Re-cap, Re-Vamp, and Rev-Up for 2019

by Jess Roman

While the heat is finally behind us, it’s time we reflect back on our accomplishments of 2018 and look forward to the planning of a new, exciting year.  As small-business owners ourselves, the Arizona Small Business Association understands the challenges of staying fresh and relevant in the marketplace. Sales, marketing, personnel, profitability — all key… [More]

The Voice of Small Business

by Andy Hann

Public Policy — it sounds boring until you realize how crucial it is to your success as a small-business owner. While it is not uncommon for many legislation and legal processes to install new rules and regulations that hinder your operations as a business owner, we are lucky to operate in Arizona, where our lawmakers… [More]

‘LESS EXPENSIVE’ Shouldn’t be the Goal for Your Employee Health Plan 

by Dr. David Berg

“Less expensive” is like “less moldy.” What we really want from our food is freshness. These are two fundamentally different things. With healthcare, what should the goal be, then? Well, how about: More people want to work for you because of it and your competitors can’t poach them away.  While some companies still cling to… [More]

Keep Moving Forward

by Bill Backus

I love my job. I get to spend a lot of time talking to folks with big ideas. As the principal of a brand and marketing agency, I’m approached by entrepreneurs every day — passionate people who don’t know where to start. Many of them are already overwhelmed, because they’re too focused on the finish… [More]

You Have Your Sales Quota. Now Blow through It!

by Mike Leeds

First, let’s define it. “Quota” and “goal” — two words often used interchangeably in the sales world defining different levels of results. Please consider the following definitions when setting sales revenue numbers for 2019. “Quota” (budget or objective) defines the minimum sales expectation for the year. Reaching a quota could result in maintaining employment status… [More]

Identity Theft Affects Everyone: How to Help Protect Your Employees

by Karen Ballard

In 2017, there were nearly 1,600 data breaches in the U.S. alone. The number of identity theft cases also hit record highs. In total, 16.7 million Americans had their identities stolen. That same year, identity thieves made off with nearly $17 billion. Identity Theft Often Begins at a Victim’s Workplace The tactics identity thieves use… [More]

Why Is LinkedIn Such a Valuable Sales Tool for Prospecting Leads?

by Ryan Reyes, MBA

I have been sales prospecting for leads since I was knee-high to a duck. From an early age, I was always networking, pitching, etc. I like to think it was my father’s influence in car sales that had something to do with that! It wasn’t a surprise when I began my own career in sales,… [More]

Will Skipping Sleep Cost You? 

by Rick Murray

Most of us first try skipping sleep in order to meet a deadline. “Pulling an all-nighter” is a time-honored test of a teenager’s steely resolve to procrastinate on studying for a test, finishing a research paper or writing a lab report. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. One thing is for certain: A long nap… [More]

Liability Insurance: What Is It and Who Needs It?

by April E. Horned, CPCU, CIC

We have all heard the words “Insurance” and “Liability,” maybe even “Property and Casualty,” but what does it all mean to business owners? Investopedia says it well: “Liability Insurance is any insurance policy that protects an individual or business from the risk that they may be sued and held legally liable for something such as… [More]

Legislative Efforts Promote FinTech in Arizona

by Steven G. Zylstra

Arizona’s leadership in financial technology (FinTech) is becoming increasingly apparent. In March, Arizona became the first state to enact a regulatory “sandbox” under HB2434 that allows emerging companies in FinTech, blockchain and cryptocurrency to grow their respective innovations without stringent regulations. This sandbox grants these types of businesses the opportunity to flourish for up to… [More]