Grow Globally Fair PHX 2019 Wrap-up

by Doug Bruhnke

We completed the Grow Globally Fair PHX 2019, bringing together all the global business resources in the Metro, all together, one time per year. These are the best of the best. Thank you all! Every year, we choose people and firms who do great work every time. We’re lucky to have these resources and more in our global tribe, helping exporters, importers and … [More]

Canton Fair and Global Chamber Sign a New Cooperation Agreement

by Doug Bruhnke, Global Chamber® and Lucia Li, Canton Fair

Global Chamber® hosted Mr. Zhuang Hong, deputy director general of China Foreign Trade Centre, in Los Angeles to sign a new agreement of cooperation for 2020 and beyond. The two organizations have been collaborating for the past 18 months, and the memorandum of understanding furthers the relationship. Mr. Zuang Hong signed the agreement for the Canton Fair and Doug Bruhnke … [More]

Better Connections and Faster Learning in Busy Times

by Doug Bruhnke

Recently, I spent the afternoon at the global headquarters of Thunderbird School of Global Management in downtown Phoenix. In my meetings with a dozen or so of the senior leaders there, including new Dean Sanjeev Khagram, I was reminded that our global tribe and Thunderbird’s “Tbird Life” leaders have a respectful and professional tone that is warm and welcoming. It was that … [More]

Important Travel Considerations for 2019

by Dr. Robert L. Quigley

Corporate travel is often guided by travel risk programs that play a large factor in protecting the mobile workforce. Traveling abroad for business is no longer unusual, and, as the number of international business travelers continues to grow year after year, travel risk education has become imperative in protecting employees. There are always precautionary measures that should … [More]

Leverage International Success to Sell Your Business

by Lennard van der Feltz

Owning and operating a business on the international stage can be immensely rewarding, and it also presents its own challenges. One of the areas of opportunity and challenge for international businesses is selling the business. Sellers in these cases may face international implications that not every financial planner, accountant or advisor may have encountered.  We have … [More]

Get in the Right Frame of Mind to Go Global

by Todd Cornell

The foundation of a good global frame of mind is a solid understanding of culture. Culture is best understood as traditional core knowledge shared by any group, large or small, that binds them through concepts, practices and actions. Culture bonds through shared knowledge of the larger community’s beliefs and practices, which have likely been passed down over generations. This … [More]

Creating Connections to Grow: City of Surprise

by Mike Langley

The City of Surprise has received an innovation award for working with international companies landing in the U.S. that have chosen Surprise as their landing point. Those companies are taken through programming that supports their success. AZ TechCelerator, a city-owned West Valley business innovation center, offers international businesses a unique Global Concierge Services … [More]

Vibrant Goa Expo, October 17-19

by Jagat Shah

Team Vibrant Goa, India was pleased to meet with Global Chamber® at the UPS Center near Oakland Airport. Thank you to Kim Findlay and Adam Botten of UPS, along with Gary Brown of UPS, the international area sales manager for North California. UPS is a $US72 billion company with 481,000 employees in 220 countries. UPS shared its model of business and how it is solving … [More]

Let Lesser-Known Visa Types Benefit Your Business

by Doug Bruhnke

We spoke with immigration experts who are members of Global Chamber® to understand some lesser-known visa types and how those can be used to benefit your business. One of our key experts was Jessica Weiss, immigration attorney at Weiss & Moy, who shared an update on status of these types along with others at a time in U.S. history when the federal government is making it … [More]

Ten Tips to Prosper in Turbulent Times 

by Gary Covert

The best global leaders understand the importance of innovation to stay ahead of the competition. Below are ten tips for global leaders to consider to consistently raise the bar and become, as I like to say, “ridiculously innovative.” 1) Paradigms shifted are as valuable as paradigms broken. Not every improvement in the organization needs to be some big dramatic event. While … [More]

Join the Cross-Metro ‘Wave’

by Doug Bruhnke

A blue wave? What color is a cross-metro area growth wave? That’s our focus — helping members grow anywhere they wish to by sharing the resources and prospective clients and partners they need. We are a trusted advisor for anyone growing across metros and borders. Global Chamber® is not political. We do not take a stand for or against any particular party or candidate. We … [More]

Progress and Update on NAFTA: USMCA Is Born

by Dan Ujczo

Global Chamber® keeps the global community updated on trade developments. The United States, Canada and Mexico signed a trilateral agreement as part of the renovation of the North American Free Trade Agreement on November 30, 2018. The negotiators from all three countries deserve high praise for their efforts to conclude the deal at a rapid timing and tempo. It is important … [More]

Staying in Compliance with International Employment Law

by Carol Wheeler

Hiring employees to work for your organization in parts of the world where you don’t have an in-country entity is risky behavior — if you’re not prepared. There are several reasons to hire globally, whether you’re exploring expansion into a new market, hiring talent that isn’t available where you have an entity, or to support a specific venture or project. Often, the need for … [More]

More Market Opportunities: The Country of Georgia

by Elshan Baloghlanov

Thank you Georgia Ambassador to the U.S. David Bakradze (pictured), who recently spoke at Global Chamber®. We were inspired to write this backgrounder article on opportunities for companies in Georgia. While the entire Black and Caspian Sea region is thirsty for investments, technology, know-how, goods and services, Georgia has a special place in terms of transparency and ease … [More]

On International Benefits, including Insurance

by Ken Slaton

An overlooked employee group can be those employees traveling or working outside of corporate headquarters. These employees have needs for life, health, accident, disability and international travel insurance just as do those who work in the home office. However, those needs are likely not met by the insurance carrier used by the employer’s home office due to their unique … [More]

China’s Opportunities Outweigh the Challenges

by Todd Cornell

The 124th annual Canton Fair took place in October this year (2018), and it was bustling with buyers and suppliers! There is no doubt that this is the place to go for product and manufacturer sourcing of nearly any type. The Canton Fair has been taking place yearly since 1957. It started as a small tradeshow and has grown to be one of the world’s largest and most influential … [More]

Ticket to Paradise: Our Global Real Estate Market

by Renee Ervanian

“Arizona continues to attract new residents and companies due to lower taxes and a friendlier business climate,” per Forbes in April 2018. True enough, and there are numerous other factors supporting Arizona’s transformation as a thriving location for site selection across the globe.  There are a variety of factors. An educated workforce with a broad spectrum of universities … [More]

Member Success in Metro Phoenix

by Doug Bruhnke

One of our favorite Phoenix-area events celebrates our amazing Global Chamber® “global tribe” with special emphasis on new companies and executives. This summer, we were treated at our Welcome! Adapt! Thrive! event to some of the first public comments by the new dean and director general at Thunderbird School of Global Management, Sanjeev Khagram, Ph.D. Dean Khagram comes to … [More]

Avoid These Exporting Pitfalls

by Cesar Trabanco

We were pleased to recently host three extraordinary top executives speaking about opportunities and challenges with product exporting. The process includes complications in compliance, ethics, communications, insurance, currency, intellectual property rights and competitive pricing. We discussed common pitfalls of new exporters and how to deal with those issues that are often … [More]

Stay Up to Date on Trade

by Mark Lohsen

The United States announced this summer that the U.S. Trade Representative has been asked to “identify US$200 billion-worth of Chinese goods for additional tariffs at a rate of 10 percent.” This is a new tariff initiative following recently announced tariffs of 25 percent on US$50 billion of electronics and other imports. This new round of tariffs is directly related to China’s … [More]

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