Helping Employers Solve Their Healthcare Dilemma

from Scott M. Wood

As an employee benefits consulting firm, Benefit Commerce Group is involved in one of the country’s hottest topics — healthcare. Our core business is focused on one of the most significant challenges facing employers in the Valley and the nation: providing cost-effective health insurance for employees. When these benefits are normally the second- or third-highest expense on a … [More]

A Holistic View to Mission Accomplishment

from Kim Reedy

OneAZ Credit Union is committed to our mission of truly improving the lives of our members, our associates and the communities we serve. In 2019, OneAZ put a strong emphasis on making our members’ experience easy, enjoyable and effective, supporting Arizona businesses and making our associates’ jobs more efficient. In 2019, we focused on member satisfaction by taking a … [More]

Reshaping the Future of Healthcare

from Hugh Lytle

The fragmented healthcare industry still doesn’t have a solution that helps independent healthcare providers deliver higher-quality care at a lower cost while addressing the whole-health needs of individuals across entire populations. When you start looking at the whole person, you have to reimagine how and when care is delivered to address physical, behavioral and social … [More]

The Fiesta Bowl: More than Just a Game

by Tyler Butler

In only a few short weeks, the Fiesta Bowl will once again bring a national focus to our local community. Who will face off at that time is not yet known, but Arizona can count on the immense impact that this event will have on the community as a result. With partners like PlayStation, Cheez-It, Wells Fargo and more, the organization is powered by some household names while … [More]

Create Capacity through People

by Bruce Weber and Charlie Smith

Every month, organizations prepare financial statements reconciling their “numbers” for the accounting period. One of those line items — salaries — typically represents one of the largest expenditures for the business and is a significant investment for the firm. Behind those dollars are real people who are the lifeblood of the organization and one of the key drivers of … [More]