Are We Winning the Economic Development Game?

by RaeAnne Marsh

“The state that made the most aggressive, best moves competitively is Arizona,” states Barry Broome, CEO of the Greater Phoenix Economic Council, singling out the tax and economic policies of the past five years. In his view, they comprise the single most positive impactful decisions the state has made in 30 years “because they were governed by what will grow the economy around … [More]

Sandra Watson, Arizona Commerce Authority

from Sandra Watson

Sandra Watson brings more than 20 years of economic development leadership experience to Arizona. She and her teams have attracted hundreds of companies to Arizona that have invested billions of dollars in capital and created more than 75,000 quality jobs for the state. Strengthening the economy through high-value job creation is a primary focus of our state’s economic … [More]

Healthcare and Open Enrollment: The Employer’s Role in Employee Choices

by RaeAnne Marsh

For many, healthcare insurance has been a personal or family need they have taken care of through their employer. Now, whether or not they continue to have a policy purchased through their employer, employees are asking their employer for the information on what the employer will offer and whether those offerings will meet the individual’s “shared responsibility” requirements. … [More]

Technology: Marketing

by Don Harris

Technology is giving merchants a newer, slicker, 21st-century way to offer customers reward/loyalty programs, signaling a shift away from those wallet-clogging buy-ten-get-one-free punch cards. Indeed, merchants of all kinds are signing up for tech programs that enable them to keep tabs on their regulars and reach out to new customers while the customers pile up reward points … [More]

End the Performance Review

by Dr. Tim Baker

As a business consultant with organizations, both big and small, I regularly hear a litany of complaints about performance reviews or appraisals than range from “The formality of the appraisal stifles discussion” to “They are too infrequent” to “They are rarely followed up.” Please don’t get me wrong — I am not against performance feedback. In fact, I believe it is one of the … [More]

Contracts: Terms, Time and Negotiation

by Sue Kern-Fleischer

With so many different types of business contracts and so much to understand about negotiations, disputes, breaches and litigation, it’s no wonder business owners and executives often are confused. There’s a plethora of educational articles online about contract negotiation and even some silly contract songs on YouTube, but the bottom line is that if business owners don’t … [More]

The Nonprofit Board: Financial & Legal Best Practices

by Marc Kellenberger

Remember Enron? Fallout from the company’s corporate abuse and accounting fraud can still be felt in corporate America more than a decade later — namely through the passing of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) by Congress, which aimed to rebuild public trust in the corporate sector. While SOX is almost exclusively aimed at corporations, a number of the law’s provisions have … [More]

R. Craig Coppola: Focus on Developing Talent

by Alison Stanton

Through his 38 years in commercial real estate, Lee & Associates Arizona founding principal R. Craig Coppola has discovered a very important key to success: maintaining a constant and consistent focus on building a great team. “I call myself a collector of unique abilities,” Coppola says. “Everyone has a unique ability, and on our team, each person has one that is different … [More]

Valley Companies Collaborate for Ground-Breaking Lexus App

by RaeAnne Marsh

Leveraging the companies’ individual strengths, a collaboration among three Valley companies resulted in a training app for Lexus that the car manufacturer liked so much it released publicly on iTunes. And they delivered the app in six weeks — less than one-fifth the 40 hours Lexus had been told by others the project would take. Automatik, a Tempe-based company that provides … [More]

New Law Encourages Data Centers

by Alexandra Lyon

The Arizona Legislature established a tax incentive program in September 2013, encouraging mid-size and large companies to move their computer data centers to Arizona. Qualified data center owners and operators will be exempt from all transaction privilege taxes, use taxes and local levels of purchasing data center equipment for 10 years. Data centers that fall under the … [More]