Sports Means Business: Is It a Win for Our Economy?

by J. Rentilly

When the Arizona Diamondbacks played its first game in Phoenix 15 years ago, it entered an already crowded National League West Division where many locals carried with them baseball traditions linked to other franchises, according to Derrick Hall, president and CEO. “In some markets, all they have to do to sell tickets is put out a pocket schedule and open up the gates,” says … [More]

Trucking: Moving Commerce

by Don Rodriguez

Once a semi gets up to speed on the open road, few things can stop its momentum unless it’s a car trying to edge past. Even then, it’s almost a sure bet who will keep moving if the maneuver is too close. “It’s not the smartest thing to cut off an 80,000-pound trailer,” says Tony Bradley, the new president and CEO at Arizona Trucking Association. And, despite the roadblocks a … [More]

Strengthening the Pipeline for References

by Bill Lee

Harnessing the power of references and referrals seems like an obvious win. What could make more sense for a business than to leverage the enthusiasm of happy customers to convince buyers that they need its products and services? And in an increasingly social and networked world — not to mention an economy where every dollar of revenue is critical — this type of third party … [More]

Check the Vital Signs of Client Relationships

by Andrew Sobel

Annual checkups play as vital a role in a businessperson’s professional health as physicals do for individuals — especially with regard to client and customer relationships, which are the lifeblood of every business. Most clients vote with their feet. They don’t tell a business they are unhappy — they simply start to give their business to its competitors. Client relationship … [More]

Stress and Bullying Take a Toll on Business

by RaeAnne Marsh

Stress hurts. Individuals may experience stomach problems, muscle tension or headaches, or loss of interest in their work, among a host of other expressions. And it spills over into the workplace in a number of different ways, all of which hurt a company’s bottom line — to the tune of $200–$300 billion in the United States every year in net effect of expenses that include … [More]