Nonprofits and Grantmakers Unite for Greater Good

by Kristen Merrifield

Three years ago, I delivered a keynote message to hundreds of nonprofit professionals at our annual ENGAGE Nonprofit Conference in Phoenix about the importance of nonprofits having a “seat at the table” on issues impacting Arizona. In fact, we decided together that it isn’t enough to have a seat at the table. We dreamed of building a new table where everyone has equal voice in … [More]

Combining Nonprofit Organizations Provides Additional Strength and Cohesion

by Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits

The nonprofit sector is not immune to mergers and acquisitions. And, more often than not, the nonprofit sector is seeing this occur when organizations envision a stronger, cohesive voice and improved outcomes by bringing existing organizations together.  Arizona continues to see more organizations finding this to be true including the Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits and … [More]

Speaking with One Voice: Merger Brings Together Nonprofits and Grantmakers to Advocate for Policy Solutions

by Laurie Liles

The Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits and Arizona Grantmakers Forum’s merger unlocks unlimited possibilities for nonprofit and philanthropic leaders to explore solutions to some of our state’s most pressing challenges.  That kind of problem solving calls for the creativity, scrappiness and innovation nonprofits and philanthropy are known for. And it often requires cross-sector … [More]

New Director of Rural Programs Focuses on Numerous Goals

by Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits

Angelica Hernandez-Williams is our new director of Rural Programs. She has a background in nonprofit management and workforce training specializing in rural communities. She has a passion for elevating the heart of nonprofits in the many rural communities throughout Arizona. Here is a highlight of the areas she will working on in her role. Since 2010, the Alliance has held … [More]

It’s OK Not to Zoom, Zoom, Zoom All the Time

by Kristen Merrifield

Flashback to January 2020 — ahh, what a time of ignorant bliss. None of us were aware of the beast that was about to be unleashed in just a few more weeks. Oh, I’m not talking about COVID, but yes, that was indeed, and still is, a beast. I’m talking about Zoom.  Yes, yes, I know. Zoom has been around for years. And video chat has been around for decades. It’s nothing new. … [More]

Top 5 Financial Management Best Practices for Nonprofit Boards

Contributed by Gregg Indictor & Eleanor (Ellie) Hume

While nonprofit board members are not usually involved in the day-to-day activities, they are ultimately responsible for managing the organization and making important decisions that fulfill fiduciary duties to both the organization and public that it serves. In this article, we’ve compiled five of our top financial management best practices for nonprofit board members.  1. … [More]

The Power of Partnerships 

by Marcia Mintz

A new report released by the Arizona State Board of Education revealed what many of us working with youth had anticipated: that COVID-19’s impact has been “significant and broad.” Those are the words used in the study to describe the devastation the global pandemic has wreaked on our kids.  Deficiencies in reading and math were most pronounced, particularly among young … [More]

Nonprofit Policy Priorities

by National Council of Nonprofits

Reprinted with permission from the National Council of Nonprofits  Feb 7, 2022 Nonprofit Advocacy Updates As the pandemic has dragged on beyond all expectations, charitable nonprofits of all types report at least three areas of challenges that must be addressed by policymakers. The first is resources; charitable giving is down and giving incentives enacted by Congress … [More]

10 Ways to Get Started on Your DEI Jouney

by Katee Van Horn

As a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Consultant, I get to work with a lot of amazing organizations. I also have learned there are a few things I can count on, like the questions that are asked. The question I get the most is, “Where do we start?” with a close second being, “What can we do right now?”  I get it. When you start to dig into all the ways to become more inclusive … [More]

Remote Control: Changing the Channel on How Work is Structured in a Post-Pandemic World

by Kristen Merrifield

The impact of COVID on our communities has been far reaching and continues to evolve as we move into year two of this global pandemic. It has changed forever the way we view things like human connection, safety, education and even our work. Organizations have had to quickly adapt their service delivery models to a virtual environment, and millions of employees have made their … [More]

Arizona Gives Day 2021 Raises A Record-Breaking $7.1 Million For Statewide Nonprofits

by Jennifer Purcell

Donors in communities across the state came together once again to show their incredible collective and heartfelt support for nonprofit agencies by raising $7.1 million on Arizona Gives Day on April 6, generating $1 million more than during last year’s record-shattering event.  More than 40,000 donations supported 982 nonprofit organizations, both large and small, serving … [More]

Policies, Practices and Procedures That Reflect Your Culture of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

by Katee Van Horn

I am often asked by organizations, “Where do we start?” when they want to integrate Diversity, Equity and Inclusion into their company culture. There are a lot of places to start on your journey and reviewing your policies, practices and procedures (PPP) is a great one. Think about your employees first. The employee experience and being able to retain top talent should always … [More]

The JEM Foundation Fights for ‘Jake’s Law’ and Wins

by Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits

Ben and Denise, founders of the JEM Foundation, lost their son, Jacob Edward Machovsky (JEM), to suicide and vowed to do whatever they could to ensure that no one else lost a loved one in the same way. Jake’s story is, sadly, not uncommon in Arizona. Prior to his death, he had been hospitalized twice in under two months for suicidal ideation. Both times, Jake was released in … [More]

Parents of Addicted Loved Ones Shows Provides Much-Needed Support during COVID-19 

by Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits

Parents of Addicted Loved Ones, or PAL, started in Phoenix in 2006 as a weekly support group but, due to intense demand, grew quickly and became a nonprofit in 2015, fully supported by volunteers. The first paid staff member was hired in 2018 — CEO/Executive Director Kim Humphrey — and now, just a few years later, PAL has 167 meetings in 41 states. The genesis of the … [More]

Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits Welcomes New Board and Staff Member

by Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits

Patti Stoner is the vice president of Human Resources for Grand Canyon Education, formerly part of Grand Canyon University. In this role, she oversees the HR function that supports more than 13,000 employees for GCE, subsidiary Orbis Education and partner Grand Canyon University. With more than 25 years of experience, Stoner has served in an HR leadership or consulting role for … [More]

Supporting Undocumented Students through Scholarship

by Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits

Scholarships A-Z was started more than 10 years ago by undocumented individuals and allies as a way of providing resources and support to students who are undocumented and wanting to pursue higher education. The organization is dedicated to the idea that everyone deserves access to higher education, regardless of immigration status. Approximately 2,000 undocumented youth … [More]

The Show Must Go On

by Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits

As with many of the stories we’ve heard over the course of 2020 and into 2021, March of 2020 brought the everyday activities of Greasepaint to a halt — the auditions, the rehearsals, the performances. Everything that makes up Greasepaint’s reason for being. In the spirit of the old Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney movies, Greasepaint and its long-time executive director Maureen … [More]

Don’t Put Charitable Giving on Your New Year’s Resolution List 

by Kristen Merrifield

Gasp! Did I really just tell you to not put giving on your list of resolutions? Yes, indeed I did. But why?  New Year’s resolutions are a great way to inspire — nay, force — yourself to do something good to improve yourself or those around you. Lose ten pounds. Complain less. Read a book a month. Save more ... give more. And yet, many of us find ourselves back to our same … [More]

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