Blockchain Enables Trust in Smart Contracts

by Cooper Weissman

WeiDev is a software development firm specializing in blockchain development. Blockchain development is the creation of products or applications that use blockchain technology to increase security or transparency. The blockchain network is most easily articulated as a system that records information that is nearly impossible to change or hack. Many people have tried to create digital currencies before, but before blockchain technology, the issue of trust has gotten in the way. Users of a digital currency have to be able to trust the fact that they will not have their money stolen by the creators or hackers, and they have to know that nobody can arbitrarily increase the supply or potentially override the system, giving themselves millions of dollars. Blockchain provides the infrastructure necessary to create and secure digital currencies; medical records; as well as nearly any personal, corporate, or unique digital assets. Understandably, companies worldwide have begun investing heavily in blockchain technology. Academic institutions like ASU, MIT, Harvard, Berkeley and Stanford have all established departments dedicated to blockchain research, discovery and applications of the technology across a multitude of industries. 

At WeiDev, we develop projects that utilize blockchain technology to enhance user-specific communities. From the creation of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) that increase financial transparency for companies and organizations, to designing and implementing smart contract-based authentication systems, our mission is to support our clients’ projects poised to improve our world and users’ experience through optimized decentralized technologies.

The creation of blockchain applications and software rely on experienced software engineers and their use of coding languages. For example, Solidity is one of the most popular languages used to create smart contracts, institute self-governing and execute code. Smart contracts are immutable, so they cannot be changed after they are deployed. This gives users and developers trust in the utilization of smart contracts.

Due to the fact that the industry is so new, very few developers have learned to create smart contracts. This has created a massive developer supply shortage. Many of our clients have described their frustration with the lack of accessible, affordable and U.S.-based blockchain developers. Because of these issues, many companies have to forego their projects, or accommodate middle-of-the-night calls, delayed and odd-hour email responses, overcome language barriers and, most critically, work with programmers who lack experience and knowledge about U.S. market conditions. There are so many brilliant projects sitting neglected. I want to do my part to help companies adapt to the changing landscape, which is why I co-founded WeiDev.

 Cooper Weissman is co-founder of WeiDev.

Headshot courtesy of Dana Pembroke.

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