Never Lost Again

by Mike Hunter

Never Lost Again chronicles the evolution of mapping technology — the “overnight success twenty years in the making.” Bill Kilday, the marketing director for Keyhole and Google Maps, was there from the earliest days, and offers a personal look behind the scenes at the tech and the minds developing it. But this book isn’t only… [More]

Off the Clock

by Mike Hunter

Laura Vanderkam, the acclaimed author of What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast, isn’t like other time-management gurus. She’s interested in the emotional and psychological side of the 168 hours everyone has each week. Her core message is that people have more time than they think they do, and they can feel less stressed… [More]

Legacy in the Making

by Mike Hunter

Most of us are familiar with the traditional way of looking at legacy: something preserved in the past. This book, however, celebrates an active, dynamic form of “modern legacy,” seen through the eyes of a select group of extraordinary men and women who are pursuing their enduring ambitions in the age of now. More than… [More]

Gracious and Strong

by Mike Hunter

From the first female executive vice president of Walmart Inc., Gracious and Strong reveals what it means to rise above the most uncertain leadership challenges and make essential hard-right decisions. We’ve all faced an unexpected left turn, the types of challenges that can be completely life-changing and put one in survival mode, causing one to… [More]

Leading Clarity

by Mike Hunter

Leading Clarity offers a bold proposal that changes the trajectory of one’s business and leadership. Today’s business environment is more complex than at any time in history, with greater ambiguity, chaos and uncertainty. Too often, individuals and organizations become bogged down with competing priorities and the constant press of daily demands. This book provides a… [More]

Selling Boldly

by Mike Hunter

Selling Boldly presents a real-world handbook for boosting revenue and growing sales using the power of positive psychology. Time after time, research has shown that happy, confident, optimistic salespeople outperform the meek, unhappy ones. Positivity attracts positivity, and those who fear rejection tend to attract it in bulk. Fear underlies most poor sales performance, and… [More]

Managing Up

By Mike Hunter

Managing Up is a guide to the most valuable “soft skill” one’s career has ever seen. It’s not about sucking up or brown-nosing; it’s about figuring out who one is, who one’s boss is, and finding where those meet. It’s about building real relationships with people who have influence over one’s career. This book offers… [More]

Talent Without Borders

by Mike Hunter

Talent is one of the most important strategic resources in the modern economy. It is the resource that creates economic growth through exceptional innovation, service and performance. But talent is scarce, and finding the right talent, in the right place and at the right time, is challenging. Talent is not distributed evenly within and across… [More]


by Mike Hunter

CLICKSAND exposes how the online marketing industry is destroying millions of businesses in a greedy money grab. From the largest companies such as Google, Facebook and HubSpot to small agencies and consultants in every city and town, online marketers are convincing unsuspecting business owners that online marketing is a panacea that will solve all their… [More]

Selling to the C-Suite, Second Edition

Benjamin Little

How do the best salespeople become trusted advisors to top executives? How do they prepare the right message and get in front of the right influencers and decision-makers? How do they close major sales and establish loyalty for the long-term? The authors of this groundbreaking book took a novel approach to answer these questions by asking… [More]