland, she covered the main metros of Poland as well. During that session we also covered Manila, Philippines; Tallinn, Estonia; Tashkent, Uzbekistan; and Houston, Texas. You may not wish to grow in all these areas, but members will have access to information and connections in hundreds of metros around the world, which will assist global expansion and growth.

Ewa Mróz

We discuss business opportunities and cultural issues in these major metropolitan areas around the world. And the most recent programs have included all the main metros and regional cities and towns in the countries of Kenya and South Korea. Watch to hear about markets, companies and regions of interest for your business. Connect with trusted leaders to learn and grow your business. Join us to learn more about business opportunities, lower risk and do business worldwide.

Cesar Trabanco is VP of Business Services at Global Chamber®.

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