Tech Tools for Construction Project Managers 

by Beth Scarano

Successfully managing construction projects from planning to completion requires coordination between multiple parties and entities, tracking details and executing directions and follow-through to ensure the job gets done on time and on budget. For a construction project manager, tracking the moving parts and timelines is always a challenge. Fortunately, technology tools make it easier to communicate, work more efficiently and improve the management process.

Tracking the Details

Construction project management is a detailed business that requires communication. Software platforms such as and Bloom Growth give individuals and teams the ability to track the tasks and a project’s progress. is a centralized platform that allows communication between team members working through tasks to meet deadlines. Bloom Growth is used for setting goals, managing meetings and tracking the overall progress of a project. Both tools help keep everyone in the loop and on the same page. Smartsheet is specifically for project management. It automates the process, manages workflow and allows companies to scale up.

The AI Advantage

The emergence of AI technology tools is making its way into construction project management. There’s a lot of buzz about ChatGPT, a tool created by OpenAI that is trained to interact with users in a conversation. ChatGPT provides access to extensive knowledge and drafts detailed, well-written documents in minutes. It could be a real game changer and time saver for tasks like lease reviews and proposal writing.

Bringing Projects to Life

Matterport is a 3D data software that securely stores and manages 3D digital replicas of properties. The 3D imaging software can create accurate and detailed virtual models of construction sites. It can also help track project details, including measurements, dimensions and materials. 

As a rule, construction is an industry that is slower to change or embrace technology, but embracing innovation can streamline workflows and improve efficiency and productivity to deliver better service and finished projects to clients.

Beth Scarano is principal and CEO of Launch PM, which specializes in commercial construction project management. The company’s portfolio of projects includes multiple healthcare clinics and medical offices, corporate offices, hospitality, education and municipal facilities.

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