Power Lunch: It’s All in the Theme

by Mike Hunter

Why not make the midday meal an adventure? Outside is out of the question this time of year, so take it inside to do that lunch meeting with ambience that will take you away. 5 and Diner These ’50s flashback diners take guests back to the diner-style soda bars and simple foods of the era. Burgers, shakes and classic American cuisine amid shiny chrome and Formica accents and … [More]

2015 Cadillac Escalade

by Mike Hunter

The luxury SUV seems to be a thing of the future and not the past given what GM put into the new Cadillac Escalade — all newly redesigned and a step up from past editions, with real wood interior trim and the new generation mechanics that are making this ultra-premium sports utility vehicle a contender for Range Rover and Infinity. Tighter steering, more nimble ride and a mild … [More]

Getting A-Head

by Mike Hunter

Convenience and an ability to multitask are why a headset for any executive may be the way to go. With Bluetooth wireless and the latest digital technology, here are some of the top picks for that hands-free office phone. Jabra GO 6470 This highly versatile headset from Jabra is a multi-use Bluetooth® headset that allows the user to selectively switch between cell, desk and … [More]

The Alliance

by Mike Hunter

The employer-employee relationship is broken. The old model of guaranteed long-term employment no longer works in a business environment defined by continuous change, but neither does a system in which every employee acts like a free agent. The solution? Stop thinking of employees as either family or free agents. Think of them instead as allies. Managers want employees to help … [More]

Never Be Closing

by Mike Hunter

Everyone knows that the first rule of sales is “always be closing.” But what if the less time one spends trying to close, the more time one can devote to helping people solve problems and seize opportunities? This book isn’t just a catalog of techniques to wrestle money out of a client’s pocket. It’s a comprehensive strategy that starts with a well-researched process for … [More]

Making Conflict Work

by Mike Hunter

Conflicts at work are as inevitable as they are frustrating. In Making Conflict Work, Peter Coleman and Robert Ferguson address the key role of power in workplace tension. Whether butting heads with a boss or addressing a direct report’s complaint, one’s relative position of power affects how one approaches conflict. Coleman and Ferguson explain how power dynamics function, … [More]

Feedback: July 2014

by Kevin Binkley | Donn C. Frye Jr. | Bob Sommer

Question: What technology have you implemented to make it easier for you to run your business, and what difference has it made? Kevin Binkley Chef/Owner Binkley’s Restaurant Sector: Restaurant Our point-of-sales system is incredibly helpful. We use it to understand our sales, what we have sold, processing credit cards, guest counts, discounts, comps, et cetera. This is … [More]

Tech Policy in Arizona

by Molly Castelazo

In the course of the second regular session of the 51st Legislature, which began Jan. 13 and ended April 24, Arizona policymakers delivered some victories as well as some defeats for the Arizona Technology Council and its members. Here, we recap the key technology- and other business-related bills introduced during this legislative session. 2014 Tech-Related Legislative … [More]

High Voter Turnout in Primaries Critical to Sound Election Process

by Jeff Mirasola, Immediate Past Chairman of the Tempe Chamber Board of Directors

There are several things I can already tell you about Aug. 26 of this year. It’s a Tuesday. The average high temperature will probably hover around 104 degrees. And it’s primary election day. I can also tell you that, historically in Arizona, only about 28 percent of the people eligible to vote will actually vote in the primary. In Maricopa County, that number drops to a little … [More]

Return on Investment

by Arizona Technology Council

Time and money are tight, so an investment in either one had better bring results. For visitors and collaborators of this year’s Arizona SciTech Festival, the numbers are in and they indicate each group gained the return it expected. The third annual SciTech Festival held Feb. 1 through March 29 was a statewide celebration of science, technology, engineering and math … [More]

Tempe Chamber Honors Outstanding Business, Community Leaders

by Tempe Chamber of Commerce

The Tempe Chamber of Commerce named Christine K. Wilkinson the 2014 Business Woman of the Year at its 19th Annual Women in Business Conference held May 21 at the PERA Club in Tempe. Wilkinson is senior vice president and secretary and president of the Alumni Association at Arizona State University. The award was established to recognize an outstanding businesswoman who has … [More]

Steven G. Zylstra Message: July 2014

by Arizona Technology Council

This is the time of year that our thoughts typically focus on one thing: getting away from it all. At last, it’s time for the annual summer vacation. But if you’re a CEO, can you afford to get away? Any executive coach will tell you that getting out of the office to catch your breath and just think instead of react is necessary from time to time. And with an economic recovery … [More]

Tempe Leadership Class XXIX: Fresh Truck Project

by Ed Baker, Tempe Leadership Class XXIX spokesman; Courtney McIntyre, Tempe Chamber of Commerce

Tempe Leadership Class XXIX donated two refrigerated food trucks worth $90,000 to United Food Bank at a ribbon cutting ceremony on April 25. Class XXIX, made up of 18 people who live and/or work in Tempe, raised $60,000 in three months to purchase the two vehicles as part of their Fresh Truck Project. The funds were coupled with a $30,000 Walmart grant given directly to United … [More]

Tempe Chamber Welcomes New Board Members

by Tempe Chamber of Commerce

The Tempe Chamber of Commerce is pleased to welcome five professionals representing diverse organizations to its board of directors. The Nominating Committee believes that the following individuals will be instrumental in shaping the future of the Tempe Chamber.  Kjell Andreassen, Managing Partner, Acceler8 LLC Kjell Andreassen is managing partner of Acceler8 LLC, a … [More]

Middle School Science Bowl

by Arizona Technology Council

Q: At the surface of the Earth, the acceleration due to gravity is g. At an elevation of twice the Earth’s radius, what best represents the acceleration due to gravity? Odds are, members of a team from BASIS Scottsdale would tell you the answer is “g/9.” And they were just one of the teams from the charter school that competed earlier this year in the annual Middle School … [More]

The Year in Review

by Tempe Chamber of Commerce

At our recent Annual Luncheon, we celebrated our accomplishments over the past year and shared our vision for the upcoming year. New board members and committee chairs were introduced, and we honored those moving on from their terms of service. Attendees enjoyed presentations by our leadership, an awards ceremony for our members and a keynote speech by Susan Brooks, founder of … [More]

Double Duty

by Arizona Technology Council

Fifteen Phoenix-area high school students took their places in the spotlight after winning awards in the 2014 Arizona Science and Engineering Fair before also claiming top prizes in the 2014 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (Intel ISEF). The Arizona fair drew more than 1,200 young innovators from across the state to the competition held March 31 through April … [More]

Credit Union and Naturopathic College Take Home Business Excellence Awards

by Tempe Chamber of Commerce

At its Breakfast for Chamber Champions event held earlier this year, the Tempe Chamber of Commerce presented Landings Credit Union and Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine with the 2014 Business Excellence awards. “The Business Excellence Awards recognize outstanding businesses in our community,” said Mary Ann Miller, president/CEO of the Tempe Chamber. “Both Landings … [More]

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