Financial Health: Planning the Way to Success

by RaeAnne Marsh

Making a profit is the common goal for business owners. Determining how best to spend it is also a challenge. According to Bill Owens, principal of accounting firm Owens & Bondell, there are five main categories that business owners struggle with: funding their retirement plan, buying new assets for the business, paying down debt, paying taxes and personal spending. “The … [More]

Ron Butler, Ernst & Young LLP

from Ron Butler

Business giants had to grow into their footprint. Whatever idea or inspiration was the foundation for the business’s inception, successful growth required the same thing: effective management of the business’s assets. Capital — its acquisition and disbursement — is arguably the most significant element of a business’s operations. Ron Butler is the managing partner of the … [More]

Biotech’s Road to Growth

by Joe Bardin

The bioscience industry here is no longer merely a good idea awaiting its time. With an annual economic impact of $14 billon statewide, according to the Flinn Foundation — a private nonprofit organization that supports biosciences in Arizona through grants, programs and advocacy and is tasked with tracking the industry — biotech and its Phoenix hub are a legitimate economic … [More]

Avoid Desperation Selling

by Diana Ennen

Have you ever done this: Looked at the bank account, looked at the bills, looked at your upcoming schedule and then just went into a major panic? What are you doing to do? The bills are coming in, the clients are heading out, and you are stuck right dab in the middle with what seems like no solution in sight. The last few months might have been great, but now, for some reason … [More]

Healthcare: Networks and Coverage

by RaeAnne Marsh

The alphabet soup of healthcare today includes MEC (minimum essential coverage) and EHB (essential health benefits). What is required under one does not neatly mesh with what is required under the other, which contributes to the confusion as employers and employees attempt to meet the requirements of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. MEC refers to the … [More]

Business Built the Glendale CVB

by Don Harris

Glendale hotel executives, looking for a way to boost business, took the unusual step of asking for a tax increase, and it turned out to be a win-win-win. Revenue from a 1.6-percent increase in Glendale’s bed tax is earmarked for the Glendale Convention & Visitors Bureau, which has increased its promotional and marketing activities; hotel occupancy rates are growing by … [More]

Leading through Inspiration

by Mitchell Levy

Inspiration and motivation are two completely different concepts, but a majority of managers still make the mistake of interchanging the two. It’s easy to get lost in the semantics, but the difference can be boiled down to one simple observation: motivation can be manufactured, inspiration needs to be instilled. Money, job security and career advancement are all effective … [More]

Employee Cynicism: The ‘In’ Attitude that Hurts Business

by Rich Karlgaard

In an age of cynicism and irony, Northwestern Mutual is a throwback to a more innocent time. The company is the antithesis of “cool.” It has the kind of culture in which people embrace plain suits and sincere handshakes, take pride in wearing achievement ribbons, kick off conferences with patriotic music. It’s the very portrait of wholesomeness and earnestness — the Boy Scout … [More]

Arizona Gubernatorial Candidates Talk Business

by Doug Ducey | Fred DuVal | Barry Hess | J.L. Mealer

On Tuesday, Nov. 4, Arizona voters will elect the next Governor of Arizona. In Business Magazine invited candidates Doug Ducey, Fred DuVal, Barry Hess and J.L. Mealer to share their views and plans for business and economic growth. Doug Ducey (Rep.) What are three things you would do in your capacity as governor to spur economic growth and employment, especially in the … [More]

Measuring Nonprofit Impact and Performance

by Curt Miner

As corporate social responsibility initiatives and social entrepreneurship have continued to grow in popularity — along with high-impact giving (giving aimed at making a social change in the world) — philanthropy has seen a worldwide upswing. With this increase in billions of dollars of philanthropic support has also come pressure on the nonprofit to measure the impact of its … [More]

Maneuvers in Commercial Leasing

by Sue Kern-Fleischer

Entering into a commercial lease can signify an exciting time of growth or it could be a time of change, when a company needs to downsize. Either way, it’s important to understand the lease language and what the long-lasting economic and legal implications are before signing on the dotted line. Kevin Judiscak, an attorney with Phoenix-based Engelman Berger, P.C., says many … [More]

Mike Nealy: Leading by Example

by Alison Stanton

In May, Mike Nealy was named executive director of the Fiesta Bowl. Prior to accepting this position, Nealy had spent eight years with the Phoenix Coyotes NHL franchise and Gila River Arena. As president and chief operating officer for the Phoenix Coyotes, Nealy helped the organization achieve record-breaking sales. Mike Nealy and the Fiesta Bowl Nealy oversees the … [More]

Arizona Fall League: Developing Talent for the MLB

by Sue Kern-Fleischer

Major League Baseball’s best kept secret is right here in Metro Phoenix, and, for baseball fans, it provides a chance to see a “Who’s Who” of the best Minor League players in action. Now in its 23rd season, the Arizona Fall League is a pivotal cog in baseball’s player development process. All 30 MLB clubs must participate by sending seven of their top prospects to the league. … [More]

Chip and PIN Advances Card Reader Technology

by Alexandra Lyon

Use of Chip and PIN technology is expanding in the United States as an alternative to the familiar credit/debit card “swipe,” allowing customers greater acceptance rates when traveling and security with reliable transactions both locally and internationally. “The EMV/chip in the card uses a dynamically generated string of data with each transaction that makes chip cards … [More]

Real Estate Service Expands to Cover Life Events

by RaeAnne Marsh

Recognizing that real estate transactions are often tied to lifecycle events which involve an additional broad spectrum of decisions, Walt Danley Realty recently launched Private Transition Services to help clients with other professional services their situation may call for, such as legal or financial. Chris Carter-Kent, who initiated the concept, explains PTS helps create a … [More]

Business Gains Against Commuter Pollution

by RaeAnne Marsh

The Maricopa County Trip Reduction Program’s recently released figures show 12,038 tons of pollution were saved by commuters in fiscal year 2014. “With improved air quality, our region benefits,” says Neil Yockey, environmental program manager, pointing out that not only does air quality factor into quality-of-life attractiveness but not meeting federal standards may result in … [More]

Local Company Debuts Honeywell’s New A/C System for U.S.

by Alexandra Lyon

Precision Air & Heating, a locally owned and operated company, has been selected by Honeywell to introduce a new air-conditioning monitoring system in the U.S. “Precision Air and Heating, being a first adopter of the technology, is a great example of technology value and our customers’ business goals coming together,” says Honeywell Senior Product Manager Dave Quam. … [More]

iPhone 6 & 6+ Improved

by Mike Hunter

It is official and with recent sales it is another Apple success. The new phones boast larger screens, better battery life and camera quality that is sure to last to the iPhone 7. The Apple Watch is an all-in-one companion for connecting and staying fit. Available in multiple versions, the design is sleek, small and “timely.” … [More]

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