Hilton Debuts Eco- and Pet-Friendly Concept

by RaeAnne Marsh

Hilton’s latest concept in its hospitality portfolio is Home2 Suites, aimed at guests looking to stay five or more nights, and it chose Glendale, across the street from University of Phoenix Stadium, as one of its debut locations. Evidence indicates that was a smart choice, as the hotel has been booked solid since its first week two months ago, according to Jake Rodriguez, … [More]

Monetizing Spare Time

by Mike Hunter

Hire.Bid improves the way people find and hire high-end professionals and allows professionals to better leverage and monetize their skills. Its proprietary system incentivizes professionals to perform their best for clients and allows those same professionals — even if employed — to make money by auctioning off their spare time. The platform inverses the traditional model … [More]

Stocking Up

by Mike Hunter

Stockpile offers companies and unique and rewarding way to incentivize employees. Shares of stock can be gifted in any dollar amount and is the gift that keeps on giving. E-gifts or physical gift cards are available and allow employers to help their team become investors. … [More]

A 50% Power Lunch

by RaeAnne Marsh

Take high-powered down a notch to “impress” that more casual client. FEZ on Central With its contemporary atmosphere, FEZ is great for a quick, casual luncheon. It will be bustling, but that fits the urban experience for that metropolitan client. 3815 N. Central Ave., Phoenix (602) 297-8700   5th and Wine  Simple and tasteful is the order of the day at this … [More]

Leadership Material

by Mike Hunter

Viewing them as “touchy feely,” intangible and invisible, most leaders separate their personal lives from their professional lives. Diana Jones, an executive coach for 30-years, argues that this is unwise. In fact, the “soft side” of leadership — empathy, compassion and authentic communication derived from personal experience — is both powerful and essential to enhancing … [More]

Common-Sense Income Strategies

by Mike Hunter

The subtitle may well be Common-Sense, Purpose-Based Investing for Your Retirement with Steps and Strategies to Help You. This book begins with the idea that when we reach the age of 50, we need to change from a portfolio filled with stocks and growth investment strategies to step-by-step strategies to build out our retirement income. Eastham’s book is based on the golden rules … [More]

Managing at the Leading Edge

by Mike Hunter

This book highlights lessons from the navigation and piloting practices used in high-performing sailing. In the contemporary “white water” business environment, as at sea, achieving goals requires choosing a destination amidst uncertainty, adjusting to continually shifting conditions, converting the push and pull of environmental forces into momentum and using different skills … [More]

Feedback: May 2017

by Mallory Dyer | Jeremy Vetch | Tighe Wilhelmy

Question: What are the top two or three things you enjoy about being in a co-working space? (Include one aspect that was unexpected, if applicable.) Mallory Dyer CEO GraphLock, Inc.  Sector: Education Technology We chose Galvanize because of the amazing people! I came on a hard-hat tour before it opened, and I could already feel the sense of community and collaboration … [More]

The Bridge to New Revenue Opportunities

by Doug Bruhnke

We’ve heard it said that unless your business is global, it’ll die within five years. That’s because most opportunity is somewhere else. Ninety-nine of business opportunities are outside metro Phoenix. Even for top GDP countries US and China… 85% and above of business opportunities are outside the U.S. You’re a good business person, so why go after one customer next door … [More]

Expanding in Europe? Why You Should Consider Toulouse, France, as a Base

by Phil Disant

When considering growing in new markets in Europe, France will always be one of your options because it is the third economy in the continent in terms of GDP, and the sixth in the world. While Paris, Marseille and Lyon are, definitely, good places to start, there is one city in the country that is outgrowing all of them: Toulouse. Toulouse and its metropolitan area are … [More]

Eco-Friendly Opportunities in Bangladesh – Development of ‘Green’ Bricks 

by Raihan Hadi

Bangladesh is steadily moving toward eco-friendly solutions. One example of this movement is the brick manufacturing industry and its commitment to fully implement an alternative brick manufacturing processes for builders. Though it’s been almost two decades since eco-friendly concrete hollow blocks were introduced in the country, the construction companies are just now … [More]

Now Could Be the Time to Invest and Do Business in Russia

by Alexandra “Sasha” Shitova

The history of economic relations between the U.S. and Russia has been marked by rivalry, boycotts and trade sanctions brought by political instability. Over the last century, the U.S. applied economic sanctions to what was then the USSR as a mechanism to put limits for a possible war. Currently, sanctions are in place on the energy sector. These actions and sanctions restrict … [More]

Growing In and Across the Caribbean: New Opportunities

by Dr. Ty Richardson

Global Chamber® continues to grow across the globe by adding chapters and growing our business team, supporting our members as they grow from their main metro to other metros and across borders. We are on track to reach and fully cover 525 metros, in every country — currently with a presence in 132 metros, and connections around the globe. Global Chamber recently announced … [More]

Grow Your Business in the Philippines – a Member Success Story 

by Cesar Trabanco

What do you do when one of your largest customers needs your help — right now — but is outside your home country? Do you have the connections you need to resolve their challenge? Think about it for a second. Is it realistic for you to be everywhere — to be able, for instance, to make one call that will make your task a little easier and less risky? Global Chamber® helped … [More]

Partnership with Office Depot Brings Global Chamber Members More Buying Power

by Kim Bridges

Global Chamber® announced a partnership with Office Depot that enables members to receive significant discounts on supplies purchased from Office Depot and OfficeMax stores or on-line. “Global Chamber is always looking for new and helpful ways to add value for its members,” says Doug Bruhnke, Global Chamber founder and CEO. “This partnership helps our members increase their … [More]

Providing a Connection in Latin America and Africa – a Member Success Story

by Cesar Trabanco

Founded in 2016 by partners Sonny Betancourt and Trevor Jones, Lynx Global Intelligence (Lynx) is a consulting and advisory firm in Denver, Colorado. Lynx helps partners ensure organizational continuity in a rapidly changing world and fosters partnerships that mitigate risk and increase opportunities abroad. The organization joined Global Chamber® through the Denver chapter in … [More]

Export-Import Bank Names Global Chamber® in New Alliance Program

by Doug Bruhnke

Global Chamber® is pleased to be part of the new Association Alliance Program created by the Export-Import Bank of the United States (EXIM Bank) and just announced to help exporters grow. The program offers key EXIM Bank stakeholders a menu of training and education opportunities that allows their members to participate in EXIM Bank events, roundtable discussions, webinars and … [More]

Is Your Business on Board?

by Kristen Merrifield

One of our strategic initiatives at the Alliance is to strengthen the connection, collaboration and coalescence of the nonprofit and for-profit sectors. Having previously served the small-business community in my role at the Arizona Small Business Association, I understand the importance of these connections in so many aspects. We have begun to expand our programs and outreach … [More]

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