How Our Changing Economy Is Shaping Money

by Don Rodriguez

Small business is getting its shot at securing loans once again. But in a new regulatory environment, banks are more cautious about getting left holding the bag with bad loans that could come back to haunt them. Even credit unions are facing potential changes in laws that could affect their ways of operating as nonprofits. This makes it more challenging for businesses to get … [More]

Paul Hickman, Arizona Bankers Association

from Paul Hickman

Capital to start a business, capital to grow a business — capital is the essential element in any business endeavor. The types of sources that businesspeople can turn to are varied, and access to funding has become increasingly complicated. But it’s not just the final borrower who is facing these challenges; issues are impacting lending institutions as well, while they continue … [More]

Arizona’s Growing Wine Industry

by Alison Stanton

From an economic standpoint, Arizona’s wine industry is doing really well, according to Peggy Fiandaca, president of the Arizona Wine Growers Association and owner and marketing director of Lawrence Dunham Vineyards. “It is growing; there are new acres of grapes in the ground and new wineries opening up. Between 2011 and 2012, we doubled the number of gallons of wine that were … [More]

Put Client Interest Over Self-Interest

by Joseph Callaway

Any entrepreneur willing to endure the proverbial “blood, sweat and tears” it takes to start a business knows how important clients are. They write the checks that pay the bills, so keeping them satisfied is rarely just lip service. In fact, most business owners believe they are putting their clients first — and would be shocked to hear they’re putting clients last. But in … [More]

The Changing Dynamics of Negotiation

by RaeAnne Marsh

“The advent of greater use of technology and social media has changed the way businesses are going about negotiating,” says attorney John DeWulf, of Roshka DeWulf & Patten. Parties are better able to negotiate thanks to technology that enables them to access more information not just about the subject matter (i.e., market trends) but also about the other side of the … [More]

Leadership Control vs. Business Growth

by Doug and Polly White

Most entrepreneurs want to grow their companies. However, the road to success is often a bumpy one. While many businesses start quickly growing revenues and profits, they frequently plateau well short of their potential. This often leaves the owner confounded regarding why his or her once-thriving enterprise has fallen on hard times. It can be a frustrating … [More]

Go to Bat for Innovation-Nurturing Approach to Business

by Terry Jones

In baseball, you can fail 70 percent of the time and still be considered a strong player. Why is it that businesses give an employee with a new idea just one chance? Pitchers lose games, batters strike out, fielders make errors. Instead of firing them or sending them back to the minor leagues, managers study what went wrong. CEOs need to do the same thing. Kill the project, not … [More]

Base Website Design on Your Sales Process

by Thomas Beyer

If you want your website to generate new business opportunities, you need to make sure it is designed to attract leads while it is guiding your prospect through the sales cycle. If you’re an e-commerce company, like Amazon or e-Bay, specifically focused on selling your product or service on the Internet, your site was probably designed to move a prospect through the buying … [More]

Dan Harkins: Getting ‘Reel’

by Lauren Caggiano

Dan Harkins is the man behind the curtain — literally and figuratively. As president of Scottsdale-based Harkins Theatres, Harkins is the man behind the scenes of the largest family-owned theater chain in the country, operating more than 400 screens. Most are in Arizona, predominantly the Metro Phoenix area, with a handful in California, Colorado, Oklahoma and Texas. It can … [More]

Local Car Care Seizes Niche Op in Hybrids

by RaeAnne Marsh

With the growing popularity of hybrid cars, Good Works Auto Repair in Tempe has moved into a niche those car owners were not finding at their dealers — battery conditioning. “There’s no incentive for the dealer to do this,” explains Nathan Merrill, co-owner of the car repair business, noting the dealer would see more profit in replacing the battery and that maintenance is … [More]