Small Business Continues to Lead Arizona – Arizona Small Business Association is the Leader 

by Jack Lunsford

Who creates the jobs in Arizona? Simple answer: Small businesses represent more than 99 percent of Arizona’s entire private-sector economy, with minority-owned businesses accounting for 25 percent of those businesses. And 88 percent of the state’s exporters are small businesses. Small business employs almost 1,000,000 growth of 2015. These figures come from the 2017 Arizona… [More]

Arizona’s New Paid Sick Leave Policies: It’s Time to Get Ready! 

by Otto S. Shill, III

Summer is upon us and so are Arizona’s new sick time pay rules. On July 1, 2017, virtually all Arizona employers must begin providing either 25 or 40 hours per year of paid sick leave to their employees. The new sick leave requirement, which was part of a 2016 voter initiative that also increased Arizona’s… [More]

Have We Reached ‘Peak’ Professional Conferencing?

by Ryan Smeets

I would argue that we have, and yet fads continue to surprise me. Remember when the iPhone came out in 2009 and Apple’s first campaign was titled “There’s an app for that”? Today, we could substitute the word “app” for conference, summit or expo. There is little shortage of local, national or regional conferences to… [More]

Why Offer Group Insurance? 

by Kristine Kassel

Even with all the talk of changing the Health Care Reform System, the laws have not yet changed. As an individual and a business, you still have the same responsibilities that you had last year. So, you are required to have health insurance as an individual. And the reporting and compliance requirements as a business… [More]

SRP Delivers the Tools to Help Your Business Thrive

by Salt River Project

The early leaders of SRP understood the importance of growth in the Valley, which is why they worked to bring a reliable source of water and power to the area. Today, SRP continues to support the Valley by providing these essential services and offering tools to help you grow your business. Workshops to help your… [More]

5 Reasons Why a Strong Brand Is Important for Your Small Business

by Angelia Hill

  Small-business owners are at the leading edge of the business world. As forward- thinkers, they love the rush of turning a new idea into reality. As idea people, they sometimes lack the logistics, like marketing and branding, to get ahead of the competition. Building a solid foundation, developing key potential partnerships, and understanding how… [More]

The Solution for Sustainable Success: Trust Your Instincts

by Eric Herrera

I work with entrepreneurs every day. The successful ones have tapped into a sort of formula that allows them to obtain success they can sustain. They’ll start by evaluating their natural strengths — their instincts — and how that impacts the way they lead a team. Here are the components: Find out how you do… [More]

How to Buy Word-of-Mouth Referrals?

by Eric Groves

With 68 percent of small-business owners identifying word-of-mouth as the best way to acquire a new customer, you’re not alone in wanting to understand how to increase it for your business. Unfortunately, it’s not something that can be bought. Word-of-mouth referrals require someone trusted by others to put their reputation on the line for your… [More]

New Year, New ASBA!

by Arizona Small Business Association

With exciting additions to staff, the launch of several new programs and a rebrand in the works, ASBA is taking the expression, “new year, new me,” to a whole other level! ASBA is excited to announce that Jack Lunsford, after serving as “Interim” for five months, has officially been appointed President and CEO. “Jack is… [More]

Federal Law Alert: New I-9 Form Released

by Kristi Feist

The new I-9 form was recently released. As of January 21, 2017, you must now use the new form. Therefore, we recommend you train all employees who are responsible for completing the I-9 and start to use it for new hires as soon as possible. A few important notes about this new form: While the… [More]