Finding Financing to Fit One’s Business

by Kevin Fox

For smaller businesses, debt sometimes gets a bad rap. But for many businesses, access to a business line of credit may be not only necessary, but a smart move. Knowing how to select the right line of credit and manage it wisely, rather than managing everything on a cash basis, can help a successful small business become a larger successful business. Financing options can be … [More]

Let the Sales Team Sell!

by Larry Fredette

All those sales tools, programs, seminars and meetings business owners think are helping could, in fact, be hurting both their sales team and their revenue gains. It may seem counterintuitive — the more tools we give them, the better — but most high-performing salespeople thrive from customer contact, not from meetings or reports. The key is to start somewhere; choosing one … [More]

The Experience Economy

by Mike Hunter

Apple Stores, Disney, LEGO, Starbucks. Do these names conjure up images of mere goods and services, or do they evoke something more — something visceral? Welcome to the Experience Economy, where businesses must form unique connections in order to secure their customers' affections — and ensure their own economic vitality. This seminal book on experience innovation by Joe Pine … [More]

Strategizing Time

by Larry Fredette

Time can be a very costly resource if used incorrectly. You know how it goes — the daily todo list gets bogged down by details, unexpected problems and time suckers that distract business from the bigger picture. Before the business owner realizes it, his eye has wandered away from more important activities that lead to profitability and growth. Another challenge is the … [More]

Chasing the Bright Side

by Mike Hunter

Success is not born out of skill, school, where we’re from, who we know or what we scored on the SAT. None of us were born ready. But we are born with something more important than skills. We’re born with optimism — the initial seed for success. Optimism fuels the belief that you can be the one to create the good the world needs. But you’ve got to hone it. And practice it. And … [More]