New Pathways for Youth

At New Pathways for Youth, we’re awakening the full human potential to bring about individual and community transformation.

In the communities we serve, youth experience poverty and four times the adversity of their peers. Beyond material insecurities, these challenges interrupt a youth’s sense of their potential, disconnecting them from what’s true: that each of us has immeasurable, inherent value — and the future holds unlimited possibilities. New Pathways reconnects our youth to that truth. Through a holistic development program and 1:1 mentoring within community groups, we guide our youth as they discover renewed outlooks on life and realize unwritten possibilities for their futures.

We are set apart by our research-based, holistic approach and the change it enables our youth to create in their lives and communities. Our program isn’t limited to transforming the world around us, but is equally focused on transforming the heart, mind and soul. When reconnected to the truth of unlimited possibilities, our youth are unstoppable, growing into their full human potential.

When youth are provided a safe, nurturing environment and are tended to with care, their capacity for growth is powerful. Every youth receives individualized action planning, supporting them as they meet their short and long-term goals, along with connections to critical resources for personal well-being, ongoing development and daily necessities that support the youth’s entire family, ranging from housing assistance to food security to emergency relief, providing essential stability. This is complemented by one-on-one support from an adult mentor within community groups in order to build stable, nurturing, life-changing relationships defined by mutual growth.

The New Pathways for Youth program is research-based and proven to generate remarkable outcomes for the youth we serve, from greater high school graduation rates to increased personal wellness and prevention of harmful behaviors. Nobody goes it alone. Every youth takes root in and is supported by the entire New Pathways community, discovering healthier, more conscious ways of thinking and taking transformative steps together.

Our program ripens the soil for transformation that awakens the full human potential, preparing youth to take on their futures with true readiness and resilience. The future is not defined by the past; instead of taking on a predetermined fate, our youth write their own story. New Pathways nurtures the seed, but the youth is the one who blossoms.

When our youth experience the support and personal development that our program offers, they feel unstoppable — and that spirit extends beyond the self to impact their family, community and the world around them.

Who We Are

Name: New Pathways for Youth
Local Office: 901 E Jefferson St., Phoenix, AZ 85034
Phone: (602) 258-1012
Locations in Metro Phoenix: 1
Headquartered: Phoenix
Year established in Phoenix: 1989
Local Top Executive: Dr. Karen D. Johnson
Type of Services: Youth Development Program
Specialties: Holistic Development Curriculum, College and Career Readiness, Case Management Services

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