Fighting Pancreatic Cancer

by Mike Hunter

Local nonprofit The Seena Magowitz Foundation was created with the hope of raising awareness of pancreatic cancer — the fourth deadliest cancer and one of the hardest to detect. Because it is often detected in late stages of development, people with pancreatic cancer have just a 5 percent chance of surviving for five years after their initial diagnosis, and it claims hundreds … [More]

Same-Day Spine Care

by Mike Hunter

Four out of every five Americans will face back pain in their lifetime. Problems with the low back, in particular, are on the rise. It is a leading cause of missed work and accounts for an estimated $177 billion in spending every year. Aiming to help patients unravel the typical confusing web of generalists and specialists that provide care for spine issues, Stridewell is a … [More]

Monsoon Season Digital Safety

by Mike Hunter

Monsoon season, officially recognized as extending beyond traditional summer months to the end of September, may not threaten the physical devastation of such natural disasters as an earthquake or hurricane, but a monsoon does have the potential to cause a power outage. Today’s businesses, which rely heavily on their computers and electronic devices to remain operational, can … [More]

Make Money from the Beach

by Brian Choe

For service-provider entrepreneurs, fifty-three percent of appointments are made outside of traditional business hours. Armed with this insight, business owners have two choices: Work around the clock to meet clients’ needs or get smart about it. There are solutions that allow a business owner to grow his business and still have a life. Leverage the Business’s Social Media … [More]

Risky Role Models – Sexual Harassment Is No Joke

by Aaron Goldstein

The massive media coverage of President Trump’s Twitter attack on “Morning Joe” host Mika Brzezinski brought to the fore an important point for business to keep in mind: Companies and employees should be aware that just joking at work about President Trump’s tweets could get their company sued for sexual harassment. Typically, a person can quote the President of the United … [More]

Lyft Drawn by Phoenix Tech Environment

by RaeAnne Marsh

Identifying Phoenix as one of its fastest-growing markets, Lyft solidified its presence here with the opening of its Southwest Region headquarters in June. “We’ve seen accelerated growth,” says Southwest Region general manager Drena Kusari, reporting that both rides and drivers have more than tripled over the past year. “We believe it will continue, so we see Phoenix as a great … [More]

Investor-Entrepreneur Connection

by Mike Hunter

Pitch Investors Live is a new app from 2UP Technology, Inc. that connects entrepreneurs looking to turn their idea into a reality with angel investors who are looking to find great new companies in which to invest. Using live video, it provides a practical yet virtual environment, for entrepreneurs to better understand angel investors and investors to learn about new … [More]

Properties Market Online

by Mike Hunter

SetSchedule is a revolutionary technology-based real estate exchange marketplace that connects Realtors® with homeowners, buyers and investors who are looking to buy and sell properties. It aims to provide user-friendly communication tools to users. A recent round of financing from a team of angel investors will enable the company to better serve its wide membership of … [More]

Aggregate Tech News 

by Mike Hunter

Stack News is a news aggregator for all the tools in a developer’s tech stack — a personalized, curated feed of the latest news, articles and changelogs for all the tools in its user’s stack. It combines news from sites like Hacker News, and Reddit; pulls in thousands of RSS feeds; and intelligently detects the tools mentioned, ensuring developers always stay on top of their … [More]

The Strategic Analysis Cycle Hand Book

by Mike Hunter

This is an authoritative and practical guide to collecting, analyzing and managing data, to enable managers and companies to develop successful business strategies. Data has become a dominant factor in today’s business environment. This book, written by a leading practitioner, explains the underpinning nature of data for a company’s business strategy. The book begins with data … [More]

The Lost Art of Closing

by Mike Hunter

For decades, sales managers, coaches and authors talked about closing as the most essential, most difficult phase of selling. They invented pushy tricks for the final ask, from the “take delivery” close to the “now or never” close. But these tactics often alienated customers, leading to fads for the “soft” close or even abandoning the idea of closing altogether. It sounded … [More]

Uncommon Sense

by Mike Hunter

It’s time to dispense with the common nonsense of dusty old selling imperatives (like elevator pitches, unique value propositions, and “always be closing”). One must stop thinking like a seller and start thinking like one’s customers and prospects. Uncommon Sense provides a toolkit of practical strategies and tactics that will improve one’s access to prospects, enrich … [More]

2017 Infiniti Q60 Red Sport 400 AWD Coupe

by Mike Hunter

Finally, a coupe that performs, impresses and is priced to make sense for the connoisseur and for the novice. The Infiniti Q60 Red Sport 400 AWD Coupe is fast and ready to perform with its 400 horsepower, 24-valve, 3.0-liter, twin-turbo V6 engine, generating 350 pound-feet of torque. This specialized machine is equipped to handle multiple driving modes with the switch of a … [More]

Rest Ahead

by RaeAnne Marsh

Decision-making is high pressure, making rest and renewal of critical value for leaders in business and community. The right pillow can make all the difference. TEMPUR-Contour Side-to-Side Pillow The TEMPUR-Contour Side-to-Side Pillow cradles shoulder and neck to provide superior alignment and support. $129 Relax the Back Multiple locations   I Love My … [More]

Dust Cutter: Cutting-Edge ‘Not Just Bar’ Food

by RaeAnne Marsh

Breaking the ice over a few shared dishes makes a great start to a productive power lunch. Dust Cutter offers an array of interesting palate pleasers from the creative mind of Executive Chef Joshua Murray, a Phoenix transplant whose immersion in the Valley of the Sun’s edible bounty and culinary influences yields Avocado Fries, firm wedges coated with Sonoran spices and served … [More]

A Straw Meal

by RaeAnne Marsh

It’s quick; it’s easy; it can be nutritious; and it goes down smooth … ie. This is a perfect lunch for these 115-degree days. Jamba Juice Real fruit, real juice and other fresh ingredients come together for a variety of fresh flavors, with a few solid foods that include oatmeal and flatbreads on the menu as well. Multiple locations Valley-wide   Nékter In its … [More]

Feedback: August 2017

by Grant W. Johnson | Spencer Pierce | Michele Shuey

Question: What training programs do you have in place for your employees – whether new hires who may be lacking in certain skills or employees moving to new positions within the company? Grant W. Johnson North America Delivery Team Manager – Phoenix Contact Center Direct Energy Sector: Utilities The Direct Energy Learning and Development Team ensures both new hires and … [More]

Summer 2017 President’s Message

by Steven G. Zylstra

This question has been on my mind lately. We now live in a world where we hear from our president not in stately messages delivered from the Oval Office but in middle-of-the-night rants on Twitter. And they usually are filled with vitriol aimed at the lawmakers on Capitol Hill — on both sides of the aisle. And Congress is not much better. Instead of representing the will of … [More]

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