Meetings & Conventions Means Meeting People: Handshakes Speak for You

by Stacey Hanke

Have you ever wondered what your handshake says about you? Your handshake is like your business card. It conveys your confidence, credibility and influence without a single word being spoken. Studies have shown this one simple gesture can enhance a social situation and make a positive impact on others. In our culture, a handshake accompanies almost every introduction and … [More]

How High-Performance Organizations Make Meetings Effective

by J. Elise Keith

Tip 1: Set clear expectations for all meetings. Meeting norms, ground rules, guidelines — these set the foundation for building an effective meeting habit. They often include things like use of an agenda and keeping meetings on time. Whatever your rules, the leadership team must follow them. The way the leadership group meets sets the real standard everyone else … [More]

Neill LeCorgne

Neill LeCorgne is president and chief executive officer of Scottsdale Community Bank. He has nearly 40 years of experience in the financial industry, including 11 years as president and director of a multi-bank holding company in the State of Florida comprising a lead bank in South Florida and a de novo bank in South Carolina, four years as manager of a corporate banking team … [More]

Brian Crisp

Brian Crisp is the Arizona Region president for Enterprise Bank & Trust. In his role, Crisp is responsible for overseeing current clients’ business and personal banking needs as well as generating new commercial loan and deposit relationships. Crisp previously led the Commercial and Industrial banking team in the Arizona market, which focuses commercial banking solutions … [More]

James Christensen

James Christensen is the president of Gateway Bank, the only community bank in Mesa, Arizona. Under his leadership, Gateway has thrived through multiple economic downturns and is consistently one of the strongest-performing financial institutions in its peer group. Christensen has worked in the banking industry for more than 36 years, mostly in commercial lending and … [More]

Jeff Meshey

Jeff Meshey is the president and CEO of Desert Financial Credit Union — a full-service, Arizona-based financial institution founded in 1939. Desert Financial currently operates 47 branch locations throughout Maricopa, Pinal, Gila, Coconino and Yavapai counties. Meshey is a certified public accountant and launched his career with Ernst & Young, specializing in audits of … [More]

Bo Hughes

Bodil (Bo) Hughes is the president and chief executive officer at Canyon Community Bank, an Asian American-owned bank founded in 2000. Canyon Community Bank is a $225-million minority-designated institution (MDI) based in Tucson, Arizona, serving clients in Maricopa, Pima and the rural/minority-populated Arizona counties of Navajo, Yavapai and Coconino. Canyon’s primary mission … [More]

Chad Forkenbrock

Arizona Financial, formerly Arizona Federal, is a $3.3-billion, not-for-profit, Arizona-based credit union providing consumer and small business banking services and expertise to more than 160,000 member/owners. Founded in Arizona in 1936, the credit union empowers members to take hold of their financial future through the delivery of leading-edge self-service tools and mobile … [More]

Prep for Open Enrollment

by Stephanie Waldrop

For many, open enrollment is a dreaded time of year. With more than 20 years of open enrollment seasons under my belt, I have experienced my fair share of employers calling me in crisis because they just received their insurance renewals and do not have a good plan of action. The problem with this approach is that it leaves little time to properly plan for success. This year … [More]

6 Ways Your Business Can Support the Nonprofit Community for Arizona Gives Day

by Jennifer Purcell

Arizona Gives is celebrating its 10th anniversary of the Arizona Gives Day event on April 5–6 this year, with the “early giving” period starting March 15. Since 2013, the online giving platform has raised more than $30 million for nonprofit organizations across the state to benefit Arizona communities.  As a business professional, you may be wondering how your … [More]

More Than a Bank: A Community Partner 

by Jennifer Purcell

FirstBank has been the presenting sponsor for the Arizona Gives program since its inception. Its focus on “banking for good” is one it takes seriously, literally even, and it’s evident in its partnership to this program over the past 10 years and its ongoing commitment to giving both its time and financial resources to all types of causes. Arizona Gives is a statewide online … [More]

Arizona Foundation for Women

At Arizona Foundation for Women, we envision an Arizona where all women are safe, healthy and economically independent. Since 1995, we have worked to advance the status of Arizona’s women through a holistic strategy of research, programming, advocacy and philanthropy. When a woman’s power and potential are respected, children and families are healthier, economies are … [More]

Aunt Rita’s Foundation

Aunt Rita’s Foundation, in its current form, has been pursuing since 2005 its mission to end HIV in Arizona but has a rich history dating back to the 1980s in the beginning years of the epidemic. Starting out as a bake-sale fundraiser to provide relief for those living with and dying from AIDS to becoming the leading philanthropy nonprofit organization in Arizona, we deliver … [More]

Diana Gregory Outreach Services

Founded in 2010 with a mission to “enrich lives through healthy eating.” Diana Gregory Outreach Services and Gregory’s Fresh Market address food insecurity issues resulting from poverty. The organization works to restore meaningful food access and eliminate health disparities in under-resourced communities. DGOS and GFM accomplish this by providing seniors and veterans access … [More]

New Pathways for Youth

At New Pathways for Youth, we’re awakening the full human potential to bring about individual and community transformation. In the communities we serve, youth experience poverty and four times the adversity of their peers. Beyond material insecurities, these challenges interrupt a youth’s sense of their potential, disconnecting them from what’s true: that each of us has … [More]

The Arizona Pet Project

The Arizona Pet Project keeps pets with the people who love and need them most by connecting vulnerable community members and families in crisis with services and resources to prevent the unnecessary surrender of their beloved companions.  The Valley’s only organization solely focused on bridging the gap between human services and animal welfare, The Arizona Pet Project … [More]

Banking: The Pillar of Community

by Mike Hunter

“Banks are the single most important component of Arizona’s economy. Not only do they lend to Arizonans, but they employ nearly 50,000 Arizonans, reinvesting in their communities and providing financial and social stability in their markets. Bankers educate young adults on the importance of financial responsibility. Bankers donate significant time and money to charities. Banks … [More]

Mike Thorell

After graduating from the University of Arizona with degrees in finance and real estate, Mike Thorell began his career in banking in 1989 as a special assets officer at a small savings and loan in Scottsdale, Arizona. He never really dreamed of being a banker, but he needed a job after graduation! And to make things more challenging, he started his banking career in the middle … [More]

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