Sports Means Business: Is It a Win for Our Economy?

by J. Rentilly

When the Arizona Diamondbacks played its first game in Phoenix 15 years ago, it entered an already crowded National League West Division where many locals carried with them baseball traditions linked to other franchises, according to Derrick Hall, president and CEO. “In some markets, all they have to do to sell tickets is put out a pocket schedule and open up the gates,” says … [More]

Trucking: Moving Commerce

by Don Rodriguez

Once a semi gets up to speed on the open road, few things can stop its momentum unless it’s a car trying to edge past. Even then, it’s almost a sure bet who will keep moving if the maneuver is too close. “It’s not the smartest thing to cut off an 80,000-pound trailer,” says Tony Bradley, the new president and CEO at Arizona Trucking Association. And, despite the roadblocks a … [More]

Strengthening the Pipeline for References

by Bill Lee

Harnessing the power of references and referrals seems like an obvious win. What could make more sense for a business than to leverage the enthusiasm of happy customers to convince buyers that they need its products and services? And in an increasingly social and networked world — not to mention an economy where every dollar of revenue is critical — this type of third party … [More]

Check the Vital Signs of Client Relationships

by Andrew Sobel

Annual checkups play as vital a role in a businessperson’s professional health as physicals do for individuals — especially with regard to client and customer relationships, which are the lifeblood of every business. Most clients vote with their feet. They don’t tell a business they are unhappy — they simply start to give their business to its competitors. Client relationship … [More]

Stress and Bullying Take a Toll on Business

by RaeAnne Marsh

Stress hurts. Individuals may experience stomach problems, muscle tension or headaches, or loss of interest in their work, among a host of other expressions. And it spills over into the workplace in a number of different ways, all of which hurt a company’s bottom line — to the tune of $200–$300 billion in the United States every year in net effect of expenses that include … [More]

Michael Kennedy, Gallagher & Kennedy, P.A.

from Michael Kennedy

Here in Arizona, we have the year-round privilege of being able to root for our home-town team, as Metro Phoenix is host to professional teams for baseball, football, basketball and hockey. Not to mention such major events as Waste Management Phoenix Open, the Super Bowl, MLB All-Star Game and NASCAR. But sports has value far beyond entertainment. As an industry, the business … [More]

Navigate around the Quicksand in the Global Marketplace

by Kathleen Brush, Ph.D.

Globalization has been the buzzword of the decade, yet many U.S. business managers are still unaware of the skill sets they urgently need to compete in a global market. There are 32 developed countries with 1 billion potential customers and 162 developing nations with 6 billion people, many heading into the middle class for the first time, with all the attendant needs and … [More]

Intellectual Property: Protecting a Core Business Asset

by Flavia Campbell

It is never too early to start thinking about intellectual property protection. Keeping a conscious eye on these assets is a critical part of a business’s success. Business owners are likely to face the following key issues during the early stages of their enterprises. Trade Name vs. Trademark  Many business owners mistakenly believe that a company name is synonymous with … [More]

Aaron Matos: Morphing a Job Board to

by Alison Stanton

As founder and chief executive officer of and, now,, Aaron Matos is devoted to helping companies hire the best people in the most timely and cost-efficient ways possible. “I went into human resources early in my career, and found out that most people didn’t really enjoy what they were doing at work,” Matos says. Along the way, he found a passion for … [More]

Multi-Family Gains Benefit Chandler

by RaeAnne Marsh

The new development that broke ground in March at Alma School and Pecos roads represents a planning change by the City of Chandler’s economic development department. Because the city was already considering whether to change the zoning on some properties — and what to change to — as a result of the recently completed “4-Corner Retail Study,” Chandler was open to developer … [More]

Packaged Water Company Aims to Help Local Economy

by RaeAnne Marsh

The idea was ahead of its time when Liesl Harder Kielp, founder and president of AguaSAC, L.L.C., began talking with colleagues three years ago about packaging water in a pouch. “The film structures available were not conducive to water — they would taint the flavor,” explains Kielp, who is also founder of EnVision Flexible Packaging, referring to the material used for making … [More]

‘First to File’ Patent System Replaces ‘First to Invent’

by RaeAnne Marsh

The change in United States patent laws that went into effect on March 16 of this year is intended to better align the U.S. with all other industrialized countries, in that all countries now utilize a “first to file” standard as opposed to “first to invent” when determining who has priority to an invention. Previously, if a company could show it was, in fact, the first to … [More]

Local Banks Merge, Establish Stronger Capital Position

by RaeAnne Marsh

The merger of First Scottsdale Bank and Commerce Bank of Arizona, Inc.’s parent company, CBOA Financial, Inc., will establish the new entity as the second-largest commercial bank franchise headquartered in Arizona when the transaction closes, which is expected to happen in the second half of this year. The new Commerce Bank — the name under which the merged entity will operate … [More]

Microsoft Biz Hub

by Mike Hunter

Microsoft’s Business Hub is dedicated to helping small business thrive through business products, support and resources. Microsoft is supporting the Braddock’s Procurement Opportunities Guide online as an e-Guide. A key tool in helping small businesses secure government contracts, it provides information on how to compete with large corporations. … [More]

Healthcare Cost Calculator

In Business Magazine

The new healthcare reform law allows small businesses to purchase healthcare coverage at group rates from the new Health Insurance Exchanges and provides significant tax credits to help small businesses pay for this coverage. Businesses can use the link below to find out how they will be affected by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. … [More]

Knowing Asian Business

by Mike Hunter

Asiagate, a leader in Asian corporate credit information, offers members a one-stop shop for Asian business intelligence with a dozen national credit information agencies across Asia to provide a searchable database of nearly 13 million business records, from China to Vietnam, for those doing global business in that region. Membership fees apply. … [More]

Visualize This: FIRE & ICEE

by Mike Hunter

Colliers International, a leading commercial real estate firm in the Valley, offers a series of videos on our local market. The “Colliers Market Insight” videos are relevant commentaries on the latest market trends and insights by Bob Mulhern, managing director for Greater Phoenix. To sign up for these weekly videos and market information, visit … [More]

Sports Figures Are Prime Here

by RaeAnne Marsh

Major events bring millions of dollars to the Valley Sports is an attraction, no doubt about it. Blockbuster events attract impressive numbers; more importantly, they generate impressive numbers in a far-reaching impact that this issue’s cover story explores. The Valley is host to a great number of these marquee events for a variety of sports, both professional and … [More]

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