Women at the Top: Are They Making a Difference in Business?

by Sue Kern-Fleischer

Yahoo’s recent appointment of Marissa Mayer to CEO when she was pregnant with her first child had many women cheering and others wondering just how effective she will be juggling a high-pressure job and a new baby. One thing is for sure: It opened up more dialogues about women breaking the barriers and advancing to the C-suite. Missing from the discussion, however, was any … [More]

Susan Clark-Johnson, Morrison Institute

from Susan Clark-Johnson

Arizona’s history is rich in contributions from women — in business, in politics, in education, in philanthropy — in every aspect of Arizona’s evolution as a state. In business, whether as independent entrepreneurs or after ascending to the corporate C-suites, women bring diverse talent and drive to the economic fabric of our state. We are fortunate here that women indeed … [More]

The ROI of Corporate Training

by J. Rentilly

Before long, veteran construction worker Frank Scopetti will become a division president of McCarthy Building Companies, Inc., an accelerated in-house promotion made possible by the 150-year-old, employee-owned company’s state-of-the-art training programs, last year ranked in the Top 10 nationwide by Training Magazine.  In an era of economic uncertainty, increased … [More]

Take Service to the Stratosphere

by Ron Kaufman

Service is everywhere. But there is a vast disconnect between the volume of service we need and the quality of service we are giving and receiving. Businesses have turned a very simple human concept into a catastrophic cliché. They remain blind to the fact that true service comes not from demands and dashboards, but from a basic human desire to take care of other … [More]

Entrepreneurial Truths Give Boost to Business

by Bill McBean

"Doomed from the start." Entrepreneurs and entrepreneur-hopefuls may find it difficult to keep those four words from causing them to second guess their every move as they plan and run their business — especially considering that fewer than 30 percent of businesses last more than 10 years and most failures happen within the first few years of operation. The truth is, many things … [More]

Find That Unique Niche in the Marketplace

by R. Kay Green, Ph.D.

It is no secret that competition today has become increasingly intense. In fact, in today’s highly competitive marketplace, the competition is so deadly fierce that the best and the brightest don’t always succeed. Sometimes the best and brightest are annihilated by the competitors in the industry. In situations from starting a business or building a brand to trying to get … [More]

Online: Honest Businesses vs. the Fakeosphere

by Marsha Friedman

The fastest-growing marketing trend on the Internet is the “fakeosphere.” Yes, fake blogs (called “flogs”), fake Web news sites and fake testimonials. They look like the real thing, right down to comments posted by “bloggers” and their supposed readers. Those comments appear to be written by people discussing the pros and cons of a particular product or service, and they even … [More]

Sandra Watson: Guiding the ACA to Build Business

by Gremlyn Bradley-Waddell

Sandra Watson may have only recently been tapped as president and CEO of the Arizona Commerce Authority in October, but she hardly needs an introduction to those in the business industry. After all, she was the agency’s interim chief for several months last year and has served the organization — in its current incarnation and its earlier one as the Arizona Department of … [More]

Loan Modification May Be Option if Loan Is Current

by RaeAnne Marsh

As the economy slowly turns itself around for many, small businesses that have been hanging on even if struggling may have more financing options available to them than they’re aware of. For a business to be able to get any concessions from a bank, however, it’s imperative that it start talking to the bank before getting behind in payments on its business loans. That goes … [More]

Critical Time Window for Federal Energy Efficiency Tax Incentives

by Wayne Haggstrom, Capital Review Group

The IRS tax code that provides federal tax incentives on energy improvement investments, §179D, expires at the end of 2013. While energy efficiency upgrades need to be completed by Dec. 31, 2013, to qualify, opportunities exist in two areas: accelerating future projects into 2013 and reviewing projects dating back to Jan. 1, 2006, that resulted in energy savings. Either of … [More]

What’s in a Name? Arizona Law Firms Gain Marketable Options

by RaeAnne Marsh

As of last month, law firms in Arizona have the option to name themselves a trade name rather than being required to use the attorney’s surname, with the limitation that the trade name must be truthful and accurate and not be misleading, such as implying an affiliation with a government office. This brings Arizona in conformity with a majority of the other states nationwide on … [More]

Manufacturing Company Expands, Works with Schools to Fill Void in Work Force

by RaeAnne Marsh

Anticipation of increased market demand drove the decision by LAI International — a strategic supplier of precision components and subassemblies for original equipment manufacturers — to consolidate its three Arizona manufacturing plants and expand its Arizona presence into a 32,400-square-foot facility in Tempe. “It’s a ‘perfect storm’ when customers are telling you, ‘You need … [More]

Survey: CFOs See Stability in U.S. Economy’s Near Future

by Mike Hunter

Nearly 70 percent of chief financial officers of U.S. companies believe the U.S. economy will either improve or remain stable during the next six months, according to the recently released 2012 Fall CFO Survey from Grant Thornton LLP. The survey findings reveal that 39 percent of respondents believe the state of the U.S. economy will remain the same in the first half of 2013, … [More]

Central Bistro: Inspired French/Italian

by Mike Hunter

At Central Bistro, the new modern French and Italian eatery located at 32nd Street and Camelback, it’s all about handcrafted pastas, fresh-made dishes and quality foods to please the most sophisticated palette. Built to suit its owners’ concept of a comfortable, modern space, warm with the latest in décor and an open kitchen floor plan, Central Bistro sits in the spot of the … [More]

French Fare

by Mike Hunter

At these well-known, intimate hot spots, the influence of French cuisine makes for a great place to have a rich and delicious meal or a flavorful salad and soup. Coup des Tartes With all the charm promised by a French-inspired restaurant, this intimate old home has been serving delectable dishes for years. Lunch is impressive, offering salads, sandwiches and some of the … [More]

Redesign With Style: The New Range Rover

by Mike Hunter

The well-known SUV that started the craze, making it cool to own a luxury SUV that not only impresses but manages the off-road experience, has been completely re-engineered to be lighter and more fuel-efficient. Like most SUVs will become, the Range Rover uses new materials that make it lighter and stronger, offering more room with less bulk. The all-aluminum body shell has … [More]


by Mike Hunter

In an age when electronic devices do it all, it still takes a handwritten letter or a strong signature to solidify big business. Here are some writing instruments that will get the job done: Cartier Roadster Rollerball Available in lacquered, leather-encased, mother-of-pearl, solid gold and hardstone versions, this Cartier pen will stop any negotiation and get … [More]

The Customer Rules: The 39 Essential Rules for Delivering Sensational Service

by Mike Hunter

The former EVP of Walt Disney World shares indispensible rules for serving customers with consistency, efficiency, creativity, sincerity and excellence. Lee Cockerell knows that success in business — any business — depends upon winning and keeping customers. In 39 digestible, bite-sized chapters, Cockerell shares everything he has learned in his more than 40-year career in the … [More]

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