November 2017 Message from Julie S. Cook

by Julie S. Cook

Serving as the president and the chief cheerleader of NAWBO Phoenix for the 2017/18 year is a privilege of a lifetime. I’m meeting and connecting with so many amazing women who have had and are making a huge influence in my life. Because of how my life has been affected in such a positive way,… [More]

Is your Company at Risk?

by Cindy Gordon

A small business owner I know recently discovered that one of his employees embezzled about $300,000 from his company over approximately eight years. The employee was responsible for some accounting functions that included payroll. Every payroll, he would create the information needed to be sent to their PEO, get it approved by the owner, and… [More]

Local Group Launches App for Finding Woman-Owned Businesses

by Jackie Wszalek, Wendy McClellan and Mike Bull

Looking for a plumber, printer or other products or services? Why not use a WOWOB (woman-owned, woman-operated business)? They’re different. WOWOBs have a big social impact as well as an economic impact. The local founders of the WOWOB movement recently launched a free app to make it easy for anyone to locate a WOWOB to… [More]

NAWBO Phoenix Presents Annual Desert Diamonds Awards

by Laurie Anderson

More than 100 members of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), Phoenix Chapter, and their guests recently celebrated the success of the past year and recognized the contributions of its members and corporate partners. “All of our members deserve thanks and recognition for all they do throughout the year to support our chapter… [More]

Don’t Neglect the Follow-Up

by Tish Times

I recently returned from a large conference. If you attended any large conference recently, you probably met many amazing people. You are, more than likely, back in your office with a stack of business cards sitting on your desk with great intentions of calling, emailing and maybe even handwriting to each person. You probably have a… [More]

Understanding the Missing Piece in Your Rising Healthcare Costs Puzzle

by Kathleen Gramzay

In seeking a solution to a longstanding problem, it’s common to grasp the familiar pieces and reason that if they can be adjusted, adapted or shaved down surely the puzzle can be solved. When it comes to rising healthcare costs, there is a puzzle piece worth understanding that can significantly change the shape and direction… [More]

Community Leaders, NAWBO Corporate Partners Meet to Discuss Issues Important to Women Business Owners

by Laurie Anderson

Group members commit to reinvigorate mentorship and apprenticeship to change the business culture The National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), Phoenix Metro Chapter, relies heavily on its corporate partners for in-kind and financial support for Chapter programs. Nearly 30 members of the NAWBO Phoenix leadership, its corporate partners and community leaders recently held a… [More]

July 2017 Message from Phaedra Earhart

by Phaedra Earhart

So far, this year has been full of forming new partnerships and creating lasting relationships with our community partners, such as ASBA, ASU Sparxx, Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, e-Women Network and Athena Valley of the Sun, to name just a few. We are looking for more community alliances to partner with on a monthly… [More]

Are your Employees Taking Advantage of You?

by Cindy Gordon

Would you agree that some of your employees are rock-star performers, some are just OK, and, for a small few, you’d like a genie to change them into statues so they stop disrupting others? Let’s take a minute and think about your workforce. How many people are engaged at work — that is, involved in,… [More]

How to Collaborate with a Purpose 

by Cerila Gailliard, PMP, CSM

For many of us, collaborations resemble this scenario: A team is brought together; the problem is defined; some, not all, individuals begin to participate in the discussion; a solution is developed, agreed upon and implemented. Sometimes, the solution resolves the problem, but at other times it’s only a band-aid method that merely offers a short-term… [More]