Surviving Healthcare

by RaeAnne Marsh

Many of the changes in healthcare coverage are trends that have been growing gradually anyway — but now they’re mandated, regulated  and requiring more paperwork. The healthcare coverage requirements coming down from the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act take effect next year, and the most important message to employers is: The time is now for putting plans and … [More]

Betsey Bayless, Maricopa Integrated Health System

from Betsey Bayless

The healthcare landscape of Arizona is undergoing a dramatic change. Whether you are an individual recipient of healthcare benefits or an employer weighing the best healthcare options for your business, the bottom line is we are navigating uncharted waters. While there has been much speculation on how President Obama’s Patient Protection and Affordability Care Act will … [More]

Technology in Practice

by Don Rodriguez

While new technology is blamed as a reason affordable healthcare seems a thing of the past, some Arizona organizations are using such innovations to make medical care accessible on a number of fronts: patient records available immediately, links between rural physicians and urban specialists, use of wireless devices that even patients can afford, and, yes, a life-saving … [More]

Phoenix is Magnet for Foreign Direct Investment

by Amy R. Handler

Foreign direct investment appears to be the catalyst stimulating Arizona growth, and right now, eyes are on Phoenix as one of the nation’s hot markets. “Direct foreign investment in Arizona is high on the priority list of all of Arizona’s economic development organizations such as the Arizona Commerce Authority, GPEC, etc.,” says Ed Zito, president of Alliance Bank of Arizona. … [More]

Myths of Performance Management

by Pietro Micheli, Ph.D.

Investments in performance measurement and management systems have been steadily increasing over the past two decades, and there is no sign this trend will change in the future. Leaders and managers in both private and public organizations regard such systems as a key means to implement and communicate strategy, support decision making, align behaviors, and, ultimately, improve … [More]

Strategic Business Structuring Can Save Assets

by Thomas Morgan

So you’re ready to open a business. You have 15 solid years of experience. Your first customer is waiting. A contract manufacturer is ready to start production. You’ve decided on an L.L.C. for your business structure and you’re ready to conquer the world … The best advice for someone in the above scenario is to slow down. Choosing the right entity for a business is … [More]

Can an Organization Survive the Fall of an Iconic Leader?

by Ray Benedetto, D.M.

Recent revelations by disgraced “hero” Lance Armstrong raised speculations about the future of LiveStrong, the charity Armstrong founded to fight cancer in the aftermath of his own cancer-fighting experience. Although some anticipate a short-term drop in LiveStrong’s fundraising, many believe the nonprofit will survive because its core mission goes far beyond the image of its … [More]

Chef Eddie Matney: Restaurateur with Panache

by Alison Stanton

As Chef Eddie Matney can attest, from the series of restaurants to his credit, adjusting to a new group of regular customers after opening a restaurant is important. The regulars who now frequent Eddie’s House, in downtown Scottsdale among a host of art galleries, is a much different group from those he served at Eddie Matney’s, a previous restaurant that was located in the … [More]

Hot Growth in Flexible Office Space Solutions

by RaeAnne Marsh

In a commercial office market still posting high vacancy rates, executive offices leader Regus recently opened its 15th full-service business center in the Greater Phoenix area at Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd. and Scottsdale Road. This is up from eight centers last year, and on the way to 20 by the end of 2013. Demand is coming from Fortune 500 companies down to start-ups, according … [More]

Meeting a Uniform Need to Build Sales

by RaeAnne Marsh

Making custom “one offs” for neighbor businesses on Tempe’s Mill Avenue, Brand X CEO Charles Goffnet recognized a new market for his six-year-old T-shirt business. B.Y.O.U. (Buy Your Own Uniform), newly launched out of Brand X, aims to give business owners a solution for brand control. To its standard stock of T-shirts, tank tops and polo shirts it has added button-downs, … [More]

Slowing Down Pays Off in Franchise Expansion

by RaeAnne Marsh

The first thing Rissy Sutherland and Jack Keilt did when they bought into the Honest-1 Auto Care franchise in 2008 was have the company take a year-and-a-half hiatus from expanding its franchise network. Drawing on their experience as owners of individual franchises, Sutherland says, “We looked at what was important to us as franchisees, from our franchisors … and chose to take … [More]

Small Business Prospers in the Global Village

by RaeAnne Marsh

Small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) engaged in international markets are twice as likely to be successful as those operating only domestically, according to a recently completed study by IHS that was commissioned by DHL Express. IHS studied SMEs in the blocks of countries referred to as G7 (United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Canada and Japan) and BRICM … [More]

Bytes: March 2013

by Mike Hunter

A Source for Bids BidSource is a one-stop connection to an aggregate of procurement bid opportunities available with the federal government, Arizona government agencies and school districts plus government bid opportunities available in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Albuquerque and Denver. The Gilbert Chamber of Commerce has partnered with the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce … [More]

The Affordable Care Act: Where Do You Stand?

by Mike Hunter

Many employers are feeling overwhelmed by a flurry of new regulations governing their benefits packages, taxes and methods of compliance as required by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Fortunately, many organizations are aware of this and are gearing up to make 2013 the year of information. The new healthcare reform law includes a number of new taxes and fees … [More]

National Kidney Foundation of Arizona: Founded on Patient Aid

by RaeAnne Marsh

National Kidney Foundation of Arizona anticipates more than 1,000 walkers and community supporters will participate in the upcoming third annual Charity 5K Walk on April 7 at Chase Field Ballpark. Last year’s 1,000 walkers was well up from 600 its first year — “far surpassing expected attendance,” says CEO Jeffrey Neff. “The Walks are extremely important to our Arizona … [More]

STARS: Helping the Intellectually Disabled toward Independence

by RaeAnne Marsh

Scottsdale Training and Rehabilitation Services’ annual Fiesta de las Madrinas fundraiser gets a change-up this year as the organization celebrates its 40th year. Recalling STARS’s beginnings in 1973, this year’s Throwback Fiesta offers a ’70s theme from its entertainment to its food and drinks, which will include the era’s ubiquitous “Shake ’n Bake” Chicken, salmon croquettes … [More]

Let’s Go Clubbin’

by Mike Hunter

The Grill at the TPC Open all day, this all-American clubhouse grill serves up high-quality versions of clubhouse foods, with sandwiches, salads, specialty dishes and some old favorites like the Turkey Pub Club. 17020 N. Hayden Rd., Scottsdale (480) 419-3364   Golf Grill at Camelback Golf Club For a change of scenery, hit this exclusive course-side lunch … [More]

Mercedes Benz S550 Luxury Sedan

by Mike Hunter

The standard-bearer for luxury, the Mercedes S550 is a base-model sedan by which all other luxury sedans are measured. Style and substance best describes this 4-door, 429-horsepower, technological machine. Bringing more power to this year’s model is the standard 4.6-liter, biturbo, V-8 engine with advanced twin turbocharging. Advanced design means reduced emissions, fuel … [More]

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