The 2nd Shoe Has Dropped!

by Jack W. Lunsford

On November 8, 2016, Arizona voters approved Proposition 206, The Fair Wages and Healthy Families Act. So, on January 1, 2016, the minimum wage for non-tipped workers increased to $10/hour, and nearly all employers know that. However, effective July 1st, the 2nd shoe from Prop. 206 dropped. Every business with one or more employees must… [More]

Before You Budget, Evaluate Your Expectations

by Julie Fletcher

When it comes to the fourth quarter, one hot item on everyone’s mind is budgets. Planning for next year provides an opportunity to reflect on how your 2017 financial goals are tracking and what has changed. An honest assessment helps you avoid creating an unrealistic budget. By assessing your current state in October, you give… [More]

Encouraging Employees to Save for Retirement Can Be Tricky, But It Doesn’t Have to Be

by Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company 

Does your small business offer an employee retirement plan? If the answer is no, you’re not alone. Only 14 percent of small-business owners with fewer than 100 employees offer a plan to help their staff save for retirement.1 Providing a retirement plan can be difficult for a small business. It can be expensive, challenging to… [More]

Benefits of Having a Networking Buddy

by Gelie Akhenblit

It’s a proven fact that most people would rather stay home than walk into a room full of strangers under the guise of networking. OK, I don’t actually have any stats on this, but I think most of you will agree with me 🙂 There are, of course, a few of us who feel like… [More]

Finding Joy in the Midst of Stress 

by Kim England

No matter what place in your career you find yourself, it is likely there has been a time when you just did not feel as passionate about what you are doing as you would like to. We hear about “burnout” so much that we almost expect to get to a point where we are no… [More]

Why the 4th Quarter Is Critical!

by Mike Leeds

The sales year has four quarters in it — and the 4th Quarter is the most important of the year. “Q4” is the quarter that has a double impact to your performance. First, consider that sports coaches always teach their players to compete until the end of a play, a game or a season. Many sporting… [More]

Small Business Continues to Lead Arizona – Arizona Small Business Association is the Leader 

by Jack Lunsford

Who creates the jobs in Arizona? Simple answer: Small businesses represent more than 99 percent of Arizona’s entire private-sector economy, with minority-owned businesses accounting for 25 percent of those businesses. And 88 percent of the state’s exporters are small businesses. Small business employs almost 1,000,000 growth of 2015. These figures come from the 2017 Arizona… [More]

Arizona’s New Paid Sick Leave Policies: It’s Time to Get Ready! 

by Otto S. Shill, III

Summer is upon us and so are Arizona’s new sick time pay rules. On July 1, 2017, virtually all Arizona employers must begin providing either 25 or 40 hours per year of paid sick leave to their employees. The new sick leave requirement, which was part of a 2016 voter initiative that also increased Arizona’s… [More]

Have We Reached ‘Peak’ Professional Conferencing?

by Ryan Smeets

I would argue that we have, and yet fads continue to surprise me. Remember when the iPhone came out in 2009 and Apple’s first campaign was titled “There’s an app for that”? Today, we could substitute the word “app” for conference, summit or expo. There is little shortage of local, national or regional conferences to… [More]

Why Offer Group Insurance? 

by Kristine Kassel

Even with all the talk of changing the Health Care Reform System, the laws have not yet changed. As an individual and a business, you still have the same responsibilities that you had last year. So, you are required to have health insurance as an individual. And the reporting and compliance requirements as a business… [More]