Santé: Healthy Dining with a Wow! Factor

by RaeAnne Marsh

Healthy eating never looked so appealing. Santé’s first impression gives off vibes of haute couture, with the outsize fashion photos and a feathery boa-inspired chandelier. Co-owner Nico Doniele Scegiel worked in the fashion industry, and credits her passion for healthy nutrition to overcoming the bad influences of that former career. She worked with award-winning Chef Saul … [More]

Developing Artificial Intelligence: Are Your Lawyers Involved?

by Todd Kartchner

Artificial intelligence, or “AI” as it is commonly known, is becoming more prevalent as businesses have come to realize that AI can accomplish many basic tasks more efficiently and economically than a human employee. AI refers to machines or systems that simulate human intelligence in performing functions and solving problems. AI frequently uses algorithms to make decisions and … [More]

6 Ways Your Business Can Support the Nonprofit Community for Arizona Gives Day

by Jennifer Purcell

Arizona Gives is celebrating its 10th anniversary of the Arizona Gives Day event on April 5–6 this year, with the “early giving” period starting March 15. Since 2013, the online giving platform has raised more than $30 million for nonprofit organizations across the state to benefit Arizona communities.  As a business professional, you may be wondering how your … [More]

More Than a Bank: A Community Partner 

by Jennifer Purcell

FirstBank has been the presenting sponsor for the Arizona Gives program since its inception. Its focus on “banking for good” is one it takes seriously, literally even, and it’s evident in its partnership to this program over the past 10 years and its ongoing commitment to giving both its time and financial resources to all types of causes. Arizona Gives is a statewide online … [More]

Arizona Foundation for Women

At Arizona Foundation for Women, we envision an Arizona where all women are safe, healthy and economically independent. Since 1995, we have worked to advance the status of Arizona’s women through a holistic strategy of research, programming, advocacy and philanthropy. When a woman’s power and potential are respected, children and families are healthier, economies are … [More]

Aunt Rita’s Foundation

Aunt Rita’s Foundation, in its current form, has been pursuing since 2005 its mission to end HIV in Arizona but has a rich history dating back to the 1980s in the beginning years of the epidemic. Starting out as a bake-sale fundraiser to provide relief for those living with and dying from AIDS to becoming the leading philanthropy nonprofit organization in Arizona, we deliver … [More]

Diana Gregory Outreach Services

Founded in 2010 with a mission to “enrich lives through healthy eating.” Diana Gregory Outreach Services and Gregory’s Fresh Market address food insecurity issues resulting from poverty. The organization works to restore meaningful food access and eliminate health disparities in under-resourced communities. DGOS and GFM accomplish this by providing seniors and veterans access … [More]

New Pathways for Youth

At New Pathways for Youth, we’re awakening the full human potential to bring about individual and community transformation. In the communities we serve, youth experience poverty and four times the adversity of their peers. Beyond material insecurities, these challenges interrupt a youth’s sense of their potential, disconnecting them from what’s true: that each of us has … [More]

The Arizona Pet Project

The Arizona Pet Project keeps pets with the people who love and need them most by connecting vulnerable community members and families in crisis with services and resources to prevent the unnecessary surrender of their beloved companions.  The Valley’s only organization solely focused on bridging the gap between human services and animal welfare, The Arizona Pet Project … [More]

It’s OK Not to Zoom, Zoom, Zoom All the Time

by Kristen Merrifield

Flashback to January 2020 — ahh, what a time of ignorant bliss. None of us were aware of the beast that was about to be unleashed in just a few more weeks. Oh, I’m not talking about COVID, but yes, that was indeed, and still is, a beast. I’m talking about Zoom.  Yes, yes, I know. Zoom has been around for years. And video chat has been around for decades. It’s nothing new. … [More]

Top 5 Financial Management Best Practices for Nonprofit Boards

Contributed by Gregg Indictor & Eleanor (Ellie) Hume

While nonprofit board members are not usually involved in the day-to-day activities, they are ultimately responsible for managing the organization and making important decisions that fulfill fiduciary duties to both the organization and public that it serves. In this article, we’ve compiled five of our top financial management best practices for nonprofit board members.  1. … [More]

The Power of Partnerships 

by Marcia Mintz

A new report released by the Arizona State Board of Education revealed what many of us working with youth had anticipated: that COVID-19’s impact has been “significant and broad.” Those are the words used in the study to describe the devastation the global pandemic has wreaked on our kids.  Deficiencies in reading and math were most pronounced, particularly among young … [More]

Nonprofit Policy Priorities

by National Council of Nonprofits

Reprinted with permission from the National Council of Nonprofits  Feb 7, 2022 Nonprofit Advocacy Updates As the pandemic has dragged on beyond all expectations, charitable nonprofits of all types report at least three areas of challenges that must be addressed by policymakers. The first is resources; charitable giving is down and giving incentives enacted by Congress … [More]

10 Ways to Get Started on Your DEI Jouney

by Katee Van Horn

As a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Consultant, I get to work with a lot of amazing organizations. I also have learned there are a few things I can count on, like the questions that are asked. The question I get the most is, “Where do we start?” with a close second being, “What can we do right now?”  I get it. When you start to dig into all the ways to become more inclusive … [More]

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