Travel Downtime Goes Smart

by Mike Hunter

Business travel was once a luxury and is now a time-consuming activity that can engender the sense that productivity is being lost. With the agile smartphone, travel downtime is quickly becoming a productive and even innovative time to get ahead. Here are some apps we recommend for those travel pauses. Evernote Stay organized, save ideas and improve productivity. Evernote is … [More]

Thousands Per Minute

by Mike Hunter

You can sell your product at thousands of dollars per minute in an online video or retail television spotlight. There is an art to successfully appealing to your audience on camera. There is a way to keep the watcher watching! In these pages, readers will find that formula, gleaned from selling hundreds of products on television shopping channels and infomercials. This book is … [More]

Everyone’s a Critic: Winning Customers in a Review-Driven World 

by Mike Hunter

More than 70 percent of consumers now consult online reviews before making purchases, and they take those picks and pans very seriously. A disgruntled but ignorant customer on Yelp might have more clout than any expert guidebook, magazine article or newspaper critic. Some savvy businesses have figured out how to navigate — and even profit from — the new world of ubiquitous … [More]

Twitter is Not a Strategy

by Mike Hunter

In a cultural climate saturated by technology, marketing professionals have focused their energies on creating newer and more digital methods of advertising their brands. The tension between traditional branding and the seemingly unlimited possibilities presented by the advent of “digital” branding leads companies to abandon the tried and true aspects of marketing for the flash … [More]

Feedback: September 2014

by Danielle Casey | Glenn Hamer | Joyce Grossman

Question: Discussion of economic development for our region often focuses on attracting new business from out of state. How does that impact business in the Greater Phoenix area, and what is being worked on to develop economic opportunity for businesses here? Danielle Casey is responsible for the oversight and execution of the City of Scottsdale’s initiatives related to … [More]

Global First. Local, Too.

by Doug Bruhnke

A “Local First” slogan makes sense for consumers when they’re buying, but it can be a disastrous approach when executives are looking for sales growth. Thinking too close to home has put the U.S. into the predicament of having less than 1 percent of companies export, while most countries around the world are much higher, like Sweden at 5 percent. Having companies export goods … [More]

Disruptive or Disturbing Technology?

by Rick Murray

It is mind-boggling when you stop to think about how far technology has come in the last 20 years. It is equally mind-boggling to realize how much our entire society depends on technology. To be competitive today, businesses need to have a responsive website for customers and consumers. If you don’t think that’s true, ask anyone when was the last time they used a phone book. … [More]

Take Your Business Plan Global

by Greg Bischak

Now is the time to get started with global business. It’s worth it! Consider that the U.S. population represents only about 4.5 percent of the total world population of more than 7.2 billion people and is growing less than the rest of the world. China now has the second-highest number of millionaires in the world, according to Lloyd’s, and McKinsey reports that the Chinese … [More]

Technology’s Influence on Political Campaigns

by Jerry Bustamante

The use of the most current technology to influence the outcome of an election is nothing new in modern campaign history. Successful candidates have usually made better use of new technology over their opponents to win an election. The first candidate in modern history to use technology was Franklin D. Roosevelt, who did a masterful job using radio to win over voters with his … [More]

High-Tech Transitions

by Valerie Vinyard

Some of the most helpful technology operates totally behind the scenes. AAA Arizona uses technology to increase efficiency and accuracy, and to enhance the member experience in two main areas: Roadside Assistance and front-line member interactions. With roadside service, it’s no longer an issue when members’ vehicles break down along a desolate stretch of highway — AAA many … [More]

A Global ‘State’ of Mind: Help from an Unexpected Resource

by Melissa Sanderson

Youthful populations and burgeoning middle classes, from Pacific nations and the African continent to China, offer unprecedented opportunities for growth and profit for enterprising U.S. companies. As a businessperson, you already know that knowledge is power, and research is key to successful start-up and market growth. What if there were a free resource that can be … [More]

Five Questions to Ask Yourself Before Opening Your OWN Small Business

by Decibel Blue

It’s been a dream for a long time: opening your own business. You’ve had the ideas scribbled on cocktail napkins, a budget long in the works, and now you finally have the money, the resources and the support to launch what’s long been a passionate idea into your very own business. But before you commit, take a breath and ask yourself these five questions that may save your … [More]

Global Success Takes a New Skillset and Mindset 

by Paul Kinsinger

In today’s fast-moving globalizing economy, “what got you here” some years ago will help, but it won’t “get you there” altogether. To lead in the modern global marketplace, you have to add something more. At Thunderbird Executive Education, we are finding that even seasoned global executives need to upgrade their skills to keep pace with the two overarching phenomena dictating … [More]

Forget about the Fortune 500. The future belongs to the Fortune 5 Million.

by Chris Myers

It seems as though you can’t turn on the television or pick up a magazine without coming across someone extolling the virtues of small business and its role in today’s economy. This renewed focus on small business is only the beginning. In fact, I believe that while the 20th century was dominated by the Fortune 500, the 21st century belongs to the Fortune 5 Million. The … [More]

Building an International Economic Network (“BIEN”)

by Alana Chavez-Langdon

Are you making all the best business contacts? Connecting your business to just the right people in a new trade region can be challenging. The Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG) and its partners have launched a first-of-its-kind website that allows companies in Arizona, Mexico and Canada to directly connect with each other. Using a comprehensive database, you can search … [More]

Get Ready for Exporting: Create the Foundation

by Lee Benson

I remember when we first started trying to sell our products and services internationally. We identified a few customers that we thought had a need for our services, started sending them information and then went on trips to call on them directly. Looking back, we made so many mistakes and wasted a ton of money. Even though we’ve done very well, we could have grown twice as … [More]

Bullish on Global Phoenix

by Don Henninger

I have always been bullish on Phoenix, and from the unique vantage point I enjoyed for 17 years on the publisher’s platform of the Phoenix Business Journal, I saw plenty of evidence to back up the optimism. And now just a few weeks into a new journey, I am even more convinced than ever that this region has the right people with the right spirit and energy that, collectively, … [More]

Foreign Policy, in Phoenix?

by Keith Galbut

Phoenix Committee on Foreign Relations invites guest speakers from around the world to discuss important foreign policy issues. We hold evening dinners and lunches — including the annual “International State of the State” in October with global and local speakers discussing Arizona’s place in the world. We welcome Arizonans with an international background to attend and apply … [More]

Building Loyal Customers Across Borders

by Joseph A. Bockerstette

We’ve mapped business processes in more than 300 enterprises across six continents, deploying more than 25,000 processes and 750,000 process improvements worldwide. Building customer loyalty across town or across borders comes from understanding what customers want and then building a better Customer Value Package (CVP). Customer value comes through customers’ perception, not … [More]

Go South of the Border 

by Doug Bruhnke

Phoenix is yet another city divided by railroad tracks. I recommend that you cross the tracks into South Phoenix and visit Comedor Guadalajara, my wife’s and my favorite restaurant in Phoenix. The food is prepared by skilled Mexican chefs who put love and great care into every dish. It shows! Tasting the chicken enchiladas and Enchiladas de Camaron (green chile and tomatillo … [More]

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