Feedback: May 2017

by Mallory Dyer | Jeremy Vetch | Tighe Wilhelmy

Question: What are the top two or three things you enjoy about being in a co-working space? (Include one aspect that was unexpected, if applicable.)

Mallory Dyer

GraphLock, Inc. 
Sector: Education Technology

We chose Galvanize because of the amazing people! I came on a hard-hat tour before it opened, and I could already feel the sense of community and collaboration here. Since we are new to the Phoenix startup community, we wanted a space where we could really meet people and immerse ourselves in the culture. Everyone at Galvanize is willing to help one another out, and there is a sense that we all want each other to succeed! Plus, the space is incredible and, due to how open it is and the garage doors, you don’t really feel like you are stuck in an office.

The amount of networking and people we have met in just the two months we have been here has been an absolute plus! With Galvanize’s educational component, we also have the opportunity to meet and work with the newest talent in the tech space. It also has mentoring hours on different subjects, as well as seminars with speakers on different topics. Galvanize is not a co-working space; Galvanize is a community of like-minded people who are all on a mission to make a difference.

Mallory Dyer grew up on a cattle ranch in Marana, Ariz., and worked at her family’s livestock auction. She has won an NJCAA Women’s Basketball National Championship as both a player and a coach. She found her passion in math education. Before GraphLock, she taught at Central Arizona and won the 2015 National NISOD Award for Teacher Excellence.


Jeremy Veatch

Ironwood Venture
Sector: Management Consulting

One of the big attractions is that I am, by nature, a learner. Here at The Department, I get a lot of opportunities to ask people what they’re working on. I’m interested because, no matter what their company or their position in it, I can learn from them and that makes me better.

I recently had a chance conversation at the copier machine with another member. He was telling me about what he was working on, and we got into a problem his business was trying to solve. I realized that was a solution my wife’s company might use, so I connected them. In the end, my wife’s company was helped simply because I was shooting the breeze with a guy at the copier machine. These types of small connections happen every week, and it’s a way for everyone involved to be better at what they do. I’ve also noticed that the folks at The Department seem to be more interested and involved in what is happening around them — less of working with blinders on, and more about working together to do something bigger.

Jeremy Veatch is the co-founder of Ironwood Venture, a management consulting company specializing in accelerating growth for emerging and middle-market businesses. Ironwood Venture has been a part of The Department since day one. Veatch’s son says his real strength is the Rubik’s cube — his fastest time to solve it is a shade under two minutes.


Tighe Wilhelmy

Co-Founder and VP
Sector: Marketing

One thing I enjoy most is the break from corporate status quo. It’s no secret anymore that people are capable of being as productive, if not more, when allowed to operate in a comfortable environment that facilitates social engagement and collaboration. This directly supports the second reason I’m a firm believer in DeskHub — the opportunity to leverage information about other industries for purposes of improving your own products, services, processes or procedures. I’m constantly developing our business model per the information or critical thinking that comes as a result of the everyday conversations at DeskHub. You can get there on your own, but you can get there faster through collaboration.

One feature at DeskHub I was reluctant about was the open-area workspaces. My concerns were regarding the noise, impact on productivity and respect for privacy. I was delightfully surprised to experience no problems with any of these initial concerns. Noise was diluted tremendously by the open space, productivity surged by result of working in a “glass box” and the contagious work ethic of others around, and other companies have been respectful of everyone’s environment.

Tighe Wilhelmy has leveraged more than six years of digital advertising experience to develop a powerful understanding of lead generation and conversion tactics for personal injury attorneys, and consults and educates the legal community about the most effective digital strategies available today. He received his bachelor’s degree in business from ASU, and is certified by the Interactive Advertising Bureau in digital sales, operations and data solutions.

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