High-Tech Transitions

by Valerie Vinyard

Jim Lehrer, VP of Strategy for AAA of Arizona

Jim Lehrer, VP of Strategy for AAA of Arizona

Some of the most helpful technology operates totally behind the scenes. AAA Arizona uses technology to increase efficiency and accuracy, and to enhance the member experience in two main areas: Roadside Assistance and front-line member interactions.

With roadside service, it’s no longer an issue when members’ vehicles break down along a desolate stretch of highway — AAA many times knows exactly where they are.

“We have the most sophisticated receiving and dispatch system out there, allowing us to seamlessly serve our 54 million AAA members nationwide,” said Jim Lehrer, vice president of strategy for AAA Arizona. “It’s a phenomenally sophisticated system that allows us to spot where the member is automatically when members have our AAA app on their phones.”

The system then uses vehicle location technology to figure out the fastest way to get to the member, both by route and by using the closest AAA vehicle.
“The whole point of it all is to get to our stranded members faster,” said Lehrer, noting the average response time this year has improved by 12 percent compared to 2013.

The second technological boost began in 2007. AAA’s CRM component of its Connect Suite system displays every relationship that AAA has with each member in one view.

“It’s critical to see all aspects of the member relationship in one place,” Lehrer said. “It allows us to help members get the most value out of their membership.”

When an employee is speaking with a member, the system shows the member’s product history across the AAA product set, including insurance, travel and roadside service, along with any offers the member has recently received.
“Members come in with a wide variety of needs: some expressed, and some unexpressed,” Lehrer said. “The more we understand the whole picture of our relationship, the better we’re able to anticipate them.”

For more information on AAA of Arizona partnership with ASBA, visit asba.com/AAA.

Valerie Vinyard work for AAA Arizona.

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