Global Chamber Event Planning 2022

by Yvonne Luker

As of this writing, COVID is still with us, and, after nearly two years, illnesses are going strong. Global Chamber® found the switch to virtual events fairly seamless, holding more than 500 events last year. Since most of our members wish to grow business in more than one metro region, and often in other countries as well, virtual meetups and globinars are an effective way of connecting. That said, we’d like to hold more in-person events, and we began to hold more and more of those, country by country, as it has been possible. Israel has been one of the regions where open events have been safer and easier. In Metro Phoenix, we held a special advisory board meeting at the end of the year, and more live events are planned.

Virtual and in-person, here are some of the key areas that we’ll be holding events this year.

Young Global Leaders – We’re connecting young global leaders looking to make more of a global impact with others in trade with more experience to give them ideas and skills to do more and be more successful. The more senior folks will be learning, too!

Women in Global Leadership – These are signature events at Global Chamber, ongoing from our early days, spotlighting women leaders and their challenges and opportunities. They are held regionally and on specific topics — like economic development.

Exporting – We’re spotlighting members who are exporters to get their take on the challenges and opportunities, and pick their brain for tips and techniques for all of us to be more success in our global expansion. 

Logistics and Supply Chain – These are monthly events that cover the evolving situation with ocean freight, air freight, resourcing products (from China and other countries) and supply chain disruptions, higher cost and other challenges.

New Leadership – COVID has changed everything, including business leadership, talent retention, leading extended teams, work from home and so much more. We have monthly events on adjusting executive leadership approaches to match the days we are in now.

Digital Transformation – Reaching clients is easier than ever through the internet and e-commerce, and we already feature regular programming on taking your business direct to your clients, with all the localization, marketing and technology you’ll need.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion – Leaders doing global business are often more aware of the value of equity, diversity and inclusion than local-only businesses. So, we’re featuring more programs on how to be more effective using these key principles.

On Clubhouse – Global Chamber has regular discussions on Clubhouse on exporting, global business and Women in Global Leadership. These are free, allowing people new to global business to get up to speed quickly and get connected to the tribe.

Yvonne Luker is managing director at Global Chamber®.

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