Expand and Retain Top Talent while Growing Globally

by Natali Oprya

Express Global Employment award winners

Companies face organizational changes from their global expansion, corporate restructuring and international mergers and acquisitions. One of the key issues that needs to be addressed during the reshuffling is global workforce management. We always want to come out with each new hire as getting an award-winning contributor.

When going through acquisition, opening or liquidating business entities overseas, many companies are unable to hire new or transfer current workforce before entity setup or after liquidation due to regional laws and issues. There can be a lot of red tape that pumps the brakes on hiring, delaying onboarding of essential employees. Things can get even worse in urgent hiring scenarios when companies need to onboard selected candidates without shifting the hire date or risk losing the talent to competition. Or businesses may wish to retain their current foreign employees after they have closed their foreign legal entity. All these are problems with solutions.

An innovative, fully compliant answer to these challenges was designed by Express Global Employment to meet these needs and give growing businesses an opportunity to engage and transfer global talent quickly, regardless of organizational changes being faced. This solution helps businesses to legally onboard global workforce in 190 countries in as little as 72 hours. Companies have the freedom to expand their talent pipeline to fill sudden growth. Expanding businesses can operate globally without costly incorporation while skipping the in-country red tape — and remaining compliant. 

With mergers and acquisitions, companies may be faced with challenges related to workforce management and therefore risk losing seasoned top talent during restructuring. This is particularly the case where international acquisitions are taking place and global talent management is concerned.

Corporate reshuffling presents new challenges to global HR experts and can leave critical gaps in key positions, displacing key employees or demanding relocation or employee transfer from one entity to another. Some employees who are hired directly by the company want to continue employment while the company is terminating its business entity because of the takeover or decision to withdraw from the country. 

Hasty decisions to scoop up the first warm bodies in the talent pipeline may lead to long-term regrets. In such situations, it is crucial for companies to be armed with robust solutions for immediate global hiring scenarios. When dealing with projects requiring an immediate hiring date, tailored solutions to engage global talent in an immediate mode is the best option for companies hiring global workforce.

For cases of urgent employment, Acumen International has pioneered an innovative Express Global Employment (EGE) solution that covers: 

Urgent global talent onboarding on multiple fronts, where new technologies, new departments or new products and services require skilled professionals for implementation. However, timely onboarding can become crucial in the war for top global minds in order to not lose valuable candidates to competition.

Local compliance threats, where international contractors must be rapidly converted to full-time employees to avoid litigation and tax issues related to independent contractor/employee misclassification. Political unrest, legislative changes and economic downturns caused by COVID-19 or regime changes can make compliance a volatile landscape.

Sudden critical growth, where a new company receives more orders than it can handle to keep up with explosive demand for products or services. While this is generally a good thing, the urgent need for staffing can be a nightmare. EGE is an efficient way to augment in-house teams with top international talent. 

This is a solution to meet urgent international onboarding needs and help to officially employ selected international talent on a clients’ behalf within only 72 hours. It can be used as an interim solution before companies’ legal entity is opened. This solution also covers the needs when a business is liquidating the company and wants to transfer current employees to a third-party employer to retain the talent. For more information, visit the Express Global Employment website or discover more detailed information on their blog, covering different hiring scenarios. 

Natali Oprya is director at Express Global Employment.

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