IT Managed Services Provider’s Local Touch Furthers Global Presence

by Mike Houghton

Phoenix has seen significant growth in recent years, in large part thanks to the growing technology market. Logicalis — a managed services provider with U.S. headquarters in New York and global headquarters in the UK — has capitalized on Phoenix’s growth, which parallels our growth as a company. Ranked sixth on CBRE’s list of new beneficiary markets, Phoenix offers an … [More]

HR Teams Use Next-Gen Technologies to Win the Talent War 

by Komal Dangi

Artificial Intelligence is currently revolutionizing human resources. Although seemingly contradictory, AI automates repetitive tasks and allows managers to focus on what really matters — the people. AI’s emergence in HR is bringing the human element back to human resources, as workers can now spend more time on actually dealing with people (instead of tedious tasks that can be … [More]

Fast-Food Giant Sees Potential in Decision Logic Technology 


The recent announcement that McDonald’s is spending more than $300 million to acquire Dynamic Yield Ltd., a tech company that is on the cutting-edge of “decision-logic” technology, has led some folks to wonder why a company like McDonald’s would want to sink such massive funding into a tech company.  “Chains like McDonald’s have been acquiring intellectual property and/or … [More]

5G Will Mark New Era for Businesses

by Toni Morales Broberg

Not long ago, 4G LTE arrived in Arizona and unleashed the power of our mobile devices with a massive boost in wireless speeds. Businesses seized on this revolution as LTE allowed them to grow and streamline their operations in ways never imagined before. Now it’s the start of a new era. 5G is the next leap in mobile technology. It promises to ultimately transform the way … [More]

Web vs Internet

by Andrew Sullivan

The Web needs the internet to work, but the internet needs the Web to be useful. While the Web is probably the largest service on the internet that most people use, it's not all of the internet. The two overlap and interconnect; the Web would not exist without the internet, but, similarly, the internet would not have grown into the amazing and powerful tool it is without the … [More]