Local Impact: Buy Local Builds Economy

by Gremlyn Bradley-Waddell

It’s a simple catchphrase that’s become as much a part of the American vocabulary as “economic downturn,” and, by now, most folks have seen a “Buy Local” sign amidst the treasures at a downtown antiques shop or tacked onto the cash register in an independent clothing boutique. But as much as the “buy local” approach — in all its various connotations — is promoted, is it … [More]

Kimber Lanning, Local First Arizona

from Kimber Lanning

We’re living more and more in a global economy, and local companies have opportunities to expand and grow by connecting outward to new markets. But there is economic strength and other benefits to be derived by encouraging business interaction within the local community. The “buy local” movement has definitely taken hold in Arizona. Consumers are now actively seeking out … [More]

Branding Arizona

by Eric Jay Toll

The common thread running through the minds of Valley economic development and political leaders is: Arizona needs to tell its story. The state’s image and reputation drive what happens to business in the Valley of the Sun. Arizona has never cohesively presented its message to the world. Officials say we’re always playing catch-up and trying to erase archaic and wrong … [More]

Create a Workplace that Meets Three Powerful Human Needs

by Christine Comaford

Employers may be clear on what they need from their employees: hard work, efficiency, innovation, motivation, results. But what do employees need from their employer? To answer in practical terms — a steady paycheck, a quiet workspace, more training — is only partly right. Before they can meet the employer’s deepest needs, the employer must meet theirs. Psychologist Abraham … [More]

Cycling Dollars from Local to Local

by Kate Nolan

Studies show a multiplier effect on dollars spent at local businesses that doesn’t exist for dollars spent at chain retailers or other out-of-state firms. Even if a local purveyor’s price is higher, the pay-off comes from keeping the money in the community. Local businesses propel dollars through an elaborate local spending cycle, generating jobs, profits, purchases, capital … [More]

How Can Manufacturing Increase Profits and Reduce Waste?

by N. Satishkumar

In an organization’s functional terminology, we refer to “money” as the finance function and “manpower” as the human resource department; “machineries” represents the plant and “materials” stands for the inputs required for the final product. In our present organizational set-up, the operations/manufacturing, engineering, quality control and R&D are combined under … [More]

U-Haul: Building on the Power of Relationships

by RaeAnne Marsh

The company was founded on faith in people, says Stuart Shoen, executive VP of U-Haul and third generation in the family business. In the mid-1940s, he relates, there were plenty of trailer rental companies but none that would rent one-way. Husband and wife L.S. and Anna Mary Carty Shoen conceived of a program to serve customers needing a long haul for a one-way move, such as … [More]

Counterfeit Call Out

by RaeAnne Marsh

uFaker, a new app, calls out the counterfeit products and alerts brand owners as to who is counterfeiting their products. In an effort to entice the communications, the app not only sends reports, it also allows users to earn discount rewards, protects families from harmful products and combats the thriving global counterfeit epidemic.   … [More]

Wait No More

by Mike Hunter

QLess has created a mobile application that solves the problem of customers or patients having to wait in line — it’s a mobile queue. Customers can roam freely until their “time” in line is announced through a Web browser on a mobile phone, a kiosk in the waiting area or a computer. QLess sends an SMS or calls shortly before their turn comes up. There is also a marketing … [More]

Fast & Friendly Organizer

by Mike Hunter

Pocket Informant is a new app from WebIS that is all the rage. Users are able to put their tasks and notes into their calendar, sync with Evernote and with Google, and get maps and other key information about what is going on in their calendar. An easy-to-use calendar that places events with ease, swipes through the user’s calendar and alerts the user as to what’s next. $12.99 … [More]

Product Tours and Demos

by Mike Hunter

SimpliMotion, a small studio out of California, is single-handedly producing client videos and marketing them with high-quality services that are getting results. The company has multiple clients, from tech product companies to retailers, that demonstrate the power of the product through high-quality video, music and voiceover that can bring a product to the world stage on … [More]

Local DJs Launch National Radio Network

by RaeAnne Marsh

Local DJs Johnjay Van Es and Rich Berra of the Johnjay and Rich Show that airs in the morning on KZZP KISS-FM have taken a new business move in creating their own Johnjay and Rich Radio Network, aiming to build national name recognition from their base in Phoenix. “We’re doing it all out of Phoenix; everything is Phoenix” — from sales to Web design — says Van Es, who shares … [More]

Unique Glassware Manufacturer Attracts Angel Investor

by RaeAnne Marsh

A business that began as a hobby and grew based on friends’ interest in the product is on track to quadruple its current output and nearly triple its work force in the next 12 months. Refresh Glass, a Tempe-based company that creates functional wine bottle art from discards it “rescues” from landfills, recently received funding from MAC6, a local incubator that focuses on the … [More]

Hospitality Company Spawns Software Division

by RaeAnne Marsh

Sparked by popular demand, Choice Hotels recently rolled out for public use the software program it initially developed for its own hotel management system. In fact, it created an independent division for the endeavor — SkyTouch Technology, based in Phoenix — and, according to SkyTouch president Ric Leutwyler, “became our first customer.” Choice decided to create SkyTouch as … [More]

Video Game Developed for Vision Screening

by RaeAnne Marsh

VisionQuest 20/20, built on a collaboration two Arizonans initiated in 2001, aims to transform the way eye tests are administered to school children and help prevent issues related to treatable vision problems. It was the idea of James O’Neil, M.D., a pediatric ophthalmologist, to blend vision-evaluating technology into a video game to detect vision problems in a child, … [More]

How Boardrooms Assess CEO Performance

by Mike Hunter

Boardrooms are giving poor grades to CEOs for their mentoring skills and board engagement. However, although an overwhelming majority of companies consider long-range planning to be important, they place very little weight on many non-financial performance measures when actually evaluating a CEO’s performance. The survey found that only a 5-percent weighting was given to a … [More]

Searsucker: A Hip, Hot Spot

by Mike Hunter

In a market that is ripe with hip restaurants, new eatery concepts and a trend toward serving healthy and quality ingredients, Searsucker may take the “cake.” This open, airy establishment is housed in a lobby-style space situated between the Camelback Tower and Neiman Marcus on Camelback Road at Goldwater Blvd. Team Brian Malarkey and Valley-known Chef Steve “Chops” Smith … [More]

On the Go

by Mike Hunter

In a fast-paced work environment, it makes sense to eat on the go or grab a bite on the way to that meeting. What makes better sense is to eat smart on the go. Here are a few great places that can mean filling up fast and eating right. Chipotle Mexican Grill Winning high marks for its fresh Mexican ingredients and organic foods, Chipotle is a great offering, especially … [More]

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