by Mike Hunter

Most startups fail for these key reasons: The entrepreneur started business without a clear sense of purpose or poor management or a lack of understanding the customer. David Hilton will enable readers to see their business from a higher perspective — a perspective that shows them where they are in the journey of building their… [More]

The Dream Chaser

by Mike Hunter

The Dream Chaser shows readers how to step out of the day-to-day grind and start creating the life they want. It’s possible to have both, and this book shows how to get there. The key is in following one’s passion and purpose. Everyone has a natural-born talent — whether they know it or not —… [More]

High-Growth Levers

by Mike Hunter

Mark Faust’s strategies show how even businesses in the most dire of times still have a set of responsibilities, a path and processes they can follow that will optimize their chance of turnaround and long-term success. Leading corporate strategist Faust proves that a business can see positive growth with the application of action plans like… [More]


by Mike Hunter

Paying one’s dues and plugging away may gain a person enough experience through “the school of hard knocks” to be successful. But for those who want to reach their goals faster, earn more, beat the odds — and do it with class and style — it’s time to get scrappy. Scrappy people see big problems… [More]

Navigating the Talent Shift 

by Mike Hunter

By 2020, 40 percent of the workforce won’t want to be someone’s employee. That means managers and executives have to forget the old recruit-and-search-for-months methods to acquire talent and revise their perception that “talent” is only full-time employees. The good news is that this talent allows businesses to achieve the biggest impact on projects in… [More]

Success by Example: Q&A’s from Local Greats

by RaeAnne Marsh

Small business is thriving in our state, and in Metro Phoenix specifically. Arizona State University and Grand Canyon University have programs focused on fostering entrepreneurialism; many of the Maricopa County community colleges are also active in this space with specialized programs, notably GateWay Community College‘s incubator, Center for Entrepreneurial Innovation; and numerous business incubators and… [More]

‘Selling to the Federal Government’

by Shivani Dubey

The U.S. government is the largest single purchaser of goods and services in the world, awarding approximately $500 billion in contracts every year. Participating in the process to gain access to these federal contracts can be challenging and overwhelming for small-business owners. On the first Wednesday of every month, the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA)… [More]

Value as a Service

by Mike Hunter

Across a host of industries, we will move to a model that Bernshteyn calls value as a service. It is already common knowledge that many traditional-products companies are converting the delivery of their offerings to the as-a-service model. With the completion of this transition assumed, the coming disruption will focus less on the delivery model… [More]

Contracting Assistance Is ‘Win-Win’ for Small Biz & Government

by Beth Reece

The Defense Logistics Agency’s Office of Small Business Programs administers a unique program designed to assist small businesses as they navigate government contracting. The Procurement Technical Assistance Program was created in 1985 to provide specialized training and assistance to small businesses to help increase their participation in government contracts at local, state and federal levels,… [More]

For-Profit Stands on ‘For People’

by Bob Chapman

It was 2009. The global economy was in the beginning of its worst downturn in many, many years. Barry-Wehmiller, at that time, was a 124-year-old company that had started as a supplier of bottle-washers and pasteurizers to the brewing industry. In the late 1980s, financial challenges forced the company to reinvent itself by beginning a… [More]